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Technical Programme - Thursday, 13 September


Meeting Room 1

Technical Session 35: The Case for Process Safety

Session Chairpersons: Mike McDonald, Chevron Energy Technology Company; Elie Daher, United Safety Intl. FZE


The Business Case for Process Safety
S. Berger, Center for Chemical Process Safety


Managing Process Safety of the Upstream Sector: Lessons Learnt from the
Downstream Industry
V. Bhatnagar, PTAI, A. Smith, and S. Berger, CCPS


Process Safety Focused Management Walk-Arounds for an Offshore Facility
M. Bertrand and A. Zartl-Klik, OMV NZ Ltd.


Care and Concern for People We'll Never Meet - Process Safety in the Design of the Wheatstone Platform
K. Stevenson, Chevron Australia Pty Ltd.

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Contractor Selection: Focus on Safety
K.B. Keane, Expro Group Australia Pty. Ltd.


Managing Asset Integrity in the UK Continental Shelf
B. Lawson and M. Dale, Total E&P UK Ltd.


Safety Management - Asking the Right Questions
G. Braastein and J. Brown, Det Norske Veritas Pte. Ltd.

Meeting Room 2

Technical Session 36: Work Site Safety Management

Session Chairpersons: Anna Petrone, ENI E&P; Ash J. Stanley, Subsea 7


Embedding Process Safety Management in Capital Projects
A. Wilson, Dupont Australia


Managing Societal Risk by Considering Simultaneous Operations Early in Project Development
R. Travis, Chevron Energy Technology Pty. Ltd.


Implementing Process Safety Programme
S.B. Julaihi, S.S. B. Sowkkatali and R. A .Bt. Shukor, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.


Improving the Control of Confined-Space Entry through the Implementation of an Operational Standard and Competence Based Training
A. Wilkinson, K. Burns, A. Simpson, K. Walker, and M. Hunter, M‑I SWACO

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Risk Assessment for Lifting Above Live Lines - Methodology and Calculation Tool
W.G. Banner, P. Pourcel, A.W. Brown, P. Shorrock, G. Martinez, F. Boemare, L. Assier and P. Bernert, Total


Dropped Object Prevention Scheme (DROPS) - An Asia Pacific Perspective
W. Leong, Baker Hughes Inc.


An Innovative Approach of Early Phase Engagement Between Shell and the Australian National Offshore Petroleum Safety Authority (NOPSA) to Build Confidence in the Inherent Safety in Design of Prelude FLNG
M.J. Seymour, Shell Upstream Intl.; G. Dixon, Shell Development Australia; R. Burns, Shell Projects & Technology; and S. Baker, Shell

Meeting Room 3

Technical Session 37: Air Emission

Session Chairpersons: Gabrielyn Lee, Shell; Michael Stephenson, WorleyParsons


A Methodology for Assessing Environmental Risks Associated with Air Quality
M. Goldstone, Outback Ecology Pty Ltd; D. Ratcheva, Chevron Australia Pty Ltd


Tool and Case Study on the Application and Benefits of Alternate Energy Supply Technologies
R. Rowbottom and D. Kuykendall, Baker Hughes


A Tool for Optimizing the Energy Efficiency Over the Field Life
H. Labeyrie, B. Galtié, E. Dekeyzer, François-Xavier Pasquet, Total S.A.


Upstream Air Quality Monitoring and Emissions - Assessment: Definition of a Methodological Tool Based on Field Activities
C. Monfredini, G. Aiello, A. Tegami, M. Morichini, A.A. Stillavato, S. Sandri, L. Mondzali and M. Bouzid, ENI

Alternates (ePoster)


Building Energy Efficiency into the Design and Retrofit of Facilities
R.A. Rowbottom and D.C. Kuykendall, Baker Hughes Inc


Installing PEMS on an Offshore Oil and Gas Complex: Developing Atmospheric Emissions Abatement Strategies with Reliable Scientific Data
A. Duguay, Total Abu Al Bukhoosh

Meeting Room 6

Technical Session 38: Innovative Approaches

Session Chairpersons: Leopoldo Henriquez, State Supervision of Mines; Lawrence Reitsma, Marathon Oil Co.


Marine Bio‑security and Australian Innovation 
M.A. Luchetti, Thomas & Coffey Ltd.


Setting a New Benchmark in Managing Biofouling On Vessels Operating in a Sensitive Marine Environment
F. Wells, URS Australia Pty Ltd.; G. Booth, Chevron Australia Pty Ltd.


Innovative Environmental Monitoring for Upstream Onshore Installation
P. Carnevale, S. Di Croce, ENI spa Exploration & Production Division


A Novel Technique for Monitoring Light Emissions
K. Pendoley, A. Kahlon, R. Ryan and J. Savage, Pendoley Environmental Pty Ltd.

