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Special Events

Sunday, 10 April

Getting to Zero Safety Workshop

1300 - 1600

The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) reports that the industry’s HSE performance metrics have plateaued. Since 2010, the Society of Petroleum Engineers International (SPE) has played a leading role in organizing conversations on how to eliminate Safety incidents in the ongoing pursuit for incident-free worksites, i.e., the ‘Getting to Zero’ initiative. These conversations were part of a series of dynamic sessions organized by SPE throughout 2015-2016 that were attended by nearly 750 people in major cities around the world including Houston, Stavanger, Kuala Lumpur and Rio de Janeiro.  These meetings were held in person and the live audience was joined by virtual participants from all over the world. Drawing from collective thoughts at these events, key barriers to reaching the “zero harm” goal will be identified and recommendations on how to overcome these challenges will be explored.  We invite you to share your experiences and ideas at these events to jointly frame a roadmap that defines safety standards within the industry. Click here to join the discussion at the next event.

During these sessions, we have asked industry insiders to answer two fundamental questions:

  • How do we get to “zero”?
  • What is the next “big thing” in continuing this journey?

The issues and answers have provided a framework for ongoing discussion and provoked some challenging further questions:

  • We all accept that leadership commitment is essential, yet how is it to be effected and implemented?
  • What exactly is a ‘culture of perfection’ and how can it be achieved?
  • What does a common industry language concerning safety, health and environment consist of and how do we gain acceptance

The Stavanger workshop is the next major milestone in this journey. It is where key HSE professionals from across the world will meet face to face and, while drawing collective thoughts from previous sessions, work together to identify top critical issues and develop a clear plan to address them in 2016 and beyond. It will produce a way forward for the industry; and, as well to be published and tracked in SPE Now.

The workshop will be held in Stavanger on Sunday 10 April from 1:00 to 4:00 pm just prior to the start of the 2016 International HSSE&SR Conference.

We invite all professionals and stakeholders to be a part of this engaging discussion and join us as we continue to forge a new roadmap to a safer Oil and Gas industry.

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Monday, 11 April

0830 - 1030

Opening/Keynote Session: Climate Change – The Road Ahead for the Oil and Gas Industry

Opening Session Description:  The opening session will feature a keynote address by Nathan Meehan, SPE's 2015–2016 President, and others who will provide a visionary view of what lies ahead for our industry. The opening session will focus on the need for collaboration and—in light of the current global business climate—the imperative to maximise HSE programmes and help achieve the needs of shareholders and stakeholders alike.

Very few issues evoke the same level of passion and controversy as climate change.  Despite multiple viewpoints, the issue is here to stay and the energy industry has a definitive role to play.  In late 2015, world leaders met in Paris as part of the U.N. climate conference (COP21) and agreed to try to limit warming of the atmosphere to “well below” 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels.  Like the issue itself, the oil and gas industry is quickly evolving and must play a constructive role to help balance economic, environmental, and societal priorities. 

In alignment with the 2016 HSSE-SR Conference theme, ‘Sustaining our Future through Innovation and Collaboration,’ the panellists will share their forward looking perspective on opportunities for the energy industry to innovate and collaborate on the subject of climate change.


Nathan Meehan, SPE President 2015-2016





Maria Moraeus Hannsen, CEO, Engie E&P



Kristin Halvorsen, CEO, Cicero

Rupert Thomas, Shell, Vice President Environment




Bjorn Otto Sverdrup, Statoil, SVP Sustainability





1100 – 1230

Plenary Session 1: Building Trust – A Panel of Diverse Viewpoints

Society at large does not trust that the industry can produce oil and gas without causing harm to workers, the environment and the communities it works in. But in a growing and ever more energy hungry world—even in the face of climate change—the industry will still be a key source of primary energy for decades to come. This panel session will explore how the industry can rebuild trust to continue to help meet the world’s energy needs.



Sven Mollekleiv, Senior Vice President/Head of Corporate Social Responsibility


Eldar Sætre, CEO, Statoil

Peter Seilgmann, Chairman and CEO, Conservation International

Cameron Ironside, Sustainability Director, IHA Sustainability

Terry A'Hearn


Scottish Environment Protection Agency





1230 - 1400

Young Professionals Luncheon: “Building a Culture of Safety”

Join us for a luncheon with seasoned industry professionals where you can participate in selected table topics, and discuss everything from the state of the industry to how to further your career.

Keynote Speaker Paul Schuberth from Exxonmobil will present on Building a Culture of Safety.

