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Thursday, 22 May


Europa 2

Integration of Geoscience Technologies

Session Chairpersons:

Joel Herve Le Calvez, Schlumberger; Carlos G Marquez, PDVSA

Sciences such as geology, geophysics, geochemistry, geomechanics, geodesy or petrophysics are concerned with the Earth. Each discipline in its own right has tremendous value to one’s understanding of the Earth, the subsurface and its inner workings. However, integration is both important and necessary not only because of the increasing use of the subsurface but also because if each discipline provides individual insights, their integration increases the reliability of characterization and prediction of reservoir behavior and long-term production. This session intends to showcase the value of integrated approaches by highlighting recent progresses made in various geo-centered domains.

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 169332 icon:RDD Registration and Fusion of Backscattered Electron Images and Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy Images on Siliciclastic Rock Samples for Petrophysical Calculations
D.A. Lattanzi, L. Salazar, P.I. Jaime, G. Tallec, K. Chan, T. Gerwig, FEI Co.
1400-1430 169353 icon:RDD Velocity Modeling During Interpretation: A Case Study in the South Region of Mexico
J.A. De la Torre Martinez, Pemex; H. Garcia, H. Saucedo Reyes, G. Bejarano Gerke, Schlumberger
1430-1500 169273 icon:PO Applying Mohr-Coulomb Cycle to Step-Rate Test: An Innovative Rock Mechanics Equation in Extreme Unconsolidated Formations
J.W. Pereira Suzart, M. Cayo, J. Jaramillo, X.A. Salas, Halliburton; E.L. Barragan, C.A. Calvachi-guerra, Andes Petroleum; T. Camilo, A. Mantilla, Petroamazonas E&P
1530-1600 169421 icon:RDD Porosity and Density Estimation From Seismic Inversion in Tight Gas Sandstones
F. Castillo, R. Aguilera, D. Lawton, University of Calgary
1600-1630 169461 icon:RDD The Stratigraphic-Sedimentology Model of Upper Cretaceous to Oil Exploration Field "Campeche Oriente"
A. Cervantes, Pemex; L.M. Montes, Schlumberger
1630-1700 169354 icon:MI Geoengineering Data Integration at Petrobras Production Engineering
M.V. Schonmann, Petrobras; J.B. da Silva, Schlumberger; A.G. Oliveira, PUC-RIO
Alternate 169427 icon:RDD The Multi-applications of Capture Formation Sigma While Drilling
A.G. Peternell Carballo, J. Hebert, C. Cao Minh, Schlumberger; J. Fisher, J.T. Dupuis, Stone Energy Corporation; B. Hobbs, Noble Energy
Thursday, 22 May


Europa 3

Naturally-Fractured Reservoirs

Session Chairperson:

Sezai Ucan, YPF SA

Naturally-Fractured Reservoirs can be seen as a blessing or a curse. Natural fractures usually enhance the reservoir porosity and permeability but they also dramatically increase its heterogeneity, leading to significant challenges in characterization, drilling, completions and reservoir management. This session gathers presentations investigating several aspects of these complex reservoirs.

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 169268 icon:RDD Prediction of Water-Oil Relative Permeability Through Fractured Reservoirs: Analytical Development and Numerical Investigation
H. Saboorian-Jooybari, National Iranian South oil company (NISOC); M. Delshad, University of Texas At Austin
1400-1430 169267 icon:RDD Old Problems, New Challenges: Evaluation of a Horizontal Well in Naturally Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs
A. Moreno, S. Rosales, Pemex; T. Resendiz, E. Ramirez, F. Tellez, M. Losada, G. Garcia, M. Quevedo, A. Anez, Schlumberger
1430-1500 169476 icon:RDD Full-Field Dynamic Reservoir Characterization To Directly Impact Field Development Decision of a Cretaceous Age Naturally Fractured Reservoir in Mexico
A. Rojas Figueroa, E. Perez-Martinez, J.J. Rivera Zumaya, PEMEX; C. Chen, Y. Jiang, QRI International
1600-1630 169286 icon:RDD IPR in Naturally Fractured Gas Condensate Reservoirs
F.H. Qasem, Kuwait University; R. Gharbi, B.A. Baroon, Kuwait Oil Company
Thursday, 22 May


