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Technical Programme - Tuesday, 11 September


Meeting Room 1

Technical Session 1: Human Behaviour Management

Session Chairpersons: Antoine Augustin, GDF SUEZ; Anna Petrone, ENI E&P


Lesson Learned Applying Human Factors Engineering in Capital Projects
A. Seet and R. McLeod, Shell


Behavior Management: A Successful Approach
A. Tauseef, M. Villegas and P. Bordage, Schlumberger; L. Turner, Saxon Energy Services Inc. 


From Zombie to Zorro, a Neuroscience-based Approach to Safety Leadership
N. Wentzel, The Jonah Group


Creativity, Interaction and New Media; 3 Elements to Talk About Health and Safety at the Workplace in an Effective Way
D. Scotti, B. Matkin and G. Vannetti, Saipem SpA

Alternates (ePoster)


A Resilience Programme: Enhancing Human Performance
T. Lillington, Shell Australia Ltd.


Measuring Induction Training Course Participant Safety Behaviours
T.S. Mcgrath, U. of Western Australia

Meeting Room 2

Technical Session 2: Safe Well Operations

Session Chairperson: Morris Kho Kee Wee, PETRONAS


Identify Safe Drilling Margin, Detect and Distinguish Kicks from Ballooning and Better Well Control for Deepwater, Through Independent Downhole
D.M. Veeningen, NOV IntelliServ


HSE Challenges While Testing and Completion of Sour HPHT Exploratory Wells in the State of Kuwait
S.Packirisamy, D.V. Sagar, A.Manimaran, Y. Al-Salali, A.R. Al-Ibrahim, Anwar Ibrahim, A. Al-Nabhan, KOC.


An Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Ultra-High Pressure and Temperature on the Rheological Properties of Water-Based Drilling Fluids
M. Amani and M. Al-Jubouri, Texas A&M U.


Improving Safety Performance in Geophysical Operations: One Major Operators Journey
I.M. Threadgold, Threadgold Safety Management, and T.R. Seaborne, N. Cave and D.J. Harrison, BP Exploration Operating Co. Ltd.

Alternates (ePoster)


Blow Out Prevention: How A Major Operator Reacted to Recent Industry Incidents
B. Ludot, Total S A


Optimised Drilling by Improved Well Control Using MPD in Narrow Pressure Window
S.G. Mathew, U. of Salford


Completion Operations in Loss-Kick Sour Gas Wells
G.R. Darmawan, Pertamina EP

Meeting Room 3

Technical Session 3: Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services I

Session Chairpersons: Philippe Jean, PJN-Consulting; Nigel H. Wright, Atkins Limited


Integrating The Emerging Concept of Ecosystem Services into Oil and Gas Industry Environmental Management Practices
P.M. Pedroni, ENI E&P Division Environmental Department; N.K. Springer, Exxon Mobil Corp.; J. Spurgeon, Sustain Value Ltd; R.F. Romer, IPIECA


The Promise and Challenge of Ecosystem Services from an Industry Perspective
N.K. Springer, L. N. Guessan and R.D. Tait, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.; T. Parkerton, ExxonMobil Biomedical Sciences Inc.


Addressing and Managing Reliance and Potential Impacts on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services of Oil & Gas Global Operations
D. Palliggiano, A. Baizhigitova, E. Pavanel, M. Marconi and P.M. Pedroni,, ENI E&P; P. Howard, T. Reed, and J. Sali, Fauna & Flora Intl.


Managing Environmental Risks and Contributing to Scientific Advancement through External Partnerships: Models for Industry
S. Connick and J.L. Michael, Chevron Corp.

Alternates (ePoster)


Applying Sustainability and Ecosystem Services Enhancement to Site Restoration
C. Clodfelter, Baker Hughes Inc.  


Effective Management of Endangered Species in Oil and Gas Operations
P. Fancony, Chevron - Global Upstream HES


Respect to the Environment through Biodiversity Program in Delta Mahakam
D. Safitri, J. Rusjanto and B. Argubie, Total E&P Indonesie; R. Indrariadi, BLH Kalimantan Timur; and U. Rachmat, Dinas Pendapatan Daerah Kalimantan Timur

Meeting Room 6

Technical Session 4: Stakeholder Engagement and Public Consultation

Session Chairpersons: Jean Marc Fontaine, Total S.A.; Aaron Padilla, Chevron


Oil and Gas and NGOs: New Rules of Engagement?
A. Buchman, Acorn Intl.


