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Young Professional Session

22 May 2014 | 0830–1300


Alejandro Lerza, Chevron
Alexis Airala, Instituto Technologico de Buenos Aires
Ernesto Valbuena, Texas A&M University
Geragg Chourio, PDVSA
Iramar Vasquez, Schlumberger
Javier Rodriguez, Pacific Rubiales Energy
Jean Jimenez, PDVSA
Jusser Bustos, Universidad del Zulia
Karin Gonzalez, Texas A&M University
Rodolfo Oliveira,


Theme: Leading the Change—Challenges, opportunities, and
action plan

The increase in worldwide energy demand has continuously transformed our industry through advanced technology and innovative processes. Fast-growing operations have enabled developing resources previously considered inaccessible. These challenges give rise to the need for junior engineers to rapidly fill higher experience positions in a short period of time, combining technical and soft skills. To build sustainable success, it is essential to develop new leaders capable of quickly identifying new opportunities and fostering solutions that meet today’s and tomorrow’s realities.

The LACPEC 2014 Young Professionals (YP) workshop will address the following critical aspects to develop key competencies:

Understanding the challenge and identifying opportunities

Experts will lead the discussion on the main challenges of the region, focusing on unconventional resources development, essential competencies for young engineers, and transfer of knowledge between generations. In addition, we will explore the role of leading-edge technology and pioneering organizational capabilities to achieve safer and more efficient operations.

Setting an action plan—developing young talent in leadership positions

A panel session formed by industry leaders and talented YPs will discuss career development programs to accelerate the learning curve of young engineers as they prepare to assume ever-increasing responsibilities. The session will also highlight the importance of teamwork, setting milestones and goals, structuring your professional growth, and exploiting available tools and resources to achieve operational excellence.