Europa 4

Emerging and New Technologies II

Session Chairpersons:

David Antonio Atencio, Halliburton; Mirla Josefina Fonseca, PDVSA

New technologies are opening new windows of opportunity to respond to the increasing demand for higher oil throughput today. This session will present a variety of applications of new and emerging technologies and address questions like What are the benefits from these new technologies? How do we ensure new technologies can be applied to effectively and economically in today’s environment?

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 169457 icon:PO Fiber-Optic Technology Reduces Production Logging Limitations in Complex Conditions: Case Studies from Mexico
S. Perez Lopez, I. Diaz Hernandez, D. Tornez Luvio, M.A. Garcia Ortega, PEMEX; N.S. Sookram, I. Perez Hernandez, J.E. Mendoza Joly, Schlumberger
1400-1430 169364 icon:DC In-Situ Stress Constrain: A Geomechanics Study To Evaluate the Influence of the Structural Geology
J.G. Haddad, J.A. Ramos, PDVSA Intevep; M. Aldana, Universidad Simón Bolívar
1430-1500 169483 icon:PO Compact Intelligent Completion: A Game Change for Shushufindi Field
J.C. Rodriguez, Schlumberger; J. Dutan, Petroamazonas; G. Serrano, L.M. Sandoval, J.C. Arevalo, A. Suter, Schlumberger
1530-1600 169428 icon:DC New Drilling Campaing, New Technologies, 10 Years Without Drilling, Performance Improved in La Ceiba
J.A. Tinoco, C. Celis, Schlumberger; E. Rodriguez, G. Coronel, PDVSA; J. Lopez, Schlumberger
1600-1630 169423 icon:DC Conceptual Study and Evaluation of the DTS-Fiber-Optic System as Monitoring System of Injection-Production Profiles in Conventional Reservoirs: A Colombian Field Application
M. Jaimes Plata, J.A. Prada-Mejia, Ecopetrol; R. Dorado Dominguez, E. Cornejo, Natfrac Corporation
Thursday, 22 May


Europa 5

EOR/IOR/Mature Fields II

Session Chairpersons:

Jose L. Bashbush, Schlumberger; Karin Gabriela Gonzalez, Texas A&M University

This second session focuses on hot and cold enhanced oil recovery methods and their implementation in South American fields, including experimental and numerical studies. Also discussed are new completion strategies for heavy oil and EOR wells.

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 169429 icon:RDD Evaluation of Different Secondary Recovery Process in the Bachaquero-01 Reservoir
Z.Y. Rosal, K.R. Mieres, G.J. Chourio Arocha, PDVSA
1400-1430 169403 icon:RDD Cyclic Water Injection in San Jorge Gulf Basin, Argentina
D.G. Perez, F. Salicioni, S. Ucan, YPF SA
1430-1500 169358 icon:RDD Catalytic Effect of Metallic Additives on In-Situ Combustion of Two Brazilian Medium and Heavy Oils
A.B. Strazzi, O.V. Trevisan, UNICAMP
1530-1600 169374 icon:DC New Ductile Cement System for ISC Wells in the Orinoco Oil Belt, Venezuela
R.E. Bucce, M. Rodriguez, Baker Hughes
1600-1630 169309 icon:PO PCP Run Life Improvement in Orinoco Belt With New PCP Technology
D. Caballero, PCM; Y. Hurtado, Petrocedeño; A.E. Gomez, Petrojunin; L. Zimmer, PCM
Thursday, 22 May


Europa 6

Production and Facilities I

Session Chairpersons:

Johannes Orlando Alvarez, Texas A&M University; Ledely Vicely Chavez, PDVSA

This session explores the latest advances on well stimulation, artificial lift, well deliverability and dynamic modeling for multiphase flow in sandstone and carbonate reservoirs using acid stimulation, down hole separation, artificial lift methods and numerical simulation in order to overcome well damage caused near wellbore alteration of the natural reservoir permeability and increase well productivity by delivering hydrocarbons to the surface using artificial lift methods.

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 169395 icon:PO Acidizing Sandstone Reservoirs Using Fines Control Acid
Q. Ji, L. Zhou, H.A. Nasr-El-Din, Texas A&M University
1400-1430 169375 icon:PO Dynamic IPR - Modeling Reservoir Well Interactions To Improve Transient Simulations of Wells
A.P. Garcia, G.M. Neto, M.V. Machado, R.d. Carvalho, Petrobras
1430-1500 169410 icon:PO Unlocking the Potential of Mexican Offshore Fields Through Real-Time Optimized Placement of Carbonate Acidizing Treatments
A. Inda, L.A. Inda Herrera, E.O. Soto Lopez, PEMEX; P. Ramondenc, A.L. Murillo Vallejo, I. Rosado Rivero, S. Worden, Schlumberger
1600-1630 169435 icon:PO Integrated Analysis To Identify and Prevent Formation Damage Caused by Completion Brines: A Colombian Field Application
M. Jaimes Plata, R.D. Castillo, A. Villar, M. Escobar, Ecopetrol; R. Dorado, N.P. Acevedo-Villamizar, Natfrac Corporation
1630-1700 169303 icon:PO Upward Gas-Liquid Flow in Concentric and Eccentric Annular Spaces
P. Cavalcanti De Sousa, Texas A&M University; G. Falcone, TU Clausthal University of Technology; M.A. Barrufet, Texas A&M University
Thursday, 22 May


America 2

Heavy Oil II - Field Optimization Case Studies

Session Chairpersons:

Aralis Villarreal, Halliburton; Alejandro Elizarraras Sanchez, Schlumberger

This session features field development case studies to improve reservoir performance through asset management and implementation of novel production and drilling techniques.

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 169412 icon:RDD Successful Application of Water Injection To Increase Oil Recovery in Boscan Field
A.J. Mendez, B. Chacin, PDVSA; S. Balram, B. Smith, Chevron
1400-1430 169481 icon:PFC Optimization of Multiphase Pumping Stations based on Reliability Analysis and Monitoring of Process Conditions at Huyapari Field - PetroPiar, Orinoco Belt
O.J. Moreno, PDVSA; S. Rivas Johnson, J. Diaz Sierra, Chevron; J. Gil, PDVSA
1430-1500 169365 icon:DC Shallow Horizontal Drilling Meets with Very Extended Reach Drilling in the Venezuelan Faja
E. Chamat Burgos, J. Penaranda, K. Gonzalez, Schlumberger; E.D. Trejo, M. Meneses, A. Rosales, J. Martinez, PDVSA
1530-1600 169319 icon:RDD Evaluation of Infill Projects in Heavy-Oil Reservoir With Low-Sand/Shale Relation: Moriche Field
E.M. Trigos, A. Caro, D.F. Galeano Barrera, A.J. Serna, R. Avila, E. Lozano, Mansarovar Energy; O.P. Parada Villate, M.I. Otero, R. Gomez, Ecopetrol
1600-1630 169336 icon:DC A New Engineering Approach for Gas Anchor Applications for Extra Heavy Crude Oil - Study Case at PetroPiar in the Orinoco Belt
J. Diaz Sierra, Chevron; O.J. Moreno Mendoza, PDVSA; S. Rivas Johnson, Chevron; M. Arredondo, PDVSA
1630-1700 169414 icon:PO Application of Elastomers More Resistant to Gas in Progressive Cavity Pumps in Boscan Field To Improve Run Life
L.G. Marchan, D. Socorro, PDVSA-Petroboscan; E. Goncalves, Chevron
Thursday, 22 May


America 3

Advances in Reservoir Characterization and Modeling Techniques

Session Chairpersons:

Bobby Dale Poe, Schlumberger; Jean Carlos Jimenez, PDVSA

A variety of deterministic and stochastic reservoir performance modeling techniques are presented in this technical session.

