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Knowledge Sharing Session (ePoster)

The Knowledge Sharing Sessions are offered for enhanced discussion and interaction between authors and attendees. Authors will make informal presentations during the scheduled daily coffee breaks. Outside of the scheduled ePoster presentation time slots, ePoster will be on display throughout the conference. The Knowledge Sharing Session subcommittee will award a trophy to the best Knowledge Sharing Presentation in each of the five categories. Presentation of the awards will be during the Closing Session on Thursday, 13 September 2012.


  • Tuesday, 11 September, 1530-1600
    Categories: Health and Social Responsibility

  • Wednesday, 12 September, 1030-1100 and 1530-1600
    Category: Environment

  • Thursday, 13 September, 1045-1115
    Category: Safety

  • Thursday, 13 September, 1530-1600
    Category: HSE Management

Tuesday, 11 September, 1530-1600

Riverside Theatre Foyer



Preventing Disease in the Workforce
R. Tauzin, A.K. Pachiyannakis and Al- Mansoori, Specialized Engineering


Strengthening a Company's Fight Against Malaria Among Semi‑Immunes: Spouses on the Frontline 
U. Okorocha, A. Barbey, M. Barnier and M.L. Stott, Schlumberger


Fatigue Risk Management Program -  A Fit for Purpose Approach
N. Ryan and H. Abbasi, Chevron Corp.


New Country Entry: Effective Engagement of HES and Medical Professionals
J.B. Strong, Chevron Corp. and A.S. Khalsa, Acorn Intl.


Addressing Cardiovascular Disease – A Global Employer’s Approach to Non- Communicable Diseases 
J. Davis‑Street, G. Manlapaz, and A. Shannon, Chevron Corp; O.A. Fagade, SPE, Chevron Nigeria Ltd.


Workplace Risks Related to Mental Illness and Distractibility: Real Solutions for Hidden Hazards
J.D. Riley, PhD, Chevron Corp.


Integrated Noise Protection Program ‑ From Noise Measurements to Epidemiology
T. Batalha, N. De Sadeleer and S. Plisson‑Saune, Total E&P Angola


Why Don't People Just Follow the Rules? The Psychology of Safety Management 
K. Shaw, DuPont Australia


Worker Stress and Fatigue in Oil Spill Response
D. Gibson, Oil Spill Response


Adapting a Western Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Program To Local Environments
W. Yimsiriwattana, E. Inciong, and A. Khantong,Chevron


Prevalence of Tuberculosis Among Offshore Oil & Gas Workers in Nigeria’s Niger Delta by Using the QuantiFERON-TB Gold In-Tube Test- A Preliminary Report.
J. Bwala, I. Iroezindu and M. Felfernig, Intl. SOS


HIV and Aging: An Evolving Challenge for the Oil and Gas Industry  
L.A. Battalora and J. Spear, Colorado School of Mines; and B. Young, Rocky Mountain CARES/DIDC


Riverside Theatre Foyer

Social Responsibility


A Corporate Health Research Ethics Program: the First Decade (2002-2012)
S.E. Lerman ExxonMobil Corporation and K. Lavelle, ExxonMobil Biomedical Sciences


Private Sector Health Investment, Leveraging Resources for Sustainable Health Care
C. Okala and S. Okegbemiro, Chevron


How a Multi‑Sectoral Approach to Road Safety has Helped Raise Awareness and Reduce Road Traffic Crashes in Nigeria
M. Bello and O.A. Opene, Chevron


MOST: A Tool for Managing and Monitoring Local Development Project
E. Pion‑leflaive, TOTAL


Social Risk Assessment as Stakeholder Engagement
A. Reeman and E. Weller, Channel Research


Innovative Ways to Inspire New Employees to Embrace An HSE Culture
P. Bordage, C. Fox, L. Arce, G. Villarreal and J.J. Zambrano Celly, Schlumberger


The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves: A Public-private Initiative to Save Lives, Improve Livelihoods, Empower Women, and Combat Climate Change
R. Sully, Shell


Indigenous Peoples and the Oil and Gas Industry: Context Issues and Emerging Good Practice
C. Pasch, Woodside; A. Mohan, Statoil; M.R. Cleland, IPIECA.

Wednesday, 12 September, 1030-1100 and 1530-1600

Riverside Theatre Foyer



Oil Slicks and Coastal Zones Post Gulf War; A 20‑Years Assessment, Employing High‑Resolution Satellite Imagery
R. Taheri, Australian College of Kuwait


Quantification of Carbon Stocks and Sequestration Rates for Tropical Forest
S. Othman and A. Jamil, PETRONAS


Development of Environmentally Friendly Lost Circulation Materials for Riserless Drilling 
H. Matsui, M. Daitoh, K. Yoshimura and N. Morita, Waseda U.


