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Wednesday, 18 November


Real Audiencia A

01 Regional Play Assessments

Session Chairpersons:

Douglas Good, Andes Petroleum Ecuador Ltd; Sezai Ucan, YPF SA

In this session we discuss the main issues involved in the new and current unconventional plays in Latin America. It is well known that some of the largest shale reserves in the world are present in Latin America and they have the potential to revolutionize the energy landscape in key countries already successful in conventional reservoir exploration but also in several countries starting to experiment with the Oil&Gas industry. This poses several challenges discussed in this session, including geological and reservoir modeling, regulatory and fiscal policies and logistics to support production and distribution is such vast geographical location.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 177234 icon:MI Oglan 2 Dir Well: A Successful Exploratory Project With Heli-portable Logistics - The Role of Integration in Reaching the Goals
G. Atahualpa, G. Venturino, E. Zerpa, R.H. Correa, AGIP Oil Ecuador; M.T. Guleryuzlu, J. Telles, Schulumberger; S. Morán, Secretaria de Hidrocarburos Ecuador
1500-1530 177133 icon:RDD Predictability, Distribution and Characteristics of the Unconventional Resources in Latin America
M.G. Gomez, G. Rebay, F. Robles, M.F. Hurtado, Schlumberger
1600-1630 177163 icon:MI Competitive Analysis of Latin American Oil and Gas Fiscal Regimes
J.C. Vargas, S. Quintana, Palantir
1630-1700 177139 icon:RDD Evaluation of Mexico’s Shale Oil and Gas Potential
S.H. Stevens, K.D. Moodhe, Advanced Resources Intl Inc
Wednesday, 18 November


Real Audiencia B

02 Integration of Geoscience Technologies - I

Session Chairperson:

Jean Carlos Jimenez, PDVSA Intevep

The oil and gas industry has evolved from conventional to unconventional in a very short time as resources become more difficult to extract while demand increases and environment are getting harsher than ever. To meet those challenges the industry needs to pull together and disciplines such as exploration geology, geophysics, petrophysics, geomechanics, well engineering, reservoir stimulation, modeling, etc. can’t work in silo independently of one another anymore. Team work is an integral part of any successful organization and integrated multi-disciplinary teams dealing with multi-scale problems are the way forward. The ‘Integration of Geosciences’ sessions aim to highlights such successful projects and examples, so to lead the way forward.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 177035 icon:RDD Sweet Spot Geological Techniques for Detecting Oil Field Exploration Locations
J. Carrasco, E. Trillo, Halliburton
1430-1500 177049 icon:RDD Quantitative Characterization of Porosity Partitioning from NMR Logs in Siliciclastic Reservoirs - Ecuador
J.B. Lafournere, F. Bringer, Schlumberger; S.L. Reeder, Consorcio Shushufindi - Schlumberger; M.A. Naranjo Leon, J. Bourge, Schlumberger; O. Morales, Petroamazonas EP; A. Suter, Consorcio Shushufindi - Schlumberger; F. Castillo, J. Ochoa, F. Sierra, J. Bravo, Petroamazonas
1500-1530 177084 icon:RDD Resistivity Logging in Conductive-Mud Environment and High Resistivity Formations. Dual Laterolog or Propagation LWD tool?
L.A. Lander, A. Silva, Weatherford; C. Simon, ENI
1600-1630 177058 icon:RDD Fracturing-to-Production Simulation Approach for Completion Optimization in the Vaca Muerta Shale
M. Suarez, YPF SA; S. Pichon, Schlumberger; P.E. Lacentre, M. Fernandez Badessich, YPF S.A.
1630-1700 177108 icon:RDD Fluid Logging and Analysis in Real Time, an Application for Shushufindi-Aguarico
J.A. Navarrete, C. Gordon, M. Garcia, M.J. Bolanos, J. Vega, J.B. Lafournere, M.A. Naranjo Leon, A. Paladines, J. Bourge, A. Suter, R.M. Henson, P.L. Delgado, I. Fornasier, Schlumberger; O. Morales, V. Badillo, Petroamazonas EP
1700-1730 177080 icon:RDD Tena Sandstone: A new Productive Reservoir in the Oriente Basin
R.G. Ruiz, J.G. Bustos, Petroamazonas EP
Wednesday, 18 November



03 Well Construction and Well Stimulation - I

Session Chairpersons:

