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Friday, 23 May


Europa 2

Risk Analysis and Evaluation of Oil & Gas Developments

Session Chairperson:

Pedro Joaquin Vivas, Schlumberger

Currently, uncertainty analysis and risk assessment plays a major role in the evaluation of oil and gas assets. Oil and gas projects are commonly characterized by different types of risk, under an integrated and dynamic approach, not only during the exploration phase, but also during the development phase; these risks have a strong impact on business decisions. The Risk Analysis and Evaluation of Oil and Gas Developments Session deals with the challenges faced by the oil and gas industry in effectively mitigating project risks; several applications of risk analysis in the petroleum industry may be accounted for: reserves estimation in early development or production phases, assessment of field development options, portfolio analysis in exploratory fields, oil price modeling, comparative analysis of alternative investments, estimation of non-productive costs and times in drilling operations, among others.

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 169302 icon:MI Economic Comparison for the Potential Development of Onshore Unconventional Resources and Offshore Conventional Prospects in Uruguay
S. Ferro, J. Tomasini, P. Gristo, H. de Santa Ana, ANCAP; P.G. Mcleroy, Texas A&M University
1400-1430 169405 icon:MI Use of Emulator Methodology for Uncertainty Reduction Quantification
C.J. Ferreira, Universidade Estadual De Campinas; I. Vernon, Durham University; D.J. Schiozer, Universidade Estadual De Campinas; M. Goldstein, Durham University
1430-1500 169416 icon:MI Dynamic Model of Risk assessment for Mature Fields
R.J. Cervantes Bravo, V.A. Huerta, Universidad Nacional De Ingeniera
1530-1600 169464 icon:RDD Application of Assisted Optimization to Aid Oil Exploitation Strategy Selection for Offshore Fields
A.T. Gaspar, C.E. Barreto, E. Munoz Mazo, D.J. Schiozer, Universidade Estadual De Campinas
1600-1630 169468 icon:RDD Uncertainty Analysis and Risk Assessment Methodology in Early Development Fields
R. Salinas, A.M. Di Nezio, Repsol; V.A. Huerta Quinones, PetroPeru
1630-1700 169373 icon:MI The Effect of Oil Price on Oil Consumption and Reserves
R.F. Aguilera, Curtin University; R. Aguilera, University of Calgary
Friday, 23 May


Europa 3

Sand Control and Sand Production Management

Session Chairpersons:

Angel E. Guerrero, Chevron; Carlos Rodolfo Gilardone, FDC de Argentina

Sand Control and Sand Production Management is a key issue in any oil and gas field. It has a tremendous impact on the Economics of any project either on the well deliverability aspect or on the Completions’ costs of the wells. The following session will present solutions to improve the well productivity, to reduce costs by avoiding expensive workovers and to learn how to deal with the sand on the surface facilities.

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 169376 icon:DC Drawdown Management: A Technical and Economic Alternative for Sand Control in Wells: A Colombian Field Application
M.G. Jaimes Plata, Y. Quintero Pea, Ecopetrol; G.Y. Contreras Lozada, Natfract Corporation
1400-1430 169324 icon:DC Preventing Premature Gravel Pack Failures Using FLUX Calculations on High-Rate Dolphin Field Gas Wells - A Case Study
A. Lerza, J. Dolan, A.E. Guerrero, Chevron
1430-1500 169397 icon:PO Modifying the Zeta Potential of Formation Fines Utilizing Chemical Treatment: An Alternative to Sand Control to Increase Productivity: A Colombian Field Application
M.G. Jaimes Plata, D. Valencia, J. Bahamon Pedrosa, Ecopetrol; A. Mendoza, C.E. Medina Zarate, Weatherford
1530-1600 169259 icon:DC A Review at the Problem of Sanding in Colombia: Evolution and Cases of Evaluation for Sand Exclusion and Management Alternatives
M.G. Jaimes Plata, Y. Quintero Pea, Ecopetrol; D.P. Martin, Universidad Industrial De Santander
1600-1630 169237 icon:DC Experimental and Visual Simulation of Gravel Packing in Horizontal and Highly Deviated Wells
D. Changyin, L. Jiajia, L. Yanlong, China University of Petroleum; L. Huaiwen, S. Lifei, PetroChina
1630-1700 169398 icon:PO Design and Implementation of Software Tool To Select and Evaluate Sand Exclusion and Management Alternatives, During the Stages of Drilling, Completion, and Production: A Colombian Field Application
M.G. Jaimes Plata, Y. Quintero Peña, Ecopetrol; D.P. Martin, M.S. Puentes, Universidad Industrial de Santander
Friday, 23 May