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 169471 icon:RDD Original Gas in Place Probabilistic Assessment Using Design of Experiments on Material Balance Models in the Dolphin Field
A.E. Guerrero, G. Gomez, A. Lerza, J.D. Dolan, Chevron
1400-1430 169406 icon:RDD A Quantitative Approach To Analyze Fracture Area Loss in Shale Gas Reservoirs
H. Lawal, Chespeake Energy; N.U. Abolo, Kinder Morgan; G. Jackson, V. Sahai, Weatherford; C. Flores, Parsons Brinckerhoff
1430-1500 169270 icon:RDD Quantifying Thin-Bed Modeling Contribution on Characterization of Bypassed Oil for Improved Oil Recovery
L.A. Martino, M.L. Loss, S. Ucan, A. Thompson, E. Morettini, YPF SA
1530-1600 169244 icon:RDD Linear Discriminant Analysis for Bayesian Estimation of Continuous Facies Distribution
W.J. Al-Mudhafer, Louisiana State University
1600-1630 169333 icon:RDD Inflow Performance Relationship Equation for Solution Gas-Drive Reservoirs Under Gravity Segregation
R. Padilla Sixto, Consultant; R. Camacho Velazquez, PEMEX
1630-1700 169274 icon:RDD Characterization of Semipermeable Stratigraphic Layer of the Upper Cretaceous Based on the Sedimentary Model of the Ku-Maloob-Zaap Production Asset
J. Garcia Carmona, M. Correa Lopez, R. Rojas Figueroa, Pemex; N. Aguilera Franco, M. Prado Pena, R. Martinez Ibarra, Consultant
Alternate 169448 icon:RDD Evaluation of Multiple Component Induction Logging in a Deltaic Environment: A Case Study
C. Aguilar, H.A. Govea, J.C. Jimenez, F. Salazar, J. Barboza, PDVSA
Thursday, 22 May


America 4

Reservoir Management and Testing I

Session Chairpersons:

Eduardo Antonio Proano, Schlumberger; Eduardo Gildin, Texas A&M University

New technologies to rapidly and accurately test, evaluate and manage conventional and unconventional reservoirs are needed in our industry. This section highlights the new developments in sensor technologies and data management, the use of CFD and signal processing in reservoir monitoring and new paradigms in analytical models for flow behavior and flow regimes characterization.

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 169386 icon:RDD Well-Reservoir Coupling on the Numerical Simulation of Horizontal Wells in Gas Reservoirs
G. D Souza, A.P. Pires, Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense; E. Abreu, Universidade Estadual de Campinas
1400-1430 169290 icon:RDD An Improved Approach for Reservoir Monitoring in Oil Fields using Innovative Spectral Noise and High-Precision Temperature Tool
G. Galli, G. Morra, G. Rizzo, S. Scagliotti, Eni E&P; D. Naeem, A. Al Alwan, SOC
1430-1500 169466 icon:RDD A Novel Approach To Analyzing and Managing Well Spacing and Density in Boscan Field, Western Venezuela
R. Plaza, M. Pernalete, Petroboscan; B.R. Smith, B. Suman, C. Shen, K. Mayank, Chevron
1530-1600 169473 icon:PFC Effect of Extending the Radial Superposition Function to Other Flow Regimes
F.H. Escobar Macualo, H.D. Alzate, L. Moreno, Universidad Surcolombiana
1600-1630 169426 icon:RDD Computational Fluid Dynamics For Estimating Oil-Water Relative Permeability Curves
J.A. Cuevas, Inelectra S.A.; S. Gasbarri, Universidad Central De Venezuela; M. Asuaje, Universidad Simon Bolivar
1630-1700 169462 icon:PO New Work Flows for Well Interventions Using Production Data Center Solutions
J. Sosa Sanchez, PEMEX; Y.A. Bello Salazar, R.C. Sahmkow, O.J. Marcano, Schlumberger
Thursday, 22 May


