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Technical Program

Wednesday, 21 May


Europa 2

Deepwater Developments

Session Chairpersons:

Elias Hiramdim Chamat, Schlumberger; Guillermo Cuadros, Schlumberger

The development of deepwater fields is vital to meet the world´s energy demand. Reserves over 80 billion barrels of oil equivalent are estimated only in regions of the Gulf of Mexico, Brazil and West Africa. Deepwater projects demand the use of cost effective, safe and innovative technologies requiring new approaches to explore, develop and produce deepwater fields. In this section, some of these approaches will be presented and discussed such as advanced engineering for ultradeepwater exploration drilling, laboratory apparatus for simulation of downhole stimulation monitoring with temperature surveys, use of balanced tandem reamers and ultradeepwater batch riserless drilling.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 169289 icon:DC Efficiently Delivering Difficult Tortuous Well Profile Deepwater Brazil: Ream-on-Demand System Saves Operator Trip for Tool Change-Out
A. Lima, D. Oliveira, M. Breton, Schlumberger
1430-1500 169320 icon:PO Use of Laboratory Scale Apparatus for Simulation of Downhole Stimulation Monitoring With Distributed Temperature Surveys
H.L. Pinto, C.F. Eira, F. Rosas, Petrobras; F.A. Carneiro, D. Bobula, Halliburton
1500-1530 169458 icon:DC Geomechanical Modeling of Wellbore Stability in Anisotropic Salt Formation
H. Wang, University of Houston; A. Kumar, R. Samuel, Halliburton
1600-1630 169389 icon:RDD Downhole Testing Tools in Extreme Hostile Environments
F. Marcancola, T.D. Pontes, M.D. Adriano, Halliburton
1630-1700 169477 icon:RDD Improvements to Data Acquisition and Bottomhole Fluid Sampling in Offshore Drill-Stem Testing
D. Engel, V. Azevedo, T.D. Pontes, Halliburton
Wednesday, 21 May


Europa 3

Digital Oilfield

Session Chairpersons:

Eduardo Antonio Proano, Schlumberger; Pedro Joaquin Vivas, Schlumberger

The Digital Oilfield session features topics related to real time measurements, equipment monitoring, data integration, data driven models, workflow automation, integrated operations, as well as optimization algorithms and tools applied to oil and gas fields. Digital Oilfield leverages advances in communications, information management, workflow automation, visualization, optimization and collaboration to provide a work and decision-making environment for reservoir and asset management applications.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 169349 icon:PO Injection Leakage Detection in Mature Fields Using Data-Driven Models
G.A. Moreno, A. Garriz, YPF-Tecnología
1430-1500 169451 icon:DC An Analytical Model Coupled With Data Analytics To Estimate PDC Bit Wear
Z. Liu, C.N. Marland, D. Li, R. Samuel, Halliburton
1500-1530 169432 icon:MI Early Detection and Diagnosis of Operating Events in Real-Time for Producing Wells With Artificial Lift Systems With Submersible Pumping
J.A. Prada Mejia, C.A. Pereira Gutierrez, Ecopetrol - ICP
1600-1630 169393 icon:MI Evaluation of Different Types of Operation for Inflow-Control-Valves Based on Production and Reservoir Data
C.E. Barreto, V.E. Botechia, D.J. Schiozer, Universidade Estadual de Campinas
1630-1700 169433 icon:DC A Hybrid Approach to Closed-Loop Directional Drilling Control Using Rotary Steerable Systems
J. Matheus, M. Ignova, P. Hornblower, Schlumberger
Wednesday, 21 May


Europa 4

Emerging and New Technologies I

Session Chairpersons:

Mirla Josefina Fonseca, PDVSA; David Antonio Atencio, Halliburton

New technologies are opening new windows of opportunity to respond to the increasing demand for higher oil throughput today. This session will present a variety of applications of new and emerging technologies and address questions like What are the benefits from these new technologies? How do we ensure new technologies can be applied to effectively and economically in today’s environment?

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 169400 icon:PO Novel Gas Shutoff Resin System for Well Abandonment Applications in Colombia: A Case History
J.A. Urdaneta, J.M. Arroyave, P. Jones, Halliburton; J.L. Amaya, A. Coral, H. Hernandez, Gran Tierra
1430-1500 169399 icon:PO Innovative Fiber-Based Proppant Flowback Control Technique Unlocks Reservoir Potential
M. Ramones, R.G. Rachid, A. Milne, K. Pelaez, L. Gutierrez, Schlumberger; O. Madrid, G. Ponce, O. Ponce, S. Cruz, Petroamazonas
1500-1530 169455 icon:DC Novel MPD Technology Applied in Ultradeep Waters in the Caribbean
R.F. Malt, AGR Enhanced Drilling; R. Figuera, A. Marcano, A. Baez, PDVSA
1600-1630 169465 icon:PO Evaluation of Completion With Method Unconventional Pilot in the Field Motatan
J.L. Barrios, G. Diaz, L. Rosales, PDVSA Petroquiriquire
1630-1700 169272 icon:RDD Well Placement Optimization Constrained to Minimum Well Spacing
A.A. Awotunde, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Mines
1700-1730 169378 icon:RDD Integrated Single Well Model by Coupling Formation Testing, Well Testing, and Openhole Logs for Well Performance Prediction in Green Field: A Case Study in Ghdamis Basin
N.A. Misherghi, H.A. Algdamsi, A.M. El Mangoush, Schlumberger
Wednesday, 21 May


Europa 5

EOR/IOR/Mature Fields I

Session Chairpersons:

Ernesto Valbuena, Texas A&M University; Carlos G Marquez, PDVSA

The first session of this series features most recent experimental studies, modeling techniques, and workflows for a wide range of EOR/IOR methods and mature fields, aiming to increase recovery factors and improve productivity.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 169361 icon:RDD Numerical Simulation of 2D Hot Waterflooding Using Analytical Solutions Along Streamlines
B.J. Vicente, V. Priimenko, A.P. Pires, Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense
1430-1500 169330 icon:PO Effect of Oil Saturation on Acid Propagation During Matrix Acidization of Carbonate Rocks
R.P. Kumar, J. He, H. Nasr-El-Din, Texas A&M
1600-1630 169459 icon:RDD Waterflooding in Colombia: Past, Present, and Future
R.H. Castro Garcia, G.A. Maya, J. Mantilla, V.M. Diaz Guardia, R. Amaya, A. Lobo, A. Ordonez, A. Villar García, Ecopetrol
1630-1700 169440 icon:DC Design and Validation of an Improved Shunt Tube System
A.J. Bonner, T.T. Hailey, J. Veit, Halliburton
1700-1730 169475 icon:DC Work Flow Integration, Best Practices, and Technological Solutions for Improving Productivity in Mature Fields
M.d. Gonzalez, M.S. Corvo, M. Mora Villa, Halliburton
Wednesday, 21 May


Europa 6

Flow Assurance/Production Chemistry

Session Chairpersons:

Ivan Esteves, Inzit; Ralph Chadeesingh, Petrofac

A Latin American NOC in the 1990s coined the phrase, ‘Garantia de fluxo’, meaning ‘guarantee the flow’, to succinctly define the objectives of Flow Assurance. This session delves into the use of multiphase dynamic modelling: to investigate solid-liquid dispersion in pipes to solve problems associated with high viscosity oils, to provide virtual metering of hydraulic conditions in pipelines, and to manage issues related to slugging and liquid surges. In addition, the session covers issues related to deliquification of gas wells for long term flow assurance and extends to corrosion management in high temperature and pressure environments, as well as control of scaling due to halites.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 169240 icon:PO Hydrocarbon Flow Assurance: Low Rate and Pressure Gas Field Experience
S. Olayemi, M. Cano, S. Sanchez, C. O'Shea, F. Letendre, P. Solc, M. Verney, M. Maru, S.I. Olayemi, Shell
1430-1500 169317 icon:PFC Applications of Computational Fluid Dynamics To Study Slurry Flow in Pipeline for Heavy and Extra-heavy Oil
H.J. Zambrano Meza, A. Brito, J.G. Marquez, PDVSA Intevep
1500-1530 169363 icon:PO Online Transient Simulation To Support Production Operations Planning in Wet Crude-Oil-Gathering System
R. Mollinedo, L.F. Lopez Cisneros, Pemex; M.N. Kulkarni, J. Lazcano, F. Villanueva, P.J. Vivas, S.B. Palacio Peralta, E. Solano, Schlumberger
1600-1630 169415 icon:PO An Environmentally Friendly Method To Control Halite Scale Deposition: Proven Case Histories From Latin America
R. Martinez, W.L. Parker, E. Hernandez, C.R. Misino, Weatherford; I.E. Martinez, Pemex
1630-1700 169449 icon:PO Conceptual Study and Experimental Protocol for the Selection and Evaluation of Matrix Stimulation Treatments With Biocides, Focused on H2S and Corrosion Control in Producer Wells of Fields Undergoing Secondary Recovery
M. Jaimes Plata, A. Villar, M. Escobar-Hernandez, Ecopetrol; N. Acevedo, Natfract Corporation
1700-1730 169380 icon:DC Automating a Comprehensive Methodology for Evaluation, Selection, and Sizing of Sand Control Methods in Fields With Sand Problems: A Case Study
D.G. Oliveira Gomes, J.F. Carruyo Villalobos, PDVSA; E.R. González Castaño, Schlumberger
Alternate 169413 icon:PO Reviving a Fractured Water Injection Well: The First Use of Clay Acid Stimulation in Major Oil Field in Algeria
M. Shady, C.C. Okafor, J. Pazzi, O. Thomas, A. Sule, A.M. Ali, Schlumberger; T. Hamdane, H. Hachelaf, A. Allal, L. Colella, R. Latronico, F. Marfella, GSA
Wednesday, 21 May


America 2

Heavy Oil I - Thermal EOR

Session Chairpersons:

Fernando Castillo, University of Calgary; Alejandro Elizarraras Sanchez, Schlumberger

This session includes numerical reservoir simulation and modeling studies of thermal enhanced oil recovery processes.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 169342 icon:RDD High-Temperature Solvent Injection for Heavy-Oil Recovery From Oil Sands: Determination of Optimal Application Conditions Through Genetic Algorithm
H. Leyva Gomez, T. Babadagli, University of Alberta
1430-1500 169442 icon:RDD Economic Evaluation of Steam and Solvent Injection for Heavy-Oil Recovery
E.V. Galvão, M. Rodrigues, T.V. Dutra, W. da Mata, J.M. Tarifa, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande Do Norte
1500-1530 169326 icon:RDD Electrical Wellbore Heating in Environmentally Sensitive Llancanelo Field, Argentina
S. Ucan, E.E. Savoy, M. Federici, M. Azcurra, YPF
1600-1630 169291 icon:RDD Solvent Selection Criteria Based on Diffusion Rate and Mixing Quality for Different Temperature Steam/Solvent Applications in Heavy-Oil and Bitumen Recovery
A. Marciales, T. Babadagli, University of Alberta
1630-1700 169335 icon:RDD Numerical Simulation of a Dry Combustion Tube Test for a Brazilian Heavy Oil
D.P. Mercado Sierra, O.V. Trevisan, Universidade Estadual De Campinas
1700-1730 169409 icon:RDD Improving Steam Drive in Naturally Fractured Heavy-Oil Reservoirs: A Global Optimization Strategy
A.A. Awotunde, M. Sahib Azad, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Mines; C. Naranjo Suarez, Ecopetrol
Wednesday, 21 May


America 3

Advances in Reservoir Simulation Technology

Session Chairperson:

Bobby Dale Poe, Schlumberger

This technical session includes a broad spectrum of modern reservoir simulation technologies. Some modeling complexities that are addressed include compositional changes, and geothermal and geomechanical effects.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 169445 icon:RDD Static 3D Modeling at Boscán Field: Overview of Data Integration and Model Construction Techniques
C. Shannon, K. Radecker, M.W. Waite, J. Munoz, Chevron; O. Leon, N. Valera, R. Paz, G. Perez, A. Pina, Petroboscan
1430-1500 169401 icon:RDD Development of a Compositional Reservoir Simulator Including Asphaltene Precipitation From a Thermodynamic Consistent Model
K.G. Gonzalez, M.A. Barrufet, H. Nasrabadi, Texas A&M University
1500-1530 169357 icon:RDD Reduced Order Modeling in Reservoir Simulation Using the Bilinear Approximation Techniques
M. Ghasemi, A. Ibrahim, E. Gildin, Texas A&M University
1600-1630 169441 icon:RDD Estimation for Representative Element Area of a Coquinas Analog Using Statistical and Numerical Methods
R. Oliveira, A.H. Pepin, Schlumberger; M.S. Carvalho, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
1630-1700 169369 icon:RDD Integrated Modeling of a Highly Structural and Complex Reservoir Where the Normal Modeling Rules Do Not Apply, Cerro Fortunoso
A. Thompson, A. Garriz, G. Manestar, G. Vocaturo, V. Consoli, P. Giampaoli, YPF S.A.
1700-1730 169431 icon:RDD Development of a Finite Element Computer Simulation Platform for a Coupled Reservoir and Geomechanics System
A. Morillo, J. Moreno, R. Quintero, M.K. Gambus, O. Zambrano, V.A. Marcano, J. Araque, N. Rincon, N. El Mijsami, J. Guiñez, M. Perez Pirela, Universidad del Zulia; C. Alciaturi, Inzit-Cicasi
Wednesday, 21 May


America 4

Reservoir Planning

Session Chairperson:

Carlos Rodolfo Gilardone, FDC de Argentina

Reservoir Planning involves several techniques of Reservoir Engineering to assess the optimum economical way to develop oil and gas reserves complying with environmental regulations. From Complex Reservoir Simulation models to Probabilistic Conceptual methods the ultimate goal is to reduce the underlying uncertainty of draining oil & gas reserves from the reservoir. This session presents different methods and techniques to fulfill this objective.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 169366 icon:MI Integrated Conceptual Probabilistic Model Forecast To Optimize and Prioritize the Development Plans of Exploration Prospects, Early Visualization: Sur Lago Trujillo Field Case
F.J. Perez, R. Albarracín, W. Jazzan, A. Valera, A.J. Llavaneras, V.J. Arguello, PDVSA; G. Griborio, K.A. Novaes, I. Acosta, Halliburton; L. Lujan, Independent Consultant
1430-1500 169331 icon:RDD Diagnosis of Water Problem by Providing Physical Meaning for the Pattern Recognition
C.E. Aguado Sanchez, Universidad Nacional De Ingenieria
1500-1530 169359 icon:RDD Fully Compositional Integrated Subsurface-Surface Modeling: Carito Production Unit Case
J. Escalona, A. Figueroa, L. Lopez G., PDVSA
1600-1630 169469 icon:RDD Strategy for the Development of Shale Gas in Peruvian Fields
J.W. Porlles, Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería
1630-1700 169368 icon:MI Analysis of Inflow-Control-Valves Shutdown Effects in Well Production and Economics
V.E. Botechia, C.E. Barreto, D.J. Schiozer, Universidade Estadual De Campinas
1700-1730 169356 icon:RDD QVA (Quick Value Assessment) of San Andrés Oil Field, Veracruz, Mexico
E.A. Meza Perez, F. Reyes-Alanis, J.M. Reyes Aguirre, P. Silva, Pemex E&P; B.K. Irani, The Information Store
Wednesday, 21 May


America 5

Unconventional Resources I

Session Chairpersons:

Roberto Aguilera, University of Calgary; Sezai Ucan, YPF SA

An ideal session for participants looking for a combination of issues associated with unconventional resources: From strategies for improving low viscosity liquid production to very high viscosity tar sand exploitation. Along the way the attendee will be treated with presentations dealing with fracture pacing, channel fracturing, minifrac application and the use of microseismic information for optimizing well completions.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 169479 icon:RDD Evaluation of Strategies for Enhancing Production of Low-Viscosity Liquids From Tight/Shale Reservoirs
G.J. Moridis, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; T.A. Blasingame, Texas A&M University
1430-1500 169383 icon:RDD Application of Channel Fracturing in the Vaca Muerta Shale Formation
E.A. Ejofodomi, G. Cavazzoli, J. Morris, R. Prioul, Schlumberger
1500-1530 169470 icon:RDD A Feasibility Study of Tar Sands Exploitation in Trinidad and Tobago
G.P. Ransome, University of Trinidad & Tobago
1600-1630 169271 icon:DC Capturing Regional Geomechanical Knowledge for Heavy-Oil Carbonate Offshore Fields in Campeche Oriente, Mexico
D. Garcia-Gavito, L. Carrillo-Galicia, J. Gómez-García, Pemex; A. Carballo Cabrera, A.L. Duarte, Schlumberger
1630-1700 169452 icon:RDD 3D Seismic Interpretation Techniques for Detecting Oilfield Exploration Locations
J. Carrasco, R. Garcia, Halliburton
Wednesday, 21 May


America 6

Advances in Well Construction and Completion Technologies

Session Chairpersons:

Edgar Jose Pereira, Universidad Del Zulia; Orlando Zambrano, Universidad del Zulia

This session will bring together academic, operator and service professionals to present inter-related studies relevant to well construction and completion challenges. Given the focus on getting optimized access to the reservoir, topics such as perforating technologies, cuttings modeling, isolation challenges and drilling fluids will be presented on this conference.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 169245 icon:DC Overcoming Ultradeepwater Cementing Challenges in The Caribbean
N. Gupta, M. Bogaerts, M. Bellabarba, A.M. Mendiola, A.G. Salehpour, Schlumberger
1430-1500 169300 icon:DC A Simplified Computer Model for Determination of Cuttings Concentration and Wellbore Cleaning
S. Gasbarri, V.C. Wills, Universidad Central De Venezuela
1600-1630 169322 icon:DC Wireline Perforating Technology Maximizes Well Productivity and Minimizes Operational Risks
C.E. Baumann, D. Gultom, H.A. Williams, Schlumberger; A. Yudhatama, R. Rachman, Total
1630-1700 169298 icon:DC Solid Expandable Systems Brings New Life to Aging Venezuelan Field and Optimizes Production
R.M. Perez, R. Romman, A. Ciliberto, C. Granados, Weatherford
Alternate 169262 icon:PO A Novel Procedure to Apply a Relative Permeability Modifier During Perforating Guns and TCP
J.W. Pereira Suzart, H. Llerena, E. Lopez Martinez, M. Gonzazles Jamillo, Halliburton; F. Paz, E. Davila, Petroamazonas - EP