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Technical Programme

Monday, 8 December


Al-Dorra Ballroom 1

Drilling and Well Completion

Session Chairpersons:

Francis Martin Clayton, Shell International E&P Co.; Onuoha E. Ibe, Kuwait Oil Company

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1415 Invited Presenter - Pierre Lemetayer
1415-1440 172897 icon:DC Successful Drilling and Completion of Shallow-Depth Horizontal Well in Unconsolidated Formation
K. Ahmed, P.K. Choudhary, F.F. Abbas, A.M. Al-Naqi, A.T. Ahmad, W.K. Al-Khamees, Kuwait Oil Company
1440-1505 172910 icon:PO Comparison between AMPCP and SRP in a Shaly-Sand Reservoir in terms of Sand Production
Y. Al-Naqi, Heriot-Watt University; B. Tohidi, Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Heriot-Watt University
1505-1530 172883 icon:PO Assessment of Artificial Lift Methods for a Heavy Oil Field in Kuwait
D.J. Worth, C-FER Technologies; E.M. Al-Safran, Kuwait University; A. Choudhuri, A.K. Al-Jasmi, Kuwait Oil Company
Monday, 8 December


Al-Dorra Ballroom 2

Recovery Methods - Thermal I

Session Chairpersons:

Marcos Roberto, Total Kuwait; Jose Luis Ortiz-Volcan, Kuwait Oil Company

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 172889 icon:MI Maximasing the Profitability of Extra Heavy Oil Wells with Cyclic Steam Injection in the Samaria Neogeno Field by using Injection Profiles Logged under Extreme Temperatures
E.A. Isidro, T. Flores De Dios Mosqueda, C.F. Tapia Garcia, Pemex E&P
1430-1500 172853 icon:RDD Understanding Reservoir Description Uncertainties through Performance History Matching of the Ongoing Cyclic Steam Stimulation Pilot in Kuwait
T. Sanyal, W. Al-Khamees, H. Baroon, A. Alsane, A. Al-Balam, Kuwait Oil Company
1500-1530 172894 icon:PO Improved Thermal Heavy Oil Recovery from Strong Bottom-Water-Drive Reservoir by Combining SAGD with Downhole Water Sink
W. Qin, University of Petroleum China; A.K. Wojtanowicz, Louisiana State University; H. Li, Injiang Oilfield Company, PetroChina
Alternate 172892 icon:RDD Design and Implementation of Enhanced Oil Recovery Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS) Programme in Bamboo West Field-Sudan, Case Study
H.A. Ali, Sudanese Petroleum Corporation; E.S. Mohammed, Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company