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Technical Programme - Wednesday, 12 September


Meeting Room 1

Technical Session 15: Behavioural Safety: Leadership and Awareness

Session Chairpersons: Antoine Augustin, GDF Suez; Luciano Scataglini, Eni E&P


North West Hutton Decommissioning - a Major Challenge, a Major Success
C. White and G. Adams, BP


Learning from MAEs and Building Local Capacity to Help Prevent Them
K. Bills, WAERA


An Innovative Way to Spread Safe Behaviours
D. Matkin and D. Scotti, Saipem SpA


Creating an Incident and Injury Free Workplace - An Australian View
R. Luxton, Chevron

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Safety Competency Assurance for Supervisors
M.A. Debello, Agip-KCO


Aiming for "Goal Zero" is Missing the Point
V. Bhatnagar, Phillip Townsend Associates Inc.

Meeting Room 2

Technical Session 16: Land Transportation Safety

Session Chairpersons: Andy Ball, Schlumberger; Jaime L. Carbajal, Chevron Pipe Line Co.


Implementing an In-Vehicle Monitoring Program: A Guide for the Oil and Gas Extraction Industry
K. Retzer and R. Hill, NIOSH/CDC; D.R. Tate, Derek Tate Consulting and CDC/NIOSH (Contractor)


Step Change in Driving Performance: A Case Study
J.C. Lopez and A.S. Zidan, Schlumberger


Available Technologies to Prevent Cell Phone Use while Driving
C. Catten, Inthinc Inc.


The Evolution of an Electronic Assessment for Evaluating Trip Risk, Compliance, Approval Level and Tracking
D.P. Meade, A. Ball and M. Brandsness, Schlumberger

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Improving Driver Performance by Managing Their Behaviors
M. Bergman and N. Gatewood, Halliburton

Meeting Room 3

Technical Session 17: Spills Response: Case Studies

Session Chairpersons: Declan Odriscoll, Oil Spill Response Ltd.; Niersharsa Triaswari, Statoil Indonesia


The CV Rena - An Oil Spill Response Case Study
J. Anderson, Oil Spill Response Ltd.


Joint Industry Project on Angolan Coast Sensitivity Mapping for Oil Spill Response
E. Santosa and S. Plisson‑Saune, Total E&P Angola


Coastal Oil Spill Preparedness Improvement Programme (COSPIP) and Memorandum of Understanding - Comprehensive Joint & Industrial Project Focusing on Coastal Oil Spill Challenges
M. Buffagni and G. Aiello, Eni E&P, E. Bjørnbom, O. Hansen and G. E. Foldnes, Eni Norge AS; S.Thorbjørnsen, Norwegian Petro Services AS; F. Engen, Statoil ASA


Implementation of the Oil Spill Preparedness for the Goliat Offshore Oil Field Development - The First Oil Field Development in the Barents Sea
E. Bjornbom and O. Hansen, Eni Norge AS; F. Engen, Statoil; and S.W. Knudsen, Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies

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Changes in Dissolved Hydrocarbon Content of Shallow Waters During and Shortly After the Deepwater Horizon Incident
A. Ross, C. Stalvies, X. Qi, E. Crooke, D. Fuentes, S. Armand, A. Revill and A. Talukder, CSIRO


Oil Slicks and Coastal Zones Post Gulf War; A 20-Years Assessment, Employing High-Resolution Satellite Imagery
R. Taheri, Australian College Of Kuwait


Designing Capability for Offshore Response- A Consultant Perspective
G. Varghese and L. Barber, Oil Spill Response Ltd.

Meeting Room 6

Technical Session 18: Ethics, Conflict and Resettlement

Session Chairpersons: Emery Brusset, Channel Research; Gabriella Herzog, Hess


Facing up to Demands for Small Bribes: Legal Requirements and Operational Challenges in Weak Government Zones
J. Bray, Control Risks


Indigenous People, Grievance and Claims Management, Resettlement ‑ Lessons Learn in Africa 
J.H. Grober, WorleyParsons


PNG LNG Project Community Engagement Within a Unique and Complex Cultural Environment  
S. Koyama, Esso Highlands Ltd. and B. Hayes ExxonMobil Development Co.


Indigenous People and the Oil and Gas Industry: Context Issues and Emerging Good Practice  
C. Pasch, Woodside; A. Mohan, Statoil; M.R. Cleland, IPIECA.