There will be three components to the talk:

  • ExxonMobil and our presence in Norway
  • How we built our ‘Culture of Safety’ at ExxonMobil
  • Thoughts and perspectives regarding Young Professionals Safety Leadership

Paul C Schuberth

Upstream Safety, Security, Health & Environment Manager

Exxon Mobil Corporation




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Monday, 11 April - Tuesday, 12 April

Student Paper Contest

SPE will be holding the European Regional Student Paper Contest at the undergraduate, master's, and PhD levels in conjunction with The International Conference and Exhibition on Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Social Responsibility (HSSE–SR) in Stavanger, Norway. Students compete against other students from their region for the opportunity to advance to the International Student Paper Contest, held during the Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE). Contestants enter with an abstract of their paper, of which they perform a presentation on the day of the competition, and then the victors who proceed to the International contest at ATCE have their papers published in the conference proceedings and on OnePetro. For more information please visit the Student Paper Contest page or email


Tuesday, 12 April 2016

0830 – 1030

Plenary Session 2: Applying Learnings from Incidents from the Airline Industry

The airline industry has mature processes for sharing and learning from their incidents and near misses. Speaker(s) from the airline industry will discuss these processes. There will then be a discussion on how we can apply these processes. Currently,Operations and HS&E staff spend a considerable amount of time sharing information on incidents that have occurred at their assets. Some of this information is put on sharepoint or company intranet sites, and many potentially significant incidents are shared with other operators and contractors. There is a significant amount of information available on historical incidents, so why do the same types of incidents occur over and over again? The information appears to be shared well with leadership, but does it get out into the field where it really matters? Are we connecting with the workforce? We are sharing information, but we do not always seem to be truly learning. The purpose of this panel is to encourage a dialogue on how we can better truly learn from our past incidents, and establish a culture of learning.



Morten Mauritzen

Managing Director

Esso Norway AS






Andrew Dingee, Operational Excellence Advisor, The Frontline Group

Robert Schroeder, Pilot, Lufthansa

David Payne, Vice President Drilling and Completions, Chevron


0900 – 1700

HSE Challenge

The SPE International Conference and Exhibition on Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Social Responsibility (HSSE-SR) will take place in Stavanger, Norway from April 11-13, 2016. With the theme of “Sustaining Our Future Through Innovation and Collaboration,” we are working to connect the next generation of potential HSSE-SR professionals to existing industry members in a fun and competitive manner.

During the conference, the first-ever European Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental (HSSE) Student Challenge will take place on Tuesday, 12 April 2016. The objective of this event is to give students interested in the HSSE arena of the Oil and Gas (O&G) industry a chance to display knowledge on HSSE topics and interact with industry professionals.

For students participating in the HSSE Challenge there will also be complimentary access to the Young Professionals’ Luncheon which is scheduled to take place Monday, 11 April. This luncheon will provide students with the opportunity to interact with experienced professionals and gain more insight and knowledge into the oil and gas industry and detailed elements of HSSE

Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental Student Challenge (pdf)


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1900 – 2200

Conference Gala Dinner: Sjøhusene (Red Sea House)

The Red Sea House has a great history, when it was built in the beginning of 1850s, the builders used a very special technique that makes this building unique and one of a kind in Stavanger. When it was finished, it was used as a storage building like many of the other sea houses in Stavanger. Back then the sea went all the way up to the house, enabling the boats to deliver and pick up their goods directly from the front doors and this was the main use of the house all the way up to the 1950s.Twenty years later a famous Norwegian property mogul bought the building and renovated the entire house in 1979. The architect Louis Kloster was awarded a diploma for the conservation of the red houses. Since then the house has been used for concerts, conferences and banquets and is the biggest sea house in Stavanger, consisting of four floors.

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Wednesday 13 April

1100 – 1230

Plenary Session 3: The Challenge of Human Performance

For many decades, organisational attention to “human performance” has consisted of little more than blaming the individual and then trying to figure out some corrective actions based on the presumed cause—actions often aimed at the individual or others rather than true underlying causes. This may be a flawed approach, if one considers perhaps the most consistent of human traits is to make mistakes. A better approach may be to pay attention to the systemic factors that potentially caused the problem in the first place. Shouldn’t we really be asking how to set up systems to take the human out of the equation, or to at least keep them from aggravating the situation? Understanding and leveraging principles of Human Performance is one aspect to becoming a high reliability organisation. What are the kinds of things that certain companies consistently focus on that makes them high reliability organisations?


Tanya Lughermo, HES Senior Advisor for Human Performance, Chevron







Todd Conklin, PhD., Senior Advisorand Human Performance Consultant, Los Alamos National Laboratory






Rob Fisher, President, Fisher Improvement Technologies, Inc.

Rhona Flin, Emeritus Professor of Applied Technology, University of Aberdeen


0900 - 1730

Student Petrobowl

The PetroBowl competition pitches SPE student chapter teams against each other in a series of quick-fire rounds, answering technical and nontechnical industry-related questions. The contest has grown in size and popularity since its debut in 2002, and in 2015 was taken global with the introduction of six regional qualifier contests.

Regional qualifier competitions now take place in the Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, South America and Caribbean, Middle East, and North America SPE regions, and the best 36 teams are invited to the PetroBowl championship at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition.