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Project Session

Wednesday, 10 December, 1230 – 1400

Heavy Oil Development in Kuwait

The heavy oil resources of Kuwait have been identified in several geological formations and are vast in volume, and distribution occurs above or on the flanks of existing deeper fields. Development of these resources is considered very important in order to support the 2030 strategy. Two of the most promising projects are currently in different phases of development—the heavy oil project in the Divided Zone, in Eocene carbonate formation, and the shallow clastic formation, heavy oil Lower Fars accumulation in North Kuwait. Both projects have the challenge of estab­lishing thermal EOR operations especially in the complex carbonate formation, which is relatively rare in worldwide thermal development cases. The Lower Fars development is complex as well due to the absence of previous commercial production history, and relatively challenging resource density. The two projects are undergoing pilot testing to support commercial development in the near future. The projects are destined to become world class projects of EOR development that would support the 2030 vision of the country.