Engaging with Stakeholders on a Major LNG Project in Australia and Using Their Feedback to Adjust the Company’s CSR Strategy
C.R. Chavee, Total; B. Townsend, INPEX; E. Tarika, Altermondo


Lessons Learned from Shore Base Project in Thailand: Stakeholder Engagement and Public Participation
S. Malaiarisoon, Chevron


Managing Community Expectations through Strategic Stakeholder Engagement
C. Wall, Environmental Resources Management

Alternates (ePoster)


How a Multi‑Sectoral Approach to Road Safety has Helped Raise Awareness and Reduce Road Traffic Crashes in Nigeria
M. Bello and O.A. Opene, Chevron


Uniting People with Profit: What is the Value of a Social Impact Management Plan?
H. Johnson, C. Mahoney and C. Forbes, Coffey Environments

Meeting Room 7

Technical Session 5: Waste Water

Session Chairpersons: Mark Herrison, Schlumberger; Leopoldo Henriquez, State Supervision of Mines


The First Year's Operation of the Nimr Water Treatment Plant in Oman- Sustainable Produced Water Management Using Wetlands
R. Breuer, BAUER Umwelt GmbH, T.R. Headley and Y.I. Thaker, BAUER Nimr LLC and B. Al Sharji, Petroleum Development Oman LLC


Coal Seam Gas Water - River Discharge: Context Matters
J. Murray, Origin Energy 


The Added Value of Whole Effluent Assessment for Produced Water Discharges in the Offshore Industry
E. Roex and L.R. Henriquez, State Supervision of Mines, The Netherlands; C.C. Karman, TNO; M. Horn, Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, The Netherlands


Development and Maintenance of a Sediment Toxicity Test for Monitoring Synthetic-Based Drilling Fluids  
J. Candler, S.P. Rabke, K. Nguyen, P. Tyczynski, S. Brunner and A.J. Leuterman, M-I SWACO

Alternates (ePoster)


Coal Seam Gas (CSG): What Becomes of Produced Water? Regulation and Strategies
U. Dean and F. D'Hautefeuille, Golder Assocs.


Modification of The 96-hour LC50 Protocol to Address Site Specific Concerns in Africa
P.C. Tyczynski and A.J. Leuterman, M-I Swaco LLC; and K. Dimitriadis, Tullow Oil Intl. Ltd.

Meeting Room 8

Technical Session 6: The Evolution of Organisational Culture

Session Chairpersons: Roland L. Moreau, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.; Davide Scotti, Saipem SpA


New Game Changers or the Roads to Ruin - Now Will Industry Change Direction?
A.L. Smith, Risk Management Systems


Transforming Safety Leadership Within the Hydrocarbon Sector - A Global Analysis
D. Broadbent, TransformationalSafety.Com


The Impacts of National Culture on Safety Culture in the Global Oil and Gas Industry
M. Steve, Chevron


Accelerating HSE Culture through HSE Leadership
K. Breitsprecher, J.J. Hinton, W.L. Harris, S.L. Crabb, P. Jacques and B. De Hoedt, Baker Hughes Inc.

Alternates (ePoster)


Building a Culture of Responsible Enviornmental Performance: Exxon Mobil Fundamentals of Regulatory Compliance and Environment
H.M. Shield, Imperial Oil Resources


Organisational and Environmental Factors Influencing an HSE Culture
A.K. Pachiyannakis, Al Mansoori Specialized Engineering

Amcom Suite

Technical Session 7: Healthy Workforce

Session Chairpersons: Barry Chesson, Chevron Australasian Business Unit; Phil Sharples, FrontierMEDEX


How to Design and Implement a Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Program in an Oil and Gas Company - Revision 
C. Vasile, F. Mika and E. Giorgi, Saipem


Screening for Future Coronary Heart Disease in Oilfield Personnel by Using Risk Factor Categories
A. Vitkovsky and A. Yakovlev, Schlumberger


Cultural Shift in Obesity Prevalence: Productivity Impact on Petrochemical Population
F.A. Bhojani, S.P. Tsai and R. Donnelly, Shell


Goals for Life - An Innovative Workplace Wellness Program
J. Canning, Chevron

Alternates (ePoster)


Adapting a Western Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Program To Local Environments
W. Yimsiriwattana and E. Inciong, Chevron


Preventing Disease in the Workforce
A.K. Pachiyannakis and R. Tauzin, Al- Mansoori Specialized Engineering


Addressing Cardiovascular Disease – A Global Employer’s Approach to Non- Communicable Diseases 
J. Davis-street, Chevron Corp.