Europa 4

Water Handling, CO2 Management and HSE

Session Chairperson:

Ralph Chadeesingh, Petrofac

This session will feature environmental and safety issues which affect the perception of how the oil and gas industry is impacting the future of people and ecosystems. The session will focus on innovative technologies associated with environmental management including CO2 capture and storage, as well as water treatment and management.

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 169408 icon:HSE Effect of Dissolved Solids on Reuse of Produced Water in Hydraulic Fracturing Jobs
A. Haghshenas, H.A. Nasr-El-Din, Texas A&M University
1400-1430 169277 icon:DC Swelling of Elastomers in CO2 Environment: Testing Methodology and Experimental Data
F. Daou, Schlumberger; C.R. Miranda, J.L. de Oliveira, Petrobras; B.S. Engelke, C.A. Borman, S. Le Roy-Delage, B.R. Lungwitz, Schlumberger
1430-1500 169327 icon:HSE Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Management in the Oil and Gas Industry: An Alternative Project To Capture and Use
J.A. Sachica, E.E. Yanez Angarita, E.A. Ribero Rangel, C.A. Buitrago Gomez, L.F. Sandoval, Ecopetrol
1600-1630 169447 icon:PO Optimizing Waterflooding Process for Recovery Using Nonlinear Model Predictive Control: Case Yarigui-Cantagallo
J.A. Prada Mejia, J.P. Osorio Suarez, Ecopetrol - ICP; J. Camacho Navarro, Natfrac Corporation
1630-1700 169296 icon:RDD Miscible WAG-CO2 Light Oil Recovery from Low Temperature and High Pressure Heterogeneous Reservoir
E.L. Ligero, D.J. Schiozer, State University of Campinas
Friday, 23 May


Europa 5

EOR/IOR/Mature Fields III

Session Chairpersons:

Geragg Jusepp Chourio Arocha, PDVSA; Karin Gabriela Gonzalez, Texas A&M University

The final part of our EOR/IOR/mature session covers field studies on water and gas injection, as well as implementation of emerging drilling and completion technologies and their applications to improve operational efficiency.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 169275 icon:RDD Water Injection in Offshore Naturally Fractured Reservoirs Associated to a Common Aquifer
R. Toledo-Piña, Pemex; A. Leon Garcia, R. Padilla, Advisor and Consultant
1430-1500 169321 icon:RDD Gas Injection Enhanced Oil Recovery Application in a Mature Naturally-Fractured-Carbonate Reservoir
J.E. Buenaventura, R.S. Alvarez Ortega, J.G. Flores, Schlumberger; I.E. Martinez, Pemex
1530-1600 169478 icon:RDD Successful Polymer Gels Application in a Highly Channeled Peripheral Injection Well: Tello Field Pilot
G.A. Maya, R.H. Castro Garcia, J. Sandoval, Z. Pachon, R. Jimenez, K.T. Pinto, V.M. Diaz, J.F. Zapata Arango, L.C. Perdomo, Ecopetrol; S.F. Munoz Navarro, Universidad Industrial de Santander
1600-1630 169236 icon:DC Successful Use of Multilateral Technology To Improve Oil Recovery in the Brazilian Amazon
S.C. Mendes, M.A. Albuquerque, Petrobras; M. Vento, N. Batista, Halliburton
1630-1700 169339 icon:RDD Optimal Infill Well Locations in a Mature Oil Field Using Manual and Search-Based Optimization Methods With Reservoir Flow Simulation
W.J. Al-Mudhafer, Louisiana State University
Friday, 23 May


Europa 6

Production and Facilities II

Session Chairpersons:

Johannes Orlando Alvarez, Texas A&M University; Ledely Vicely Chavez, PDVSA

This session covers technology advances in oil and gas production optimization and enhancement including lower and upper completion optimization, and operations. Oil and multiphase applications address artificial lift optimization and surface facility operations, including heavy oil. Gas condensate applications include hydraulic fracture optimization, flow behavior and flow rate estimation from surface chokes. Several field case experiences and lessons learned are also addressed.

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 169444 icon:PFC A Method To Size Gas-Liquid Horizontal Separators Handling Nonstable Multiphase Streams
J. Hernandez-Martinez, Pemex; V. Martinez Ortiz, Schlumberger
1400-1430 169316 icon:PO Advanced Technique for Enhancing Fracture Conductivity in Tight-Gas Condensate Reservoirs through Applying Liquid Resins: Case Histories from Burgos Basin, Mexico
E. Lopez-Bonetti, A. Cuessy, H. Coronel, Halliburton; J.D. Suarez-Fromm, Tecpetrol
1430-1500 169288 icon:PO Selection and Optimization of Artificial Lift System in Heavy Oil Fields
V. Kaplan, E. Duygu, Turkish Petroleum Corporation
1530-1600 169456 icon:PO Assessment System First Gas Artificial Lift by Using (Coiled Tubing) in Punta de Mata District Production Executive East
J.R. Almendras, J. Torrealba, R. Tineo, L. Arcia, PDVSA
1600-1630 169328 icon:PFC Evaluation of Multiphase Flow Models To Predict Pressure Gradient in Vertical Pipes With Highly Viscous Liquids
R. Ruiz, A. Brito, J.G. Marquez, PDVSA Intevep
Friday, 23 May


America 2

Heavy Oil III - Fluid Characterization and Multi-Phase Flow

Session Chairperson:

Cesar Amabilis Valera, PDVSA

This session presents detailed laboratory and experimental studies to characterize and understand heavy oil phase behavior and fluid flow fundamentals.

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 169344 icon:PO Experimental Inter-stage Study of an Electrical Submersible Pump Handling Viscous Fluid in Multiphase Conditions
J.J. Ibarra, A. Valderrama, J. Gonzalez, E. Carios, PDVSA
1400-1430 169256 icon:PFC Impact of the Heavy-Oil Properties in the Slug-Flow Characteristics
A. Brito, J.G. Marquez, R. Ruiz, R. Cabello, PDVSA Intevep
1430-1500 169252 icon:RDD Natural Gas Reinjection in a Heavy Oil Field Increases Foamy Oil Recovery
S. Xiaofei, Y. Zhang, X. Duan, China University of Petroleum (Huadong); X. Li, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development, PetroChina
1530-1600 169404 icon:PO Increasing the Efficiency of Artificial Lifting Systems in the Production of Heavy Crude: A Colombian Field Application
M. Jaimes Plata, Z.d. Pachon-Contreras, A. Villar, Ecopetrol; R. Dorado, Natfrac Corporation
1600-1630 169243 icon:RDD An Innovative Workflow for Appropriate Selection of Subsurface-Surface Model Integration Scheme Based on Petroleum Production System Nature, User Needs, and Integrated Simulation Performance
E. Tillero, PDVSA; J. Rincón, H. Nuñez, Universidad del Zulia
1630-1700 169351 icon:RDD Technical-Economic Evaluation of Downhole Electric Heater Cable Application in Orinoco Oil Belt: Successful Case
E. Quintero, A. Quezada Ruiz, PDVSA; I. Romero, Universidad Central de Venezuela
Friday, 23 May


America 3

Characterization of Reservoir Rock and Fluid Properties

Session Chairperson:

Luis Rojas, CNPC

This technical session focuses on some recent developments in reservoir rock and fluid property characterization technologies.

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 169437 icon:RDD Improving the Characterization of Reservoirs With Compositional Variations
M.B. Rosa, Petrobras
1400-1430 169301 icon:RDD Integrated Methodology for Laboratory Evaluation of Shale Plays Cores
E. Perez Carrillo, Z. Pachon, J.J. Gomez, M.P. Marin, Ecopetrol
1430-1500 169307 icon:RDD Hydraulic Unit Determination and Permeability Prediction Based on Flow Zone Indicator Using Cluster Analysis
C. Aguilar, H.A. Govea, PDVSA; G. Rincon, Paradigm
1530-1600 169367 icon:RDD Reservoir Characterization and Estimating EOR Potential with a Sector Model Simulation of Señal Picada, a Large Mature Field in Argentina
G. Manestar, A. Thompson, L. Gomez Rivarola, K. Mykietiuk, YPF
1600-1630 169372 icon:RDD Selection of Optimum Completion Intervals Based on NMR Calibrated Lithofacies
J.B. Lafournere, Schlumberger; J. Dutan, Petroamazonas; J.A. Hurtado, A. Suter, F. Bringer, Schlumberger; M.A. Naranjo, Sschlumberger; J. Bourge, E. Gozalbo, Schlumberger
1630-1700 169388 icon:RDD Generating Synthetic Well Logs by Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) Using MISO-ARMAX Model in Cupiagua Field
G.A. Alzate, A. Arbelaez-Londono, A.d. Naranjo Agudelo, Universidad Nacional De Colombia; R.D. Zabala Romero, Ecopetrol; M.A. Rosero Bolaños, D.L. Rodriguez Escalante, S. Sebastián Gómez Quintero, C.A. Benítez Peláez, Universidad Nacional De Colombia
Friday, 23 May


America 4

Reservoir Management and Testing II

Session Chairpersons:

Jimmy Doyle Dolan, Chevron; Alejandro Lerza, Chevron Geosciences Co.

Use of available reservoir data to improve the understanding of operating fields is a key procedure in ensuring optimal reservoir development is in place according to the reservoir management strategy. This session presents multiple papers regarding the use of different reservoir data and translating it into reservoir knowledge to be used for improving reservoir management and optimize recovery.

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 169341 icon:RDD Flow Modeling and Comparative Analysis for a New Generation of Wireline Formation Tester Modules
M.R. Kristensen, C. Ayan, Y. Chang, R. Lee, A. Gisolf, J. Leonard, P. Corre, H. Dumont, Schlumberger
1400-1430 169396 icon:RDD Boscan Field_Highly Deviated Wells To Avoid Water Production in a Heavy-Oil Reservoir Influenced by an Active Aquifer
R. Plaza, Petroboscan; L. Urdaneta, Chevron; N. Valera, F. Bassano, Petroboscan; B.R. Smith, C. Shannon, O. Izgec, I.P. Benson, S. Balram, Chevron; L. Matheus, A. Molina, Petroboscan
1430-1500 169334 icon:RDD LWD Formation Tester Applications in Colombian Basins
J.A. Galindo, C.C. Rincon, J.J. Hemsing, Weatherford
1530-1600 169257 icon:PO New Approach For In-Line Production Testing for Mature Oil Fields Using Clamp-on SONAR Flow Metering System
G. Morra, ENI spa; S. Scagliotti, Eni E&P; D. Naeem, A. Al Alwan, SOC; S. Sridhar, A. Hussein, EXPRO Meter Inc
1600-1630 169318 icon:RDD Integrated Well Planning Strategy: A Successful Forward Step To Optimize Field Performance in Heavily Fractured Carbonate Reservoir
S.M. Al-Mutairi, O.O. Ukaegbu, E. Alyan, F. Rowaihy, Saudi Aramco
1630-1700 169323 icon:RDD Finite Wellbore Radius Solution for Gas Wells by Green's Functions
E.S. Sousa, A.B. Barreto, A.M. Peres, Petrobras
Friday, 23 May


America 5

Recent Advances in Drilling Technologies

Session Chairpersons:

Orlando Zambrano, Universidad del Zulia; Edgar Jose Pereira, Universidad Del Zulia

This session will present a cutting-edge knowledge on drilling siting models, tools and experiences. Speakers will highlight recent developments through a series of case studies from both the operator and the service business point of view, including research work related to the academic field.