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Participation and Consent: An Overview of Norms and Developments in Effective Public Engagement Processes in Extractive Industry Projects
J.P. Wagner and L. Mitchell, Plexus Energy

Meeting Room 7

Technical Session 19: Regulatory Challenges

Session Chairpersons: Joanne Galvan, M-I SWACO; Ylva Gilbert, Gaia Consulting


Industry Response to the UN Global Mercury Treaty Negotiations Focus on Oil and Gas
B. Doll, E. Nucci and B.M. Knickerbocker, Exxon Mobil Corp.


Challenges When Ambient Air Standards are Set Near Background Levels
C. Rabideau and K. Satin, Chevron Energy Technology Co.


Environmental Governance and Regulation of the Oil Industry in Ghana: A Multi-Stakeholder Capacity Building Needs Assessment
A. Buchman, D. Slocum and K. Boakye-agyei, Acorn Intl.


Land-Based Disposal Rules and Regulations: How Three Different High-Performance Fluids Rate in Three Different Regions
A. Djuric, Halliburton

Alternates (ePoster)


Chemical Regulatory Changes Are We Managing Them Effectively?
S. Caldwell, J. Galvan and D.W. Graves, Schlumberger, and C. Smith, M-I SWACO


Compliance Assurance for Engineering Design on the Kearl Oil Sands Project
M.J. Burley, ExxonMobil Development Co.


'Wild Thing': The Challenges of Regulatory Change Under Wild Rivers
S. Oliver, Santos Ltd.

Meeting Room 8

Technical Session 20: New Development in HSE Management

Session Chairpersons: Fernando Rodriguez, HSE Intl. LLC; Donald Smith, ENI UK  


The Role of a Non-Operating Partner in Contributing to HSE Excellence
G. Lawrie, OMV (UK) Ltd


New Insights into the Prevention of Serious Injuries and Fatalities
T. Apking, BST, and G. Murray, Exxon Mobil Corp.


A Big Oil Company’s Approach to Significantly Reduce Fatal Incidents
W. Peuscher, Shell; J. Groeneweg, Leiden U.


Improving Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Quality through Leadership Coaching & Feedback
J. Ford, Chevron

Alternates (ePoster)


All hands on deck - Ensuring Leaders lead a Safety Culture of Unease
T.P. Kalpee, BP Trinidad & Tobago


Visible Management Commitment in the Drive for Cultural Change Toward Safety
D. Scotti and D. Matkin, Saipem SpA


Safety Begins (and Ends) With Management
I.M. Threadgold, Threadgold Safety Management

Amcom Suite

Technical Session 21: Infectious Diseases

Session Chairpersons: Gary Krieger, Newfields; Francois Pelat, Transocean Offshore Deepwater Drilling Inc. (TODDI)


Sustainable Investment in Extractive Industry Development: Implementation of Vector‑Borne Disease and Pest Control for Workforce Protection in Papua New Guinea 
M.J. Bangs, Intl. SOS


Prevention and Control of Pulmonary Tuberculosis. The Role of IGRA (Interferon‐γ Release Assay) Tests in Occupational Surveillance Programs for Pulmonary Tuberculosis in an Oilfield Operation in a Highly Endemic Area
P. Awotula and Francois Pelat, Transocean  


Emerging Pandemic Threats and the Oil and Gas Industry
L. Flynn and A. Kaitano, Ecology & Environment, Inc., and R. Bery, FHI 360


Mosquito Management in Western Australia - An Overview of the Challenges Facing Major Capital Projects and Key Components of a Successful Program
A. Chandran, Chevron

Alternates (ePoster)


Strengthening a Company's Fight Against Malaria Among Semi-immunes: Spouses on the Frontline
U. Okorocha, M. Barnier and A. Barbey, Schlumberger


Prevalence of Tuberculosis among Offshore Oil & Gas Workers in Niger Delta
M. Felfernig, J. Bwala and I. Iroezindu, International SOS


HIV and Aging:  An Evolving Challenge for the Oil and Gas Industry
L.A. Battalora and J. Spear, Colorado School of Mines; and B. Young, Rocky Mountain CARES/DIDC

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Meeting Room 1

Technical Session 22: Spills Response: Technical Issues

Session Chairpersons: Archie Smith, Oil Spill Response Ltd.; Terrapon Soponkhanaborn, PTT Exploration & Production Plc.


