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Wednesday, 27 May


Iris E-F

SE01 Opening Plenary Session - The Future Direction of Artificial Lift

As the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change .” This is ever so true in the oil & gas industry & in particular, in the Artificial Lift sector. With operators drilling more wells in more diverse and challenging environments, the methods that we implement in order to efficiently and effectively produce these wells is constantly changing. It is and will be ever changing as are the applications in which they are applied. To see just how this applied to the field of Artificial Lift, a quick look at the new designs, new materials of constructions and new lift methods as a whole is obvious. This plenary session will be one in which some of our industry leaders will begin to paint a picture of the future direction of our artificial lift industry.

Session Moderators:

Kenneth Jay Saveth, GE Oil & Gas - Artificial Lift; Sergio Nascimento Bordalo, Universidade Estadual De Campinas


Geraldo Afonso Spinelli Ribeiro
E&P Corporate Manager of Artificial Lift and Flow, Petrobras
Rajan N. Chokshi
Production Systems Training and Development Vice President, Weatherford International Ltd.
Jeff Spath
2014 SPE President and Vice President Industry Affairs, Schlumberger
Shauna Noonan
Completions Technology Manager, ConocoPhillips Co
Alexandre Pinto Alves Da Silva
R&D Manager, Brazil Technology Center, GE Oil and Gas