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Technical Program

The oil & gas industry in the Latin American and Caribbean region is facing challenges ranging from ultradeepwater reservoirs to social concerns to a shortage of human talent. Below are highlights of the 2012 program.

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Monday Sessions

Tuesday Sessions

Wednesday Sessions

The LACPEC 2012 technical program has major session themes which focus on the disciplines relevant to the region including:

  • Drilling and completions
  • Enhanced/improved oil recovery
  • Health, safety, environmental, social concerns, and human resources
  • Mature fields and heavy oil
  • Production and facilities
  • Environmental issues

The conference also has several sessions on innovative technologies of strong interest to the regional and international communities including:

  • Emerging technologies
  • Reservoir characterization/description
  • Risk analysis for oil and gas developments
  • Unconventional resources

Plenary Themes

This year’s plenary sessions promise to be some of the most stimulating and provocative of any meeting—and illustrate the growing role of the region in the global oil and gas markets. 

  • Leading Companies in Latin America—Their Future Impact on Worldwide Hydrocarbon Production
  • Technological Challenges and Opportunities in Latin America
  • Rejuvenation of Brown Fields in Latin America—Collaboration and Integration

Continuing Advancements

In addition to the technical and plenary sessions, LACPEC 2012 will also have sessions which highlight continuing advancements in the following areas:

  • Deepwater development
  • Digital oil field
  • Flow assurance and production chemistry
  • Gas technology
  • Naturally Fractured reservoirs
  • Reservoir management and testing