Advances in Treating Agents for Oil Spill Response
T. Nedwed and A. Tidwell, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.; I. Buist, R. Belore, SL Ross Environmental Research, Ltd.; G. Canevari, Canevari & Assoc.


Monitoring and Quantifying oil pollution using Aerial Surveillance ~  Problems and Solutions
D. Salt and E. Hughes, and Stuart Gair, Oil Spill Response


Sensor System for Directly Detecting and Identifying Hydrocarbons in Water
J. Cooper, L. Wieczorek, B. Raguse, K. Müller, E. Chow, L. Hubble and A. Ross, CSIRO, and R. Mohler, K. Synowiec, E. Bild, U. Kelmser and D. Thomas, Chevron


Integrating Green Waste Management Strategies into Emergency Response Waste Management Programs: Examples from the Deepwater Horizon Response
D. Sweeten, BP

Alternates (ePoster)


Oceano-Meteorology and Oil Spill Modelling
C. Michel, Total


Considerations For Application Of In Situ Burning
N. Mabile, BP America, Inc

Meeting Room 2

Technical Session 23: Emergency Response: Different Facets

Session Chairpersons: Juan Carlos Lopez, Schlumberger Oilfield Services; Maureen Song Chai Kee, PETRONAS


Keys to Successful Response Waste Management Programs: Experience from Deepwater Horizon
D. Sweeten, BP


Community Based Emergency Preparedness as Key Part in Anticipation Mass Casualties in Surrounding Oil and Gas Industry
E. Susetyo Koespradiyanto, K. Adinugroho, and M. Asih, Total E&P Indonesie


The Use of Geographical Information System (GIS) in Oil Spill Preparedness and Response
L. Aukett, Oil Spill Response Ltd. 


Issues and Challenges Surrounding Evacuation of Employees and Families at Times of Trouble
T. McTague, C. Richards and J. López, Schlumberger

Alternates (ePoster)


Emergency Response Plan Exploration Drilling Operation - Setting Up an Comprehensive Response Team for New Business Area with Small Organisation
N. Triaswari and D. Sulaimansyah, Statoil Indonesia


Worldwide Rapid Medical Response System for Large Populations
P.A. Belliard, E. Legeron and F. Jean, Europ Assistance - IHS Svcs


Behavioural Safety - Human Factors
S. Burton, Oil Spill Response

Meeting Room 3

Technical Session 24: Environmental Impact Assessment I

Session Chairpersons: Gaelle Baldelli, BP North Africa; Russell Lagdon, Chevron Australia


Consistent Transparency Regarding Environmental Challenges in a Large Infrastructure Project
B. Haelg, Nord Stream AG


Partnering with the Wildlife Conservation Society to Protect Marine Mammals and Turtles
S. Maruca and G. Wolinsky, Chevron; B. Augusto, CABGOC; N. Mann, Angola LNG; H. Rosenbaum, A. Formia, S. Cerchio and Tim Collins, Wildlife Conservation Society; K. Pendoley, Pendoley Environmental Pty Ltd.


Achieving International Standards in the Arctic: The Need for Modern Interdisciplinary Technical and Management Approaches
J.G. Aronson and V. Raykin, AATA Intl. Inc.


Making a Difference: Two Years’ Experience Implementing an Integrated Environmental and Social Standard
E.Rogers, O.S. Tarzumanov, B plc.

Alternates (ePoster)


PNG LNG Project Experience and Success with Implementation of a Site Specific Identification and Management Process for Environmental, Cultural and Social Issues
R. Medrano, D.B. Minter, S.J. Whisker, L. Marodi, A.C. Lam, Esso Highlands Ltd., and S.R. Meyers, ExxonMobil Development Co.


Achieving Better Outcomes through the Environmental Assessment Process: A Regulator's Perspective
C. Grebe, National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environment Management Authority (NOPSEMA) 


Challenges of Oil and Gas E&P Operations in Environmentally & Socially Sensitive Area: Lessons Learned from Mahakam
G. Asmaradewi, J. Rusjanto and B. Argubie, Total E&P Indonesie, and A. Taufik and Y. Yasmet, BLHD Kukar

Meeting Room 6

Technical Session 25: Mainstreaming Social Responsibility into the Business

Session Chairpersons: Paul P. Krishna, Exxonmobil;Trey Shaffer, Halliburton


Integrating Premier Standards of Socioeconomic Management into Upstream Activities through Management Systems
C. Kominas, M. Shaw, P. Brinkmann and D.Tyler, ExxonMobil Development Co.; and K. Moynihan, ExxonMobil Production Co.