Metocean and Oil Spill Modeling
C. Michel and V. Quiniou, Total; X. Vigan, SAT-OCEAN


A Release Criterion for Oil and Gas Production Equipment with NORM Contamination
R. De Witt, ExxonMobil; and S. Rutkowski, J. Young and M. B. Cooper, Australian Radiation Services


Installing PEMS on an Offshore Oil and Gas Complex: Developing Atmospheric Emissions Abatement Strategies with Reliable Scientific Data
A.Duguay, M. Baeckeroot and S. Siddiqui, Total Abu Al Bukhoosh


Effective Management of Endangered Species in Oil and Gas Operations
P. Fancony and A. Abel, Chevron ‑ Global Upstream HES


Changes in Dissolved Hydrocarbon Content of Shallow Waters during and Shortly after the Deepwater Horizon Incident  
A. Ross, C. Stalvies, X. Qi, E. Crooke, D. Fuentes, S. Armand, A. Revill and A. Talukder, CSIRO


Innovative Approach on Water Management
L. Boccitto, P. Buttini, C. Cova, S. Sandri, A. Nardella, F. Palermo, S. Mollica,  ENI E&P; J.M. Deffis, Association Sonatrach-First Calgary Petroleums (SHFCP); M. Mariani, Groupement Sonatrach Agip (GSA)


Applying Sustainability and Ecosystem Services Enhancement to Site Restoration
C. Clodfelter, Baker Hughes Inc. 


Developing A Partnership Between a Major Oil Company and the Scientific
Community Through the Involvement of a Corporate Foundation Dedicated to Biodiversity
L. Fournier, Total S.A., M. Najib and J. Mine, Total E&P Indonesia; and G. Colin, Total


Solving an Acute Problem and Developing a Long Term Sustainable Solution for an Operational Facility Supporting the Oil & Gas Industry  
A. Large and J. Serra, ERM; M. Letlow, Baker Hughes; and J. Marczak, Baker Hughes


Building Energy Efficiency into the Design and Retrofit of Facilities  
R.A. Rowbottom and D.C. Kuykendall, Baker Hughes Inc


Chloride‑Free Inhibitive Water‑Based Fluid Significantly Improves Environmental Acceptability for Rain Forest Locations While Maintaining Drilling Performance
M. Dow, Oil Search Ltd.; A.S. Florence and J. Babu, Halliburton Ltd.


Lessons Learned from the Global Implementation and Evolution of a System to Track Environmental Performance Indicators
D.C. Kuykendall, Baker Hughes Inc.


Long‑Term Peat Management in an Onshore E&P Development
A. Hoy, TOTAL E&P UK Ltd


Automated Greenhouse Gas Data Collection, Visualisation and Reporting
N. Fairweather, Apache Energy Ltd.


Establishing Carbon Footprint for Composite Crude Produced in Malaysia - A First Step towards Low Carbon Operation
T. Lee and Z.M. Afandi, PETRONAS


Challenges of Oil and Gas E&P Operations in Environmentally & Socially Sensitive Area: Lessons Learned from Mahakam
G. Asmaradewi, J. Rusjanto and B. Argubie, Total E&P Indonesie


Angola Biodiversity of Bathyal Sea Bottoms
L. Cazes and S. Plisson‑Saune, Total E&P Angola; S. Canovas, Ajilon Engineering; R. Bamber and R. Robbins, ARTOO Marine Biology Consultants


A Risk‑Based Approach to Bushfire Management
S. Doull and P. Johnston, AECOM Australia


Respect to the Environment through Biodiversity Program in Delta Mahakam
D. Safitri, B. Argubie, J. Rusjanto and D. Widiarso, Total E&P Indonesie


Adaptation to Climate Change : A Regional Climate Model Study of the Caucasus
H. Nissan and R. Toumi, Imperial College, and J. Clarke and S. Oliveira, BP


Next‑Generation DNA‑Based Approaches for Comprehensive Assessment of Marine Communities
L. Nguessan and N.K. Springer, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company; A. Borisenko, G. Singer, S. Shokralla and M. Hajibabaei, Guelph U.


Chemical Regulatory Changes Are We Managing Them Effectively?
C. Smith, S. Caldwell, D. Graves, and J. Galvan, Schlumberger


Coal Seam Gas (CSG): What Becomes of Produced Water? Regulation and Strategies
R. Hatley, Golder Assocs.


'Wild Thing': The Challenges of Regulatory Change Under Wild Rivers
S. Oliver, Santos Ltd.


Modification of the 96‑hour LC50 Protocol to Address Site Specific Concerns in Africa
P.C. Tyczynski and A.J. Leuterman, M‑I Swaco LLC, and K. Dimitriadis, Tullow Oil Intl. Ltd.


