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Technical Programme

Monday, 15 September, 0900–1000

Welcome and Opening Address

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Welcome Address: Peter Nmadu, Conference Chair, Former Group Executive Director, Corporate Services, NNPC and Group General Manager, Medical, NNPC

Opening Address: Egbert U. Imomoh, Chairman, Afren plc and 2013 SPE President


Technical Session 1: Health

Session Chairs: Joyce Barber, NNPC; Patrick Awotula, Transocean


The Evolution of Managed Health Care for the Local Employees of an Oilfield Services Company in Nigeria
Uche Okorocha, Chukueke Okezie, Schlumberger


Attaining the Gold Standard in Nosocomial Infection Control
Alexander Dimoko, Shell Petroleum Development Company, Nigeria


Educating Youth in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS: A Case Study from Africa
Uche Yvonne Muogbo, Muriel Barnier, Uche Okorocha, and ML Stott, Schlumberger


Occupational Stress and Hypertension in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry
Declan Chukwuma Umege, Seplat Petroleum Development Company Limited


Plenary Session: Environment

Session Chair: Manuel O. Graças de Deus, Chevron


Response to a Major Oil Spill from a Blowout Incident: The Very Full Scale Exercise “LULA”
Christiane Eygun, Laurent Cazes, Cedric Michel, Total E&P Angola; Jean-Yves Huet, Lindsay Page-Jones, OTRA


Application and Use of the Site Specific Assessment Tool
Alex Mwenesi Mutiso, Tullow Kenya BV


Technical Session 2: Safety

Session Chairs: George Kalu, NNPC; Amar Moussa, Total E&P Uganda


The Macondo Incident: A Review of HSE Practices in Africa
William Anthony, Ministry of Energy & Petroleum; Augustine Osei-Twum, Ghana National Petroleum Corporation


Safe Work Practices and Rescue Planning for Vertical Column Work during Turnaround: A Case Study
Elie Daher, George Case, Gordon Davis and Darrell Dowd, United Safety


Combining Process Safety Data with Environmental Risk Analysis to Prioritise Capital Expenditure on Environmental Improvement Programmes
Simon Gibbons, ERM


Technical Session 3: Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Session Chair: Anthony Abolarin, Consultant; Uche Okorocha, Schlumberger


Capital Project Development in Angola – Bridging from Planning to Execution
Luiz Guimarães, ERM Ltd; Vladimir Russo, Holisticos; Grete Tosse, Statoil; Joao Bosco, Odebrecht Infraestrutura


Effective Engagement of Stakeholders by Oil and Gas Companies:
A Case of the Stakeholder Relationship Management Tool in Kenya

C A Mumma-Martinon, TOTAL Exploration and Production Kenya (TEPK)


Understanding and Managing the Social Impacts of Water Use Beyond Operational Boundaries  
Claire Cummins, Callie Phillips, Shahila Perumalpillai, ERM Ltd


Private and Corporate Coping in Crises Management: Concepts versus Occurrences
Glory Odemene, Walden University