Social Responsibility 69: Integrating Social Responsibility into Management Systems to Mitigate Risks
E. Wild and P. Middleton, BP plc.


Management Systems for Social Performance: Current Status and Trends
K. Westley and K. Rosser, Shell Intl.; E. Wild, BP; S. Le Douaran, TOTAL; and  R. Cleland, IPIECA


The Interaction of Social Responsibility with Water Access and Resource Utilizations in Drilling Operations
N. Wagner, L. Brantley, C. Grosvenor and F. Florence, National Oil Well Varco

Alternates (ePoster)


Acceptability of New Oil & Gas Projects and Reputation Management. A Major Challenge for the International Oil Companies
P. Charlez, Total S.A.


Social Organisation and Competency
P. Middleton, BP Plc.


Innovative Ways to Inspire New Employees to Embrace An HSE Culture
P. Bordage, C. Fox, G. Villarreal and J.J. Zambrano Celly, Schlumberger, and L. Arce, ARP Colmena

Meeting Room 7

Technical Session 26: Monitoring Technologies

Session Chairpersons: Peter Hausknecht, Woodside Energy Ltd.;Steve P.A. Piscina, Arrow Energy Pty. Ltd.


Coastal Shoreline Crossing Using Horizontal Directional Drilling for Pipeline Installation Achieves Excellent Environmental and Social Outcomes
L. Howitt, Apache Energy Ltd., and M. Lincoln Smith, C. Blount and P. Branson, Cardno Limited


Montara: Scientific Monitoring of Shallow Reefs and Submerged Shoals
A. Heyward, R. Jones, K. Burns, M. Cappo, M. Meekan and J. Oliver, The Australian Inst. of Marine Science; J. Meeuwig, U. of Marine Science; and R. Wright, PTTEP Australasia  


Development of an Automated Groundwater Monitoring System Using a Wireless Based Sensor Array Deployed in a Groundwater Monitoring Well
P. Reed, D. Beard and H. Day, Saudi Aramco


Combining Passive and Active Monitoring of Sediment Spill from Subsea Ploughing of a Major Subsea Pipeline 
M. L. Rahbek and J.R. Valeur, Ramboll Oil & Gas

Alternates (ePoster)


Evaluation and Comparison of Innovative Environmental Monitoring Methods for the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry
B. Kampala, C. Michel and L. Cazes, Total S.A.; F. Galgani, IFREMER; and S. Canovas, Ajilon Engineering


Real-Time Oceanographic Monitoring from an Offshore Platform in the Arabian Gulf
D. Beard, Saudi Aramco

Meeting Room 8

Technical Session 27: Building Competency

Session Chairpersons: Dominique Grepinet, TOTAL EP; Prijo Hutomo, Star Energy Group of Companies


Developing Internal Human Factors Capability in an Australian Oil and Gas Company
E. Novatsis and P. McCormick, Woodside Energy, and R. Lardner, The Keil Centre


HSE Management System: Keep It Simple!
H. Campbell, J. Polo and G. Bouly, Total Abu Al Bukhoosh


Harnessing the Passion - Building Environmental Expertise
E. Dyer, Santos


Safety Leadership: Lessons Learned from Developing and Delivering Content on Building the Safety Capacity of an Organisation
T. Knode and T. Wham, Halliburton

Alternates (ePoster)


Harmonisation of Health, Safety & Environment Management Systems
B.M. Bonnivier and T. Nugent, Baker Hughes Inc.


Commentary Task Assessments: Implementation of a Global On-Line Personal Safety Behavior Initiative
E.M. Beney and G.J. Lombardo, Schlumberger


The HSE Station: A Laboratory for Virtual and Innovative Experiences for Awareness of Workforce in the Challenge to Achieve Excellence in HSE in the Oil and Gas Industry
H.S. Oliveira, R.D. Trindade and L.M. Santos, Petrobras

Amcom Suite

Technical Session 28: Fatigue, Stress

Session Chairpersons: James S. Allen, Chevron Corp.; David Flower, BP plc


Fatigue Risk Management: A Case Study
K. Mcculloch, Santos, T. Kontou and S. Ferguson, Appleton Inst., Central Queensland U.


The Challenge Of Fatigue Management in a Global Company
T. Lillington, Shell Australia Ltd. and R. McLeod, Shell Intl.