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Meeting Room 1

Technical Session 8: Well Operations Risk Management

Session Chairpersons: Carlos Roberto De Franco Derossi, Petrobras/E&P; Cheryl Ormond, Santos Limited


Well-specific Blowout Risk Assessment
V. Vandenbussche, H. Brandt, T.R. Nissen‑lie and O.W. Brude, Det Norske Veritas AS; A. Bergsli, Statoil


The Value of Implementing Survey Management on an Existing Crowded Platform to Safely Drill Future Wells
W.A. Mat Yusof, N.T. Son, S. Abdalla, M. Aznor, A.A. Rahman, A.Z. Abdullah, F.R. Zahri, A. Lubis, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; and G. Dawson, B. Subroto, Mondali, A. Zolhaili, C.K. Singam, Schlumberger


Application of Quantitative Risk Assessment for Planning High Sour Wells or Working in H2S Field Close to Populated Areas
E. Daher, United Safety


ICS System ‑ Blowout Response
F.D. Maia and H.R. Lima, Petrobras SA

Alternates (ePoster)


Probabilistic Analysis of Blowout Rates in Installation and Field Risk Analyses
H.C. Karlsen and T. Nilsen, Statoil ASA


Design for Safety-Achieving Inherently Safer Designed Products with Built-In Controls
C. Jean, T. Sauceda and M.F. Civarolo, Baker Hughes Inc.

Meeting Room 2

Technical Session 9: Solid Waste

Session Chairpersons: Robert Hoffmann, Chevron Corp.; Serhan Kayal, Saudi Aramco


Bioremediation and Immobilisation of Oily Sands Containing NORM   
R.F. de Witt, Esso Australia Pty. Ltd.; D. J. Hamilton, Scientific Safety Services Pty. Ltd.; John D. Lambert, Central Gippsland Region Water Author


Bioremediation of Synthetic Base Mud Cuttings; The Long Road to Acceptance for Onshore Use in China
J.M. Getliff , F. Swartz, R. N. Trotter and E. Malachosky, Chevron


An Innovative Approach for the Beneficial Reuse of Contaminated Sands and Cuttings from E&P Operations
G. Gioia, R. Cislaghi , A. Mastrapasqua and S. Sandri, ENI E&P; M. Mariani, GSA; E. Germiniani and A. Battaglia, AECOM; G. Dotelli, L. Zampori and P. Gallo Stampino, Polimi


NORM Disposal In Australia
D. Crouch and E. Stoney, AGR Asia Pacific

Alternates (ePoster)


Development of Environmentally Friendly Lost Circulation Materials for Riserless Drilling
N. Morita and H. Matsui, Waseda U.


Processes and Equipment Modifications Lead to Improvements In Subsurface Waste Injection
V.V. Anokhin, T.A. Shokanov, J.R. Ronderos and G. Woolsey, M-I Swaco


Development of an Empirical Release Criteria for Oil and Gas Equipment with Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) Surface Contamination
R. De Witt, ExxonMobil, and J. Young and S. Rutkowski, Australian Radiation Services

Meeting Room 3

Technical Session 10: Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services II

Session Chairpersons:Patrick Tyczynski, MI Swaco; Paola Maria Pedroni, ENI E&P Division  


Dealing with Biodiversity in Corporate Venture Risk Exploration and Production
N. Wright, Atkins Global


Managing Biodiversity as Part of the PNG LNG Project
S.J. Whisker, Esso Australia Pty. Ltd.; S.R. Meyers, ExxonMobil Development Co.; and D.C. Tyler, ExxonMobil Corp.


The Pipeline Fauna Refuge and Release System (FRRS)
A.B. Johnston, S. Dewdney, Santos  


Overview and Status of the Business and Biodiversity Offsets Programme
K. Ten Kate, BBOP; J. Jeter, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Alternates (ePoster)


Next-Generation DNA-Based Approaches for Comprehensive Assessment of Marine Communities
L. Nguessan, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company; N.K. Springer, Exxon Mobil Corp.; M. Hajibabaei, A. Borisenko and G. Singer, U. of Guelph


Ecosystem Services in a Corporate Context
S. Oliveira, R.W. Finney and R. Kennedy, BP


Developing A Partnership Between a Major Oil Company and the Scientific Community Through the Involvement of a Corporate Foundation Dedicated to Biodiversity
L. Fournier, TOTAL, and J. Mine and M. Najib, Total E&P Indonesia

Meeting Room 6

Technical Session 11: Local Content Development and Social Investment

Session Chairpersons: Phil Middleton, BP Intl. Ltd.; Michael Oxman, BSR


Creating a Sustainable Supply Chain E&P Model
C.L. Overton, Convergence Advisors


PNG LNG's Community Development Support Strategy
S. Kini and J. VanDuker, Esso Highlands Ltd.; Bruce Hayes, ExxonMobil Development Company


Local Business Empowerment Program, a translation of Local Content Policy 
S. Suprapti, R. Djatmiko and K. Adinugroho, Total E&P Indonesia


Providing Access to Low Income Households in Remote Areas: How an Oil and Gas Operator is Addressing the Issue in Indonesia
M. Du Laz, Total S A.

