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About the Conference

The second annual SPE Heavy Oil Conference—Canada will provide international perspectives on best practices and technological advances in the exploration and production of heavy oil, as well as the opportunities and challenges faced in the process.

Attendees can also attend Gas & Oil Expo, one of Canada’s largest energy events of the year.

The program committee plans an international scope for this event, with technical sessions, ePosters, and panel discussions on all aspects of heavy oil operations across the globe. View the 2013 technical program »

  • More than 850 attendees in 2012
  • 83% of attendees say they attended the conference to gain knowledge and stay current
  • 86% of attendees rated this conference good, very good, or excellent

Topics Covered

  • Geomechanics and geochemistry in heavy oil recovery
  • In-situ recovery processes—thermal, solvent, and cold production
  • Oil sands mining and production techniques
  • Reservoir evaluation, fluid characterization, modelling and simulation
  • Sustaining production and improving recovery of mature oil fields
  • Production and reservoir monitoring and optimization
  • Development and application of new technology
  • Well, production, and facilities operations
  • Drilling and completion
  • Environmental management
  • Alternative energy sources
  • Upgrading and refining processes
  • Economics, costs, and markets
  • Recovery in carbonates systems
  • Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and Improved Oil Recovery (IOR) for heavy oil