Assessing Psychosocial Risks at Work in Oilfield Personnel : A Case Study
J.J. Zambrano Celly, Schlumberger; P. Suasnavas, SEK U. Ecuador


Stress and Social Anxiety Assessment among Offshore Personnel in Oil and Gas Industry
F. Mika, R. Dalida, E. Kapanadze, N. Visnjic-Pichler, S. De Sanctis, Saipem SpA

Alternates (ePoster)


Fatigue Risk Management System -  A Fit for Purpose Approach
N. Ryan and H. Abbasi, Chevron Corp.


Why Don't People Just Follow the Rules? The Psychology of Safety Management
I. Stanfield, Dupont Australia, and R. Gutierrez, DuPont Sustainable Solutions


Worker Stress and Fatigue in Oil Spill Response
D. Gibson, Oil Spill Response

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Meeting Room 1

Technical Session 29: Risk Management Case Studies

Session Chairpersons: Elie Daher, United Safety Intl. FZE; Luciano Scataglini, Eni E&P


Proactive Resilience Based Indicators: The Case of the Deepwater Horizon Accident
K. Øien, SINTEF, and L. Nielsen, Eni Norge


Demonstrating Adequate Management of Risks: The Move From Quantitative to Qualitative Risk Assessments
G. Bower-white, TSRhorizons Consulting


Examining The Suitability of E&P Major Accident Prevention Design Principles in a Changing Global Environment and Comparisons With The Rail, Nuclear and Aviation Industries
R. Martland, DONG Energy E&P and P. D. Mann, PM Safety Consultants Ltd.


Making the Safety Case Work - Post Macondo and Montara
B. Fitzgerald and P. Breen, Vanguard Solutions Pty Ltd.; and J. Patrick, Hunter Oil Pty Ltd.

Meeting Room 2

Technical Session 30: Environmental Monitoring & Modelling

Session Chairpersons: Dina C. Kuykendall, Baker Hughes Inc.; Steve Laking, ERM


Benthic Impacts Resulting from the Discharge of Drill Cuttings and Adhering Synthetic Based Drilling Fluid in Deepwater 
B. J. Balcom, B. D. Graham, and A. D. Hart, CSA Intl. Inc., and G. P. Bestall, Tullow Ghana Ltd.


A Review of the Evaluations of Six Offshore Numerical Models for E&P Discharges
B. Kampala and C. Michel, Total S.A., and A. Guillou, Ajilon Engineering


Environmental Monitoring in the Caspian: Integrated Approach and Resullts
Impact of Water Based Drilling Fluid and Cuttings Discharge Offshore Nigeria Using Sediment Profile Imaging Technology 
A.M. Tilstone, J.L. Hardin, Battelle Memorial Institute; R.J. Diaz, Virginia Institute of Marine Science; C.A. Antaih and E. Essien, Mobil Producing Nigeria; J.L Passmore, ExxonMobil Development Co.; and D. Bassey, Nigeria Department of Petroleum Resources


Numerical Modeling of Thermal Plume and Residual Chlorine Fate in Coastal Waters of the Arabian Gulf
E. Febbo, ExxonMobil Research Qatar; V. Kolluru and S. Prakash, Environmental Resources Management; A. Adenekan, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company

Meeting Room 3

Technical Session 31: Environmental Impact Assessment II

Session Chairpersons: Andy Best, BP; John Hall, Halliburton


Environmental Impact Assessment of Marine Electromagnetic Survey Techniques
S.L. Tsoflias, IAGC; J. Hutchinson, Petroleum Geo-Services; C. Dandridge, EMGS; J. Nicholls, OHM Surveys Ltd.; R.E. Henman, CGGVeritas Service (Norway) AS; R. Buchanan, LGL Ltd.; and R. Fechhelm, LGL Ecological Research Assoc.