America 5

Unconventional Resources II

Session Chairperson:

Pietro Milazzo, Weatherford

Low permeability reservoirs have diverse properties and a wide array of drilling, completion, and development practices are being applied to exploit them”(1). This session discusses various characterization, completion and stimulation technologies for the commercial extraction of tight and shale resources (1) Creties Jenkins, Unconventional Resources Estimation.

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 169345 icon:PO Successful Extended Injection Test for Obtaining Reservoir Data in a Gas-Oil Shale Formation in Mexico
O. Araujo, E. Lopez-Bonetti, D. Garza, Halliburton; G. Salinas, Pemex
1400-1430 169480 icon:RDD Material Balance Analysis of Naturally or Artificially Fractured Shale Gas Reservoirs To Maximize Final Recovery
J.C. Cabrapan Duarte, E.A. Caliz, M. Ciancaglini, Buenos Aires Institute of Technology
1430-1500 169420 icon:PO First Production Results from Pimienta Oil Source Rock Reservoir, A Promising Shale: Case History from Burgos Basin, Mexico
O. Araujo, D. Garza, D. Garcia, J. Ortiz, Halliburton; L. Bailon, A. Valenzuela, PEMEX
1530-1600 169329 icon:MI Journal Assurance Data (JAD) - Customization and Integration of Standard Production Tools at Orncem for Ensuring Quality Control of Production Data from Sacha Oil Field
A. Díaz, P. Caicedo, R. Enríquez, Río Napo ORN CEM; B. Erazo, R.J. Gabarron, C.G. Crespo, Weatherford
Thursday, 22 May


America 6

Drilling and Completion Fluid Technologies

Session Chairpersons:

Santiago Zambrano, Schlumberger; Ricardo Garcia G, PDVSA

This technical session includes presentations of the advances in drilling and completion fluid research and development.

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 169276 icon:DC External Cake Built of Bi-sized Particles in Well Injectivity and Drilling
Y. Yang, University of Adelaide; R.N. Sacramento, A.S. Vaz Jr, Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense; Z. You, University of Adelaide; A. Leibson, A.A. Waldmann, Petrobras; P.L. Zitha, Delft University of Technology; P.G. Bedrikovetsky, University of Adelaide
1400-1430 169343 icon:DC Engineered Fiber-Based Loss Circulation Control Pills To Successfully Combat Severe Loss Circulation Challenges During Drilling and Casing Cementing in Northern Pakistan
U. Arshad, B. Jain, H. Pardawalla, N. Gupta, A.W. Meyer, Schlumberger
1430-1500 169436 icon:PO Physicochemical Evaluation of Formation Fluids and Stimulation Effluents In Situ: A Way To Ensure the Success of the Jobs
M. Jaimes Plata, A. Villar, M. Escobar, Ecopetrol; T.A. Prada, UT Pexlab S.A.S
1530-1600 169315 icon:DC An Innovative Manganese Tetroxide/CaCl2 Water-Based Drill-In Fluids for HT/HP Wells
A.S. Al-yami, A. Al-Nimer, A. Bubshait, O. Al-Fuwaires, A. Al-Wabari, Saudi Aramco
1600-1630 169430 icon:DC Improvement in Completion Design of High-Productivity Gas-Condensate Wells in Peru
C.E. Bilbao Arauco, R.O. Salinas Serpa, Repsol
1630-1700 169425 icon:RDD Efficient Reservoir Modeling-Statistical Approach for Evaluation and Development of Future Waterdrive Undersaturated Oil Reservoir Performance
W.J. Al-Mudhafer, Louisiana State University