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 169249 icon:DC Mitigating Vibration with Roller Reamer Technology Improves Drilling Efficiency in Hard/Abrasive Formation, Sao Francisco Basin, Brazil
M. Breton, J. Mayol, M. Gerlero, O. Rojas, G. Leon, J. Tocantins, Schlumberger
1400-1430 169348 icon:DC Advancements in Powered Rotary Steerable Technologies Result in Record-Breaking Runs
H. Jerez, J.D. Tilley, Halliburton
1430-1500 169254 icon:DC Optimization of Drilling and Completing Complex Wells in High-Permeability Reservoirs
A.S. Al-yami, K. Al-Faleh, H. Al-Ramis, Saudi Aramco
1530-1600 169379 icon:DC A New Implementation of a Directional Surface Hole as an Economical Solution for Reaching the Shallower Reservoirs in Wells of the Orinoco Oil Belt in Venezuela
E.D. Trejo, P.R. Machado, V. Aguilar, PDVSA; W.Y. Garcia, A.L. Bonalde Marcano, Halliburton
1600-1630 169295 icon:DC Changing the Way To Drill in Ecuador: Experience Using Point -the-Bit and Hybrid RSS in Horizontal and 3D Complex Wells
H.R. Carrizo, J.L. Sanchez, Schlumberger; L.R. Perdomo, M.B. Valcarcel, Repsol
1630-1700 169264 icon:DC Challenges and Successes in Horizontal Drilling Shallow 3D Unconventional Turbidite Reservoir, Mexico
G. Gutierrez Murillo, PEMEX; G. Villanueva Zapata, E. Medina, Halliburton; J. Salguero Centeno, CMB E&P
Alternate 169347 icon:DC First Hole Enlargement From 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 Inches With Point the Bit Rotary Steerable System and Hole Opener in a High-Inclination Well in Ecuador
J.L. Sanchez, H.R. Carrizo, Schlumberger; G. Camacho, Petroamazonas. E.P.
Friday, 23 May


America 6

Applications of Modern Well Stimulation Technologies

Session Chairpersons:

Bobby Dale Poe, Schlumberger; Alejandro Elizarraras Sanchez, Schlumberger

This technical session presents a collection of some of the modern well stimulation technologies that are being applied to improve the productivity of oil and gas wells around the world.

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 169377 icon:PO Abrasive Perforating Helps To Improve Hydraulic Fracturing Results for Mature Fields: Historical Cases Northwest Peru
J.C. Quintana Hidalgo, E.D. Duque, D. Zavala, Baker Hughes; A. Agurto, F. Ccoyllo, D. Cajavilca, Savia
1400-1430 169255 icon:PO Improving Unconventional Completions by Pinpointing Multistage Fracturing With Coiled Tubing: Cases Histories from Burgos Basin
E. Lopez-Bonetti, O. Araujo, Halliburton; J.R. Ortiz, J. Hernandez, Halliburton—Boots & Coots; C. Hazael, E. Basurto, Pemex
1430-1500 169263 icon:PO Application of Concepts To Improve Oil Production in Low-Permeability Turbidite Reservoirs in Mexico
G. Gutierrez Murillo, J. Avendano Rodriguez, PEMEX; J. Salguero Centeno, CBM E&P; E. Medina, Halliburton; A. Perez Ramirez, SGF Global
1530-1600 169306 icon:PO A Novel Channel Fracturing Technique Improves Tight Reservoir Potential in the Ordos Basin, China
A. Li, L. Mu, X. Li, PetroChina; H. Yang, T.C. Judd, Y. Liu, Schlumberger
1600-1630 169242 icon:PO Rheological Properties of an Amine Oxide Viscoelastic Surfactant With Application in Well Stimulation
S. Aryanpanah, Intertek Westport Technology Center; H. Nasreldin, Texas A&M University