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Young Professionals Summit

15 April 2012 | 0900am-0400pm | JW Marriot Hotel

Age vs. Career Stage/ Career Path - Engaging Young Members, Mentoring and Leadership Opportunities

The oil and gas industry is facing one of its most challenging times, with the increasing world energy demand, depleting reservoirs across the globe, and need of advancing science and engineering to handle the state of the art technology. The 21st century brought additional challenges which are not limited to only technical aspects of our industry.

All professionals, including the deep technical scientist and engineers, are called to understand the environmental, social, financial, legal, and economic impact of the oil and gas industry at local, regional, and worldwide levels. Operators, consultancies, and service companies are looking forward to replace a pool of senior professionals with younger staff to solve these challenges.

SPE’s role has major relevancy, to transfer knowledge and contribute to the right competency distribution among young professionals (YP), and to understand which competencies are main objectives of this summit.

The young professionals’ summit at LACPEC 2012 is led by key young professionals from around the globe to:

  • Capture industry needs in the formation of young professional competencies
  • Analyze current career plans
  • Understand values and motivation of young professionals
  • Update and engage attendees on global, regional, and local SPE initiatives
  • Discuss existing guidelines and best practices for YP committees
  • Suggest to SPE a review in the global program according to different needs and stages in YP’s career.

As a product of this event, a set of recommendations will be issued  to SPE International through the SPE Young Professionals Coordinating Committee. Attendees’ input will be shared to help improve current young professionals programs and assist with members’ career paths around the world.

This 1-day event will be divided into two sessions: Strategy and Tactics

The Strategy session will be conducted by a panel of corporate education experts that will guide attendees on what to learn at the right time, in order to meet their career aims.  Also, a group of young professionals will share their experience on how to lead a successful Young Professionals Program within local SPE sections.

For the Tactics session, the audience will be divided into working groups. Under the guidance of the panel members and workshop committee, each group will be asked to generate a series of recommendations on how to implement the knowledge acquired in the previous session.

Summit Program Committee


Alejandro Primera, Schlumberger
Javier Rodriguez, Pacific Rubiales Energy
Jose Luis Paredes, Halliburton


Edgar Meza, Pemex
Flavia Villarroel, Baker Hughes
Juana Cruz, Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo
Luciano Fucello, Canoel International Energy
Mario Vasquez, Pemex
Rodolfo Oliveira, Schlumberger
Yanil del Castillo, Schlumberger

Preliminary Agenda


Registration and Continental Breakfast


Opening Remarks
Javier Rodriguez, Pacific Rubiales


Corporate Education Experts Panel

Speaker 1: Francisco Garcia Herrera, PEMEX
Speaker 2: Marta Romero, Schlumberger
Speaker 3: Mike German, Shell Open University
Speaker 4: Armando Izquierdo, Pacific Corporate University


Coffee Break


Corporate Education Experts - Open Panel Discussion


Keynote Luncheon
Invited Speaker: 2010 SPE President Behrooz Fattahi, Aera Energy LLC


Survey Results
Flavia Villarroel, Baker Hughes


Break Out session

Topic Leader: Armando Izquierdo, Pacfic Corporate University
Topic I: Competences: Behavioral, Complementary and Executive
Topic Leader: Martha Romero, Schlumberger
Topic II: Discussing a Technical Program


Coffee Break


Topic Leader: Mike German, Shell Open University
Topic III: Career Stage and Development
Topic Leaders: Alejandro Primera/Javier Rodriguez/Jose Luis Paredes
Topic IV: YP International Activities Calendar: A Proposal


Closing Remarks
Alejandro Primera, Schlumberger