Considerations for the Application of Controlled In-Situ Burning
N. Mabile, BP America, Inc.


Challenging Wastewater Treatment
C.C. Vasiliu, D. Pierce and K. Bertrand, Brandt NOV


Complete Diverless Solutions for Marine Monitoring
P. Mellor, WorleyParsons


Designing Capability for Offshore Response ‑ A Consultant Perspective
L. Barber and G. Varghese, Oil Spill Response Ltd.


Workforce Training on Marine Mammals and Sound: Progress and a Way Forward for an Advanced Joint Industry Course
B. Streever, S. Oliveira, S. Ford and A.H. Walls, BP plc.


Marine Environment Guidance during Geophysical Operations
S.L. Tsoflias and C. Gill, Intl. Association of Geophysical Contracto; D. Hedgeland, PGS

Thursday, 13 September, 1045-1115

Riverside Theatre Foyer



Workover and Completion Operations in East Java Sour Gas Field, Indonesia
A. Haris, B. Purwanto, D. Sasongko, G.R. Darmawan, I. Yulianto, O. Soekmono, P. Kurniawan, S.D. Susilo and S. Kurniawan, Pertamina EP, and L. Mailangkay, Petrolog MUM


Behavioural Safety ‑ Human Factors
S. Burton, Oil Spill Response


Managing Small Marine Operations in the Mahakam Delta to Increase Compliance and Minimize Risks  
H. Djamal and A. Dwimaryanto, Schlumberger


A Powerful Approach for Decision Making in Risk Management Process: BART Tool and AHP Methodology for ALARP Demonstration
A. Petrone and L. Scataglini, Eni E&P, and P. Cherubin, Tecnomare SpA


A Resilience Programme: Enhancing Human Performance
T. Lillington, Shell Australia Ltd.


Assessment for Lifting Loads Above Live Process Plant and Lines - The Development of a Consequence-Based Methodology and Calculation Tool
B. Banner, P. Pourcel and  A.W. Brown, Total


Dropped Object Prevention Scheme (DROPS) ‑ An Asia Pacific Perspective  
W. Leong, Baker Hughes Inc.


Safety Management - Asking the Right Questions 
G. Braastein and J. Brown, Det Norske Veritas Pte. Ltd.


Managing Asset Integrity in the UK Continental Shelf 
B. Lawson and M. Dale, Total E&P UK Ltd.


Measuring Induction Training Course Trainee Safety Behaviours    
T.S. Mcgrath, U. of Western Australia

Thursday, 13 September, 1530-1600

Riverside Theatre Foyer

HSE Management


Building a Culture of Responsible Environmental Performance: EMFORCE
H.M. Shield, Imperial Oil Resources


Visible Management Commitment in the Drive for Cultural Change Toward Safety
D. Matkin and D. Scotti, Saipem SpA


Fariiq DOIRC- A Strategic Enabler for Top Quartile Performance in Safety in Abu Dhabi
M. Boucif, C. Kuyken, A. Al Hammadi, ADCO; W. A. Ghany, A. El-Adawy, Halliburton


Safety Begins (and Ends) With Management
I.M. Threadgold, Threadgold Safety Management


Third Party Certification in ISO14001 & OHSAS18001. Do these Certifications Really Add Value? An Ecuadorian Experience
J.A. Romero, Baker Hughes Inc.


Win-for-All: Strategic Approach in HSE Management for E&P in Malaysia  
N.H. Yusoff, R. Hamzah and N. Mohd Taib, Petronas


Stepping Out of the Triangle and Into the Field
J. Teakle, R. Biddle, T. Lughermo and T. Mannion, Chevron Australia Pty. Ltd.


Health and Safety Risk Management ‑ A Cornerstone of Response Readiness   
N. Lee, Oil Spill Response  East Asia Response Ltd.


Organisational and Environmental Factors Influencing an HSE Culture
A.K. Pachiyannakis, Al-Mansoori Specialized Engineering


Nord Stream: Ensuring Compliance with International HSE Standards and Managing Contractor HSE Performance 
M.J. Haynes, Nord Stream AG; N.A. Daetwyler, Environ Corp.


Permit Management System and Regulation Compliance (PMS RC)   
J. Januardianto and P. Irmansyah, Total E&P Indonesie; and A. Aryaguna, Total E&P Indonesie


Operational Excellence: Harmonising Business Goals and Departmental Priorities to Create Sustainable Business
A.Wilson, DuPont Australia


Identifying Trends in HSE Data Requests‑‑ Are the Right Questions Being Asked?
S.E. Dvorak, Schlumberger; D. Hollas, National Oilwell Varco


Leadership Accountability Drives Towards Incident Free Operations - A Case in an Acquired Company
A. Yunan, Chevron Indonesia Business Unit