Alternate (ePoster)


Complete Diverless Solutions for Marine Monitoring
P. Mellor, WorleyParsons

Meeting Room 7

Technical Session 39 • Sound and Marine Life

Session Chairpersons: John A. Campbell, OGP; Samantha Graycon, Schlumberger


Streamlining the Environmental Impact Assessment Process of Underwater Noise from Petroleum Exploration & Production Operations
C. Erbe, Centre for Marine Science & Technology


Early Progress and Challenges in Assessing Aggregate Sound Exposure and Associated Effects on Marine Mammals
B. Streever and S. Oliveira, BP; W. T. Ellison and Adam S. Frankel, Marine Acoustics Inc.; R. Racca, JASCO Applied Sciences; R. Angliss, National Marine Mammal Laboratory, Alaska Fisheries Science Center; C. Clark, Cornell U.; E. Fleishman, U. of California, D. M. Guerra, Cornell U.; M. Leu, The College of William and Mary; T. Sformo and R. Suydam, North Slope Borough Department of Wildlife; and B. Southall, Sea-Inc.


Surveillance of Marine Mammals in the Safety Zone around an Air Gun Array with the Help of a 360◦ Infrared Camera System 
J. Weissenberger, Statoil ASA, and D. P. Zitterbart, Alfred‑Wegener‑Inst. for Polar and Marine Science


Operational Improvements in the Use of Towed Passive Acoustic Monitoring of Marine Mammals at Sea During Seismic Surveys
D. Hedgeland and C. Rypdal, Petroleum Geo‑Services, and C. Pierpoint and R. Wyatt, Seiche Measurements Ltd.

Alternate (ePoster)


Workforce Training on Marine Mammals and Sound: Progress and a Way Forward for an Advanced Joint Industry Course
B. Streever, S. Oliveira, S. Ford and A.H. Walls, BP plc.

Meeting Room 8

Technical Session 40 • Contractor and Operator Alignment

Session Chairpersons: Stewart Fraser, OGP (Intl. Association of Oil and Gas Producers)


Expanding Contracting Safety: How and Why to Extend Your Safety Management to Onsite Contractors
K. Shaw, Dupont Australia


Subcontractor Management:  A Key Safety Issue in Geophysical Operations
I.M. Threadgold, Threadgold Safety Management


Safety Case Analyses as a Tool for Assessing Safety System Effectiveness
R.W. Turnbull, KCA Deutag Drilling Ltd., and M. Taylor, Risktec Solutions Ltd.


Contractor and Sub-Contractor Fitness for Duty
S.A. Frangos, Chevron

Alternates (ePoster)


Nord Stream: Ensuring Compliance with International HSE Standards and Man-aging Contractor HSE Performance
M.J. Haynes and N.A. Daetwyler, Environ Corp.


Creating High Performance Safety in Drilling in a Major CSG Project in Australia
B.R. Read and J. Winter, Safety Leaders Group, and J. Rodda and J. Maughan, Origin Energy

Amcom Suite

Technical Session 41 • Emergency Response

Session Chairpersons: Laurent Arnulf, Intl. SOS; Surya Kumar, Shell Eastern Petroleum Pte. Ltd.


The Implementation of Telemedicine as an Integrated Part of The Health Service on the Statoil Operated Installations on The Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS)
K. Todnem and A.M.C. Evensen, Statoil ASA, and N. P. Oveland, Norwegian Ambulance Foundaion


Managing Health for Field Operations in Oil and Gas Activities
P. Sharples, FrontierMEDEX and A. Rhodes, IPIECA


Emergency Response Plan Exploration Drilling Operation Setting Up an Comprehensive Response Team for New Business Area with Small Organisation
N. Triaswari and A. Måland, Statoil Indonesia and D. Sulaimansyah, Pertamina


Worldwide Rapid Medical Response System for Large Populations
P.A. Belliard, E. Legeron and F. Jean, Europ Assistance ‑ IHS Svcs

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Riverview Room 5

Technical Session 42: Environmental Risk

Session Chairpersons: John G. Aronson, AATA International, Inc.; Jarrod Pittson, Woodside


Closing the Gap - The Interpretation of Risk: A Regulator's View
K. Heiden and C. Grebe, National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environment Management Authority (NOPSEMA), and C. Gosselink, Indali Pty Ltd.  


Environmental Risk Assessment Utilising Bow-Tie Methodolgy
F.V. Jones and K. Israni, ERM Southwest Inc.


