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Monday, 18 March, 0830–1000

Plenary Session I: Deepwater Development: Past, Present, and Future

Session Moderators: Laura Johnson, Environmental Cochairperson, ExxonMobil; Trey Shaffer, Environmental Resources Management

In November 2012, the International Energy Agency boldly predicted that the US will become the world’s largest oil producer by 2020 – exceeding the production output of both Saudi Arabia and Russia. More than ever, US offshore development promises to bring significant opportunities for investment and innovation. The future for the industry looks bright.

Over the past three years, the landscape of offshore petroleum development has changed dramatically as the industry has experienced several game changing events. As the industry continues forward, it is clear that our bright future can only be realized through responsible development. Excellent safety and environmental performance will be key success factors.

Panelists representing both industry and regulator will discuss lessons learned and how they have been applied to present operations, as well as what additional future changes can be expected to allow for the continued safe and reliable development of these key petroleum resources.


Steve Flynn, Vice President HSSE, BP


Carmine Dulisse, Health, Safety, and Environment Officer, Marine Well Containment


Doug Morris, Chief of Offshore Regulatory Programs, Bureau of Safety & Environmental Enforcement


Student and Young Professionals Symposium

Session Moderator: Andrew Wojtanowicz, Louisiana State University

For the first time, the SPE Americas E&P Health, Safety, Security & Environmental Conference will be coordinating with the SPE Student Chapter from AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland to put on a Student and Young Professionals Symposium as part of the 2013 conference’s technical program. The symposium will include student contest presentations on environmental topics, industry expert presentations on social responsibility, and a debate on new hydrocarbon frontiers.


Keynote Luncheon: Supporting Effective SEMS via Collaboration, Learning, Good Practices, and Standards

Keynote Speaker: Charlie Williams, Executive Director, Center for Offshore Safety

Charlie WilliamsCharlie Williams is executive director for the Center for Offshore Safety. He was task force chair and chairman of the Governing Board. He is recently retired from Shell after a 40-year career, where he was chief scientist, well engineering and production technology.

Williams serves on the DOI OESC Federal Advisory Committee and continues to testify at numerous commissions including the Presidential Commission, CSB, and the National Academy Commission. He has been a member of SPE and API for 35 years and is former chairman of the API Executive Committee on Standardization of Oilfield Equipment and Materials.

He and his projects have been awarded the National Ocean Industries Association "Safety in the Seas Award", the UK Energy Institute Award for Technology, and Offshore Engineering Project of the Year. Additionally, Williams has received the API Citation for Service, the US Dept of Interior—Corporate Citizenship Award, and the Offshore Operators Committee Recognition Award.

Tuesday, 19 March, 0830–1000

Plenary Session II: Onshore EHS Issues: Focus on Hydraulic Fracturing

Session Moderators: Mike Jacobs, Pioneer Natural Resources; Terry Thoem, Thoem & Associates

This session will set the stage for discussions about the business and EHS aspects of hydraulic fracturing of tight formations to produce oil and gas. Participants will discuss a broad range of aspects of hydraulic fracturing of tight formations, the commercial potential, and EHS issues associated with tight gas formation hydrocarbon production.

Water issues issues have been identified, i.e. recycling, treatment, source of water, etc. Waste management issues include pits usage and transport of waste materials. There have also been concerns expressed about microseismic activity.

The production of tight gas and oil has been estimated to have a significant role in the future production of oil and gas in the US and in the world. Several significant plays in the US, including Bakken, Marcellus, Eagle Ford, Haynesville, and others are contributing significant amounts of oil and gas to US production, with additional production probable. There are estimates that suggest that because of tight formation oil and gas production, the US may become the leading oil and gas producer in the world by 2020.

The presenters will set the stage for discussion of the commercial potential and the EHS issues associated with tight gas formation oil and gas production.


Marcellus 101 · April Spencer, US Talent Acquisition Lead, Talisman Energy


Hydraulic Fracturing Management Practices  · Michael Dunkel, Director, Sustainable Development, Pioneer Natural Resources


Hydraulic Fracturing: Separating Myth From Reality · Steve Leifer, Partner, Baker Botts


Keynote Luncheon: Creating a Habit of Excellence…Safety…the Indicator

Keynote Speaker: Andrew G. Cook, Senior Vice President Operational Excellence and Innovation, AREVA Inc.

Andrew G. CookAndrew Cook is the senior vice president of operational excellence and innovation for AREVA North America. Cook and his teams led the achievement of the North American closed order and margin improvement goal while at the same time maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction and positive customer relationships. In his new assignment, he and his teams are reinvigorating AREVA’s culture and performance in the areas of safety, operational excellence, and product creation.

Cook is the author of “Sell,” a book recognized by industry leaders as a pace setting, and unusual training book. It is perhaps most unique because it is the only book available on managing large, effective industrial sales and marketing teams.

Cook has a PhD, MS, and nuclear engineer’s degree from MIT, an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh, and a BS from Cornell.

Wednesday, 20 March, 0830–1000

Plenary Session III: Making the Business Case for HSE and Social Responsibility: Operator and Financial Perspectives

Session Moderators: Ziv Lang, California Air Resources Board; Jonathan Lilien, Chevron ETC;

Making the business case for HSE and social responsibility is an ongoing challenge for the petroleum industry. Owing to the competitive nature of the business, capital investment and operational decisions typically are dominated by commercial and technical factors. Nontechnical issues such as HSE and social responsibility may not receive equal billing because they are difficult to quantify and compare with traditional commercial and technical metrics. This practice may do a disservice to the industry because public perception is becoming a significant hurdle in securing license to operate. This Plenary Session aims to help industry professionals strengthen the business case for HSE by exploring operator and financial perspectives.


Effectively Communicating the Business Case Through Environmental & Socioeconomic Risk Assessments · Claudine Gorman, Environmental & Regulatory Manager, ExxonMobil


Granville Martin, Executive Director, Global Environmental Policy, JPMorgan Chase


Grand Ballroom C

What Do You Think? An Interactive Closing Session

Session Facilitator: Jack Hinton, Baker Hughes

It’s your turn to let us know what you think! You’ve heard from distinguished guests of our industry at the plenary and keynote sessions. You’ve listened to technical presentations covering a wide variety of HSSE topics. Now we want to hear from you!

This will be a unique and interactive closing session. Led by facilitator Jack Hinton, conference attendees will be charged with discussing and providing feedback and ideas on key issues facing our industry. With the new knowledge you’ve gained at this conference, we hope you will be ready to share your thoughts. Breakout sessions will address topics ranging from “the Big Crew Change” to advancing HSSE technology. In addition, we’ll have an opportunity to see real time results through the use of audience survey technology.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Closing Session: Chairperson’s Closing Remarks


Laura Johnson, Environmental Cochairperson, ExxonMobil


Bill Knight, Safety Cochairperson, Pioneer Natural Resources

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