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Technical Programme

Wednesday, 10 December


Al-Dorra Ballroom 1

Field Case Studies

Session Chairpersons:

Jose Luis Ortiz-Volcan, Kuwait Oil Company; Jean-Brice Allemand, Total

Time Paper # Presentation
0800-0830 172854 icon:RDD The Importance of Data Integration to Optimise a Steamflood Project in South Oman: Case Study
A.O. Al Rabaani, A. Shibli, J. Tromp, C. Zhen, T.J. Duggan, S.M. Al-Hinai, Petroleum Development Oman; A. Belghache, Petroelum Development Oman; H. Sheibani, Petroleum Development Oman
0830-0900 172880 icon:RDD Addressing Challenges of Waterflooding in Heavy Oil Reservoirs using Numerical Simulation: Case Study
M.G. Aboelhassan, N. Darhim M., M.S. Emam, GUPCO
0900-0930 172845 icon:PO Deployment of Downhole Gauges in Sucker Rod Pump Applications-A New Step Towards Optimisation
R.B. Quttainah, F. Mehmood, Kuwait Oil Company; A.C. Dange Bhat, T. Sierra, Weatherford
Alternate 172862 icon:RDD Analysis of Heavy Oil Production by Radio-Frequency Heating
I. Bogdanov, S. Cambon, CHLOE (ADERA); C. Prinet, Total
Wednesday, 10 December


Al-Dorra Ballroom 2

Recovery Methods - Thermal II

Session Chairpersons:

Joel Brown, Chevron; Anwar S. Nazzal, Baker Hughes

Time Paper # Presentation
0800-0830 172861 icon:PO Oil Recovery for Heavy Oil by Displacing Agent/Foam Assisted Steam Flooding: Laboratory Experiments, Numerical Simulations and Field Performances
H. Liu, J. Hou, China University of Petroleum; G. Wu, T. Wei, Geoscience Research Institute of Shengli Oilfield Company, Sinopec; D. Wang, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development of PetroChina; C. Wang, Geoscience Research Institute of Shengli Oilfield Company, Sinopec
0830-0900 172901 icon:RDD Optimal Application Conditions of Steam-Solvent Injection for Heavy Oil/Bitumen Recovery from Fractured Reservoirs: An Experimental Approach
H. Leyva Gomez, T. Babadagli, University of Alberta
Alternate 172869 icon:RDD Development of Thin Layer Ultra-Heavy Oil Reservoirs with Horizontal Well Steamflooding and Treatment Technology for Steam Breakthrough
Q. Feng, Z. Li, S. Wang, China University of Petroleum; X. Han, CNOOC; P. Ge, Shengli Oil Production Research Institute, Sinopec; T. Xia, China University of Petroleum; C. Sun, CNPC
Alternate 172870 icon:PFC The Temperature Control Technology of Fire Flooding Assisted with Gravity Drainage in Liaohe Oilfield
H. Long, Drilling and Production Research Institute of Liaohe Oilfield