Alternates (ePoster)


Public and Private Partnerships: Global Cookstove Alliance and Shell
K. Westley and R. Sully, Shell


Providing access to Low Income Households in Remote Areas: How an Oil and Gas Operator is Addressing the Issue in Indonesia
M. Du Laz, Total S A, and Suharmoko, Total E&P Indonesia


Private Sector Health Investment, Leveraging Resources for Sustainable Health Care
C. Okala and S. Okegbemiro, Chevron

Meeting Room 7

Technical Session 12: Water Use

Session Chairpersons: Andy Best, BP; Cédric Michel, Total S.A.


New Tools to Assess Water Risk and Enhance Environmental and Operational Performance in Oil And Gas
K. Fennessey, ConocoPhillips Co.; R.F. Romer, IPIECA; and J.J. Dell, CH2M HILL


Water Use in Canada's Oil Sands Industry: the Facts
S.R. Lunn, Imperial Oil Resources Ltd.


Water Management in a Desert Environment
G. Baldelli, BP North Africa


Key Shale Gas Water Management Strategies: An Economic Assessment Tool
J.A. Slutz, Global Energy Co.; J. Anderson, Select Energy Services; R. Broderick, Fountain Quail Water Management.;P.H. Horner, Aqua-Pure Ventures

Alternates (ePoster)


Innovative approach on water Management in ENI
L. Boccitto and C. Cova, ENI E&P


Water Recycling and Produced Water Treatment Present Complex Problems
D. Pierce, K. Bertrand and C.C. Vasiliu, Brandt NOV


Water Accounting for Industrial Operations and its Application to Energy Pathways
F. Niele, Shell Intl.

Meeting Room 8

Technical Session 13: Integration of HSE into Project Planning

Session Chairpersons: Fredrick V. Jones, ERM Southwest Inc.; Ulrich Peball, OMV Aktiengesellschaft


Practical Realities of Project Financing through Equator Principal Financial Institutions
J.V. Tucker, S.E. Kane, C.C. Twyford, S.L. Critchfield, D. Blatchford, Esso Highlands Ltd.; B. E. Hayes, ExxonMobil Development Co.


Tools for Standardising Environmental Designs for Capital Projects
M. Monahan, V. Blackwell, R. Hoffmann, M. Julliand, M. Iannuzzi, D.L. Conrad, and A. Craig, Chevron Corp.


Integration of HES into the Management of a Major Capital Project
S. McHugh, A. Manning and K. Heagney, Chevron Corp.


Project Management ‑‑ Engaging the Hearts and Minds to "Protect Tomorrow. Today."
D.C. Tyler, D.R. Callon, L. Boog, and B. Wood, ExxonMobil Development Co.

Alternate (ePoster)


Operational Excellence: Harmonising Business Goals and Departmental Priorities to Create Sustainable Business
I. Stanfield, Dupont Australia, and H. Ranck, DuPont Sustainable Solutions

Amcom Suite

Technical Session 14: Occupational Hygiene

Session Chairpersons: Frano Mika, Saipem S.p.A; Robert Nocco, Chevron Energy Technology Co.


Working Safely in the Heat - Field Support Initiatives
B. Chesson, Chevron Corp.


Remote Real-Time Industrial Hygiene Monitoring
J.S. Wilson, Shell Australia Ltd.


Noise Reduction Interventions in the Norwegian Petroleum Industry
A. Nistov and R. Klovning, Norwegian Oil Industry Assn.; F. Lemstad, T. Ognedal and P.A. Haver, Sinus AS; J. Risberg, Norwegian Underwater Intervention; A.J. Skogesal, Statoil ASA


Why Quiet? Legislative, Commercial and Ethical Drivers Behind The Design of Quieter Offshore Facilities in Australia
A. Chandran, Chevron

Alternates (ePoster)


Why Quiet? - Legislative, Commercial and Ethical Drivers Behind The Design Of Quieter Offshore Facilities in Australia
A. Chandran, Chevron


Integrated Noise Protection Program - From Noise Measurements to Epidemiology
S. Plisson-Saune, T. Batalha and N. De Sadeleer, Total E & P Angola

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