Simulation of Concentrations and Depositions of Particle Matter Caused by Drilling Discharges. Comparison Between Field Measurements and Simulation Results at Coral Locations
H. Rye and M.K. Ditlevsen, SINTEF; J. A. Moe, GDF Suez E&P; and M. Loekken, Det Norske


Prelude FLNG Development Environmental Footprint and Conditions of Approval in a Post Montara and Macondo World
A. Caymo, Shell Projects and Technology and B. Cohen, Shell Development Australia


Project Lifecycle Approach to an Effective Social, Environmental and Health Impact Management Process: Five Years On
Intl. Assoc. of Oil and Gas Producers (OGP) ESHIA Taskforce; B. Witchalls, BJW Enterprises Ltd; and P. Shone, Chevron

Alternate (ePoster)


Environmental Impact Assessment in Tropical Marine Habitats: A Method for Assessing Ecological Significance
J.R. Hanley, Sinclair Knight Merz

Meeting Room 6

Technical Session 32: Management of Social Risk: Case Studies

Session Chairpersons: Johana Dunlop, Schlumberger Technical Services; Noa Gimelli, ExxonMobil


Social Risk Management for Large-Footprint Service Company Projects
J.Dunlop, M. Villegas and N. Abrahams, Schlumberger


Baseline Health Survey in a Sparsely Populated Part of Papua New Guinea
F. Viliani, P. Curtis, M. Stone, S. Kotapu and D. Hooper, Intl. SOS, and M. Martin, InterOil


Smooth E&P Activities in a Remote Area having Fragmented/Hostile Communities Around – A Case Study Highlighting How an E&P Company Made It A Reality
M.A. Khan, Eni Pakistan Ltd.


Non-Technical Risk Leadership: Integration and Execution 
L. Brewer and R. McKeeman, ERM

Alternates (ePoster)


Drillsearch: Native Title Negotiations in South-West Queensland
L. Clarke, Drillsearch Energy Ltd., and J.C. Fulcher, HopgoodGanim Lawyers


Social Risk Assessment as Stakeholder Engagement
A. Reeman and E. Weller, Channel Research

Meeting Room 7

Technical Session 33: Monitoring, Performance & Guidelines

Session Chairpersons: Ian Sealy, Schlumberger; Margrethe Haahr, Dong Energy


Revised Petroleum Industry Guidelines for Reporting Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Oil and Gas Industry
R. Siveter, IPIECA; M. Cass, Shell; R. Chaves de Oliveira, Petrobras; M. Clowers, Hess Corp.; T. Hochhalter, ExxonMobil and A. Lee, Chevron; C. Loreti, Loreti Group; J. Martin, Repsol; T. Killian, Marathon; B. Poot, Total; K. Ritter, American Petroleum Institute; E. Romero-Giron, Repsol; and T. Stileman, BP


Environmental Performance in the E&P Industry: Data for 2009 and 2010
J. Campbell and W. M. Poore, Intl. Assoc. of Oil & Gas Producer


Control Charts – A Robust Approach for Monitoring Endangered Species Exposure to a Major Construction Project
M. Chaloupka, Ecological Modeling Services; K. Pendoley, Pendoley Environmental; D Moro, Chevron Australia Pty Ltd.


Challenges in Choosing and Setting Up an Environmental Accounting System 
K. Husdal, Add Novatech, and Ø. Hille, Marathon Oil Norge

Alternates (ePoster)


Challenges in Choosing and Setting Up an Environmental Accounting System
K.T. Husdal, Novatech, and C. Hille, Marathon Petroleum Norway


Lessons Learned from the Global Implementation and Evolution of a System to Track Environmental Performance Indicators
D.C. Kuykendall, Baker Hughes Inc.


Setting Standards for Marine Life Visual Observer Reporting
S.L. Tsoflias, Intl. Association of Geophysical Contracto, and D. Hedgeland and C. Gill, PGS

Meeting Room 8

Technical Session 34: Development and Use of Indicators

Session Chairpersons: Elizabeth M. King, Chevron Upstream and Gas; Denny Kotru, Beach Energy Ltd.


From Research to Practice: A Story of an Actionable Safety Leading Indicator Index
J. Stough, IHS


Learning from Events: A Process Approach
L. Drupsteen and G. Zwetsloot, TNO, and J. Groeneweg, TNO & Leiden U.


Applying Control Charts to Safety Data Detects Trends Earlier
M. Denkl, Schlumberger; S. Prevette, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions; and D. Martinez, OnTime BI


Using Lagging Data to Develop Leading Indicators to Improve the Management of Frontline Operational Risk  
G. Barry and S. Lehmann, Petrotechnics

Alternates (ePoster)


Leadership Accountability Drives Towards Incident Free Operations - A Case in an Acquired
A. Yunan, Chevron Indonesia Business Unit


Identifying Trends in HSE Data Requests-- Are the Right Questions Being Asked?
D. Hollas, National Oilwell Varco, and S.E. Dvorak, Schlumberger

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