Pilot Study of Environmental Risk Analysis Methodology applied to Angolan Dalia FPSO
J. Libre, S. Plisson-Saune and V. Quiniou, Total E&P; and T.R. Nissen‑lie, V. Vandenbussche, O.W. Brude, A. Rudberg and M. Battut, DNV


Coral Risk Assessment – Tool Development  
A. Ulfsnes and T. M'skeland and Ø. Aarnes, Det Norske Veritas

Alternates (ePoster)


Adaptation to Climate Change and Development of a Regional Environmental Monitoring System (ReEMS)
J. Clarke, BP; R. Toumi, P. Pudgell, J. Farley-Nichols and S. Oliveira, Imperial College


A Risk-Based approach to Bushfire Management
F. Mendham and S. Doull, AECOM Australia

Meeting Room 1

Technical Session 43: Application of Process Safety

Session Chairpersons: Derek R. Tate, Derek Tate Consulting Services Ltd.; Mike McDonald, Chevron Energy Technology Company


Asset Integrity Management System of a Complex Upstream Oil & Gas Plant: The Experience in Val D’Agri Oil Centre
P. Carnevale and M. Cortina, ENI Spa Exploration & Production Divison


Process Safety Management Integrated into Basic Research and Development
D.W. Serfontein, Sasol Technology Research and Development


Importance of Process Safety Information (PSI) and Implementation of Design Best Practices for Upstream Safety Management Program
S. Laskar, Siemens Energy Inc.


Causes and Contributing Factors to Hydrocarbon Leaks on Norwegian Offshore Installations
W. Roed, Proactima and J.E. Vinnem, Preventor as/U. of Stavanger; and A. Nistov, Norwegian Oil Industry Assoc.

Alternates (ePoster)


Prevention of Major Accidental Events (MAE) - An Integral Approach to MAE Risk Assessment and Treatment or How to Integrate Technical and Cultural Risks
J. Winter, B.R. Read, Safety Leaders Group; R.D. Ritchie and D. Allison, OMV Petrom S.A.; M.L. Farquhar, Environmental Resources Management; and S. Lewis, Risktec


A Powerful Approach for Decision Making in Risk Management Process: BART Tool and AHP Methodology for ALARP Demonstration
A. Petrone and L. Scataglini, Eni E&P; and P. Cherubin, Tecnomare SpA

Meeting Room 2

Technical Session 44: Operational Safety Getting to Zero

Session Chairpersons: Jaime L. Carbajal, Chevron Corp.; Oritsegbubemi Bafor, Schlumberger


International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (OGP) Life-Saving Rules
K. Walker, Schlumberger; J. Sunderland, Chevron; S. Fraser, OGP; and  W. Peuscher, Shell


Five Reasons We Are Not Getting to Zero
N.W. Ritchie, VPSI Group LLC


Why is Achieving Zero Accidents so Difficult?
P. Hudson, Delft U. of Technology


Developing How-To Manuals to Strengthen Process Safety Implementation

Alternates (ePoster)


Using Research to Provide Safe and Environmentally Sound Decisions in the US Outer Continental Shelf (OCS)
S.L. Buffington and T. Steffek, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement


Improving Safety Performance in Geophysical Operations: One Major Operators Journey
I.M. Threadgold, Threadgold Safety Management, and T.R. Seaborne, N. Cave and D.J. Harrison, BP Exploration Operating Co. Ltd.


Operability and Safety Audits - An Added-Value to the Actual Performance of Operational Sites
F. Fournie, Total E&P

Meeting Room 3

Technical Session 45: Green House Gas Management

Session Chairpersons: Tzee Wan Lee, PETRONAS; Arthur J.J. Leuterman, M I LLC


Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Conventional and Coal Seam Gas LNG
P. E. Hardisty, T. Clark and R. G. Hynes, WorleyParsons


Developing CCS in the EU: Pioneering the Winding Road Towards the First CO2 ‑ Storage Permit
E. Huber, E. Holleman, I. Thonon and I. Hans, Royal HaskoningDHV, and H. Schoenmakers and M. Kombrink, ROAD/Maasvlakte CCS Project


International Collaboration to Advance Sustainable Oil & Natural Gas Production and Climate Protection
A.B. Chakraborty and Kapil Deb Kalita, ONGC; S. Bartos, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; and S. Seastream, and A. Shartzer, ICF International


The Lacq CCS Pilot, a First
J. Monne, Total

Alternates (ePoster)


Quantification of Carbon Stocks and Sequestration Rates for Forest and Urban Forest
S. Othman, D. M Zawawi and A. Jamil, PETRONAS


Establishing Carbon Footprint for Composite Crude Produced in Malaysia - A First Step Towards Low Carbon Operation
Z.M. Afandi and T. Lee, PETRONAS


Automated Greenhouse Gas Data Collection, Visualisation and Reporting
N. Fairweather, Apache Energy Ltd.

Meeting Room 6

Technical Session 46: Social Performance: Measurement and Reporting

Session Chairpersons: Paul P. Krishna, ExxonMobil; Michael J. Seymour, Shell Upstream Intl.


