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Monday, 16 March


Interlocken A-B

SE03 Monday Keynote Luncheon - HSSE-SR 360°: Challenges and Opportunities

Speaker: Helge Hove Haldorsen, Vice President Strategy & Portfolio North America, Statoil

In 2015, together we will drill ~83,000 wells and invest ~$1 trillion to produce 92+ million b/d and 325+ bcf/d. This energy lifts living standards, generally fuels human progress, and gives us all a huge sense of purpose! In this noble endeavor, we have a zero tolerance for error. We must carry out all our operations in an safe, secure, and environmentally sustainable manner; engaging closely with all local stakeholders, earning their trust, and the license to operate. We must all collaborate more on HSSE SR by ‘flying in a V’. It starts with me, but it takes all of us! ‘Crazy’ is a compliment if you can imagine new workable 2.0 ways of doing what we do safer, more secure, and more sustainable; in the process also being a local ‘force for good’.

Helge Hove HaldorsenHelge Hove Haldorsen serves as vice president strategy & portfolio North America for Statoil in Houston, Texas, USA. Prior to his tenure at Statoil, Haldorsen worked for Norsk Hydro in various roles including chief reservoir engineer, vice president technology and competence, vice president exploration and research, senior vice president international exploration and production, and president Hydro Gulf of Mexico.

He has also held various engineering positions at British Petroleum, Standard Oil of Ohio (Sohio), and ExxonMobil (Esso). He was a second lieutenant in the Royal Norwegian Navy and professor of industrial mathematics at the University of Oslo as well as a lecturer at Stanford University in California.

He has served on the Society of Petroleum Engineer's board of directors for three years. He also has been an SPE Distinguished Lecturer and Distinguished Author in JPT. He has authored numerous technical papers and articles.

Haldorsen earned an MS in petroleum engineering from the Norwegian Institute of Technology in Oslo and a PhD in reservoir engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. He currently serves on the external advisory board for the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin.

Tuesday, 17 March


Interlocken A-B

SE08 Tuesday Keynote Luncheon - Social License: Can it be Won? Can it be Lost?

Speaker: Sarah Ladislaw, Director & Senior Fellow, Energy & National Security Program, Center for Strategic & International Studies

The idea that societal support is an important part of successful of oil and gas development is increasingly accepted by most parts of the industry. Yet the art of winning and sustaining that support is increasingly complex as societal expectations, industry approaches, and regulatory and policy prerogatives continue to shift. How do communities maintain societal acceptance and what role do various stakeholders have in that process?

Sarah LadislawSarah Ladislaw is director and senior fellow in the CSIS Energy and National Security Program, where she concentrates on a variety of energy related issues including energy market trends, geopolitics, energy security, various energy policy issues, and climate change. She led CSIS’s work on the geopolitical impacts of unconventional oil and gas development and the nexus between energy and climate change policies in various parts of the world and participated in CSIS work on realizing U.S. shale gas resource potential, the geopolitics portion of the 2007 National Petroleum Council study and the CSIS Smart Power Commission. She has published papers on U.S. energy policy, global and regional climate policy, clean energy technology, as well as European and Chinese energy issues. Ladislaw teaches a graduate level course on energy security at the George Washington University.

Ladislaw joined the Department of Energy (DOE) in 2003 as a presidential management fellow, and from 2003 to 2006 worked in the Office of the Americas in DOE’s Office of Policy and International Affairs, where she covered a range of economic, political, and energy issues in North America, the Andean region, and Brazil. While at the department, she also worked on comparative investment frameworks and trade issues, as well as biofuels development and use both in the Western Hemisphere and around the world. Ladislaw also spent a short period of time working Statoil as their Senior Director for International Affairs in the Washington office. Ladislaw received her bachelor’s degree in international affairs/East Asian studies and Japanese from the George Washington University in 2001 and her master’s degree in international affairs/international security from the George Washington University in 2003 as part of the Presidential Administrative Fellows Program. She is a frequent commenter on energy related issues in major media outlets, delivers presentations and speeches for various corporate and education groups, testifies before congress, and serves on several academic advisory boards.

Tuesday, 17 March


Private Dining

SE09 HSSE Student Challenge and Networking Reception

Session Chairpersons: Belinda Butler-Veytia, Environmental Resources Management; Kerry Ground, Acorn International

The HSSE Student Challenge event will give students interested in the HSSE side of the oil and gas industry a chance to interact with industry professionals in a fun, but competitive, manner. Eight teams of five students from environmental and/or engineering departments of selected regional universities will be invited to participate in a tournament-style quiz contest that tests their HSSE knowledge. This contest will include quick, definitive lightening round questions, in addition to longer, thought-provoking questions. Points will be awarded for each correct answer, with the winning team being announced at the end of the challenge. A Networking Reception will follow where students will have a chance to interact with industry professionals.

Participating Schools 
  • Colorado School of Mines
  • Colorado State University
  • Montana Tech of the University of Montana
  • Oklahoma State University
  • Texas Tech University
  • The University of Oklahoma
  • University of Colorado Boulder
  • University of Wyoming

Tuesday, 17 March


Interlocken A-B

SE10 Movie Night: Combining Natural Gas Discussions and Cinema

Session Chairpersons: Trey Shaffer, Environmental Resources Management; Jill Cooper, Anadarko Petroleum

In keeping with the conference theme of ‘Striving for HSE Excellence—It Takes All of Us,’ SPE will host the first HSSE Conference “Movie Night,” featuring the critically-acclaimed Rational Middle Energy Series. The 22-film series with nearly 2 million views and counting has sparked a movement based on productive conversation around the current energy challenge and what it will take to achieve a cleaner energy future. Movie Night will feature a screening of Energy’s Crossroads: Pinedale, WY, one of the latest films that tells the story of a small Wyoming town as shale gas development opens up a new world of opportunity and challenge.

Rational Middle Director and Producer Gregory Kallenberg will facilitate the screening and share how the power of film, combined with compelling experts and fact-checked resources, can become a powerful tool to incite action for the betterment of our communities, our economy, and the environment.

Dr. Jennifer Cross, sociology professor at the Colorado State University, and invited speaker on sustainability, will share insights from her work on changing behaviors and developing strategies that we as an industry can use to improve the effectiveness of our communication.

Join Gregory and Dr. Cross for an interactive session with film, discussion and engagement with student invitees. Our vision is to translate the familiar format of a “book review” into a thought-provoking evening with friends and colleagues. We encourage all conference participants to attend this fun, new evening event.