Sustainability Reporting on the Rise Within the Petroleum Industry - A View of the Industry and Experiences from an NOC, IOC And Service Company
P. Krishna, ExxonMobil; B. Janus, Total; C.A. Peterson, PETRONAS; B. Doherty, RasGas; R. Sherman, Halliburton; H. Murphy, IPIECA; and C. Curlee, Independent


Measuring the Contribution of Extractive Industries to the Local Development : The Case of Oil Companies in Nigeria  
A. K. Diongue, Saint Louis U.; G. Giraud, CNRS Paris School of Economics, ESCP-Europe; and C. Renouard, Essec Business School


Challenging Our Societal Performance   
S. S. Win, Total E&P Myanmar


PNG LNG Project Experience and Success with Implementation of a Site Specific Identification and Management Process for Environmental, Cultural and Social Issues
R. Medrano, S.R. Meyers, D.B. Minter, S.J. Whisker, L. Marodi and A.C. Lam, Esso Highlands Ltd.

Alternates (ePoster)


Integrating Diversity and Inclusion into the Business
R.J. Sherman and C. Bigner, Halliburton


Creating Metrics for Existing Social Investment Programs
C.L. Overton, Convergence Advisors, and M.M. Hamilton, Shell Upstream Americas


The Changing Landscape of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Reporting in the Oil and Gas Sector
M.A. Serwinowski and M.L. Krembs, MetaVu, Inc.

Meeting Room 7

Technical Session 47: Sensitive Environment

Session Chairpersons: Edgar Furuholt, Det Norske Veritas DNV; Dean A. Slocum, Acorn International


Offshore Environmental Monitoring: Evolving Approaches and Technologies to Support the Oil and Gas Industry
A. Glickman, Chevron; J. Mine, Total; I. Nilssen, Statoil; E. Lystad, OLF; M. Buffagni, Eni; and A. Findlay, OGP


Research and Monitoring to Support Responsible Offshore Oil and Gas Development in the Presence of the Western Gray Whale Population off Northeast Sakhalin, Russia
D. E. Egging, B. Blackman and D. C. Tyler, ExxonMobil Development Company; J. M. Dupont, R. Melton and S. R. Werner; ExxonMobil Upstream Research Center; E. Kalinin, M. Swindoll, L. Gauptman, M. Danilov, Exxon Neftegas Limited; and M. Jenkerson, and G. H. Isaksen, ExxonMobil Exploration Company


PAM Chlorophyll a Fluorometry for Monitoring Health of Corals Along the Coast of Qatar
E. Febbo, ExxonMobil Research Qatar; C. Richard, E. Horlin, R. Le Gall, and E. Dutrieux, Creocean; and A. Adenekan, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.


Monitoring of a Drilling Operation Within a Coral Sensitive Area - Case Pumbaa (Norway)
T. Møskeland, A. Ulfsnes, L. Sverdrup, Det Norske Veritas AS; J. A. Moe, GDF SUEZ E&P Norge AS; and M. Løkken, Det norske oljeselskap ASA

Alternates (ePoster)


Operation of Germanys Largest Oilfield Mittelplate and Planning Further Exploratory Drilling In An UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site
H. Oppermann, RWE DEA AG


Sensitivity Environmental and Biological Analysis of the Environmental Impact Assessment for Southern AndeanTransportation System Project, Peru
B. Hueda and G. Morante, Walsh Peru S.A.


Ecotoxicological Assessment of 2 Amazon Rivers Between 2008 and 2011
M.E. Nuez and G. Morante, Walsh Peru S.A.

Meeting Room 8

Technical Session 48: Management System Changes from Major Incidents

Session Chairpersons: Jack Hinton, Baker Hughes; Andrew L. Smith, Risk Management Systems Ltd.


Beyond Bulletins and Presentations: Use of Scenarios to Learn from Incidents 
E. Novatsis and P. McCormick, Woodside Energy; and R. Lardner, The Keil Centre


OGP Guidance for Developing a Simple and Accessible Operating Management System to Control Risks
R. Hirst, North Caspian Operating Co.


Assessing Major Incident Potential in Non-Operated Joint Venture Activities
D. Smith and P. Linzi, Eni UK


Improving the Opportunity for Learning from Industry Safety Data  
K. Walker, Schlumberger; W. Poore and S. Fraser, OGP

Alternates (ePoster)


Fatality Prevention: Stepping Out of the Safety Triangle and Into the Field
J. Teakle, Chevron Australia Pty. Ltd.; T. Mannion and R. Biddle, Chevron; and T. Lughermo, Chevron Global Upstream-HES


Third Party Certification in ISO14001 & OHSAS18001. Do these Certifications Really Add Value? An Ecuadorian Experience
J.A. Romero, Baker Hughes Inc.


Independent Verification and Well Examination: Delivering the Industry Need
P. Linzi and D. Smith, Eni UK Limited

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