Joao C G Pereira, Schlumberger; Jose Luis Ziritt, Frank's International

Equipment, materials, technologies and processes to estimate time & costs associated with drilling and to optimize drilling itself, as well as the use of stimulation methods to improve hydrocarbon recovery. The Session includes inland and offshore wells case studies in different Countries.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 177029 icon:DC Conical Diamond Element Bit on High-Torque RSS Mitigates Vibration Maximizing ROP in Hard Carbonates Saving 90-Hours Rig Time, Offshore Mexico
O. Luna Gonzalez, G.A. Salinas, C. Lozano, A. White, Schlumberger
1430-1500 177032 icon:DC Rheological Behavior of Water-Based Drilling Fluids Contaminated With Gypsum (CaSO4) Using Unmodified Dividivi Tannins (Caesalpinia Coriaria) as Deflocculant Agent
M.A. Perez, R. Colina Ollavides, PDVSA INTEVEP
1500-1530 177061 icon:PO A New Stimulation Method to Significantly Improve Hydrocarbon Recovery Using Temporary Beneficial Changes in Stress Anisotropy
B.J. Lewis, J.B. Surjaatmadja, Halliburton
1600-1630 177153 icon:DC A Simple Yet Effective Approach To Estimate Time and Costs for the Drilling Project in the Tapir Field
R.U. Rodriguez, Andespetroleum
1630-1700 177085 icon:DC Durable Yet Aggressive Conical Diamond Element Bit Increases ROP by 34% Drilling Difficult Lower Chert/Conglomerate Section, Ecuador
R.R. Rodriguez, A. Laguna, M.G. Caselles, Smith Bits, a Schlumberger Company; R. Trapuzzano, J.M. Gomez, C.G. Oyatomari, Schlumberger; P. Ulloa, D. Chamorro, Smith Bits, a Schlumberger Company
1700-1730 177062 icon:DC ECD and Downhole Pressure Monitoring While Drilling at Ecuador Operations
K.I. Andagoya Carrillo, F.J. Avellán, Weatherford South America GmbH; G. Camacho, Petroamazonas EP
Wednesday, 18 November


Alfa Point I & II

04 EOR/IOR/Mature Fields

Session Chairpersons:

Eric Delamaide, IFP Technologies Canada Inc.; Rafael Eduardo Hincapie, Clausthal University of Technology

Increasing recovery in mature fields remains a priority even in current low price environment. This session will provide a mixture of laboratory evaluations and field implementation data with a strong focus in chemical EOR. The various technologies covered range from Low salinity processes to polymer and surfactants floods.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 177245 icon:RDD Design and Implementation of the First Polymer Flooding Project in Colombia: Yariguí-Cantagallo Field
G.A. Maya Toro, R. Jimenez Diaz, R.H. Castro Garcia, J. Mantilla, J.A. Vargas Medina, F.A. Cardenas, F.R. Fernandez, H. Quintero, Ecopetrol S.A.; A. Zaitoun, Poweltec; E.J. Manrique, MI3 Petroleum Engineering; J. Romero, TIORCO; J.M. Putnam, SNF FloQuip
1500-1530 177196 icon:RDD Impact of Connate Water Replacement on Chemical EOR Processes
H. Foedisch, J. Wegner, R.E. Hincapie, L. Ganzer, Clausthal University of Technology
1600-1630 177211 icon:RDD Synergism Between Ionic and Nonionic Surfactants for Producing Low Interfacial Tension at Oil-Water Interface
J.A. Martiz, S. Samaniego Andrade, Y. Aray, ESPOL; R. Paredes, Prometeo-SENESCYT
1630-1700 177174 icon:RDD Experimental Investigation of Polymer Assisted WAG for Mobility Control in the Highly Heterogeneous North Burbank Unit in Oklahoma Using Anthropogenic CO2
F.D. Tovar, M.A. Barrufet, D.S. Schechter, Texas A&M University
1700-1730 177242 icon:RDD Understanding of Controlled Salinity Waterflooding in Carbonates using Streaming Potential Measurements
D.A. Al Mahrouqi, J. Vinogradov, M.D. Jackson, Imperial College London
Wednesday, 18 November


Espejo - Canizares

05 Water and CO2 Management

Session Chairpersons:

Gioia Falcone, TU Clausthal Zellerfeld; Ralph Chadeesingh, Petrofac

This session focuses on environmental aspects which affect the perception of how the oil and gas industry is impacting the future of people and ecosystems. This year’s session covers issues associated with hydraulic fracturing, formation water management, water re-injection and produced water treatment.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 177067 icon:PO The Integrated Approach to Formation Water Management 2: Field Applications and Best Practices
R.H. Correa, N. Basta, A. Andrade, AGIP Oil Ecuador, an ENI Subsidiary; J. Flores, Schulumberger
1430-1500 177135 icon:HSE Quantifiable Costs Savings by Using 100% Raw Produced Water in Hydraulic Fracturing
B. Ruyle, F.E. Fragachan, Weatherford
1500-1530 177144 icon:PO Predicting and Managing Inorganic Scale Associated With Produced Water from EOR Projects
M.M. Jordan, Nalco Champion; E.J. Mackay, Heriot-Watt University
1600-1630 177145 icon:PO A Successful Peripheral Water Injection in a Weak-Edge Aquifer Oilfield, Oriente Basin, Ecuador
Y. Feng, B. Ji, H. Sun, PEPRIS of SINOPEC; X. Wan, S. Ivan, Andes Petroleum Ecuador Ltd; X. Tan, L. Li, S. Zhang, PEPRIS of SINOPEC
1630-1700 177106 icon:RDD Improved Waterflood Analysis Using the Capacitance-Resistance Model Within a Control Systems Framework
R. Wanderley de Holanda, E. Gildin, Texas A&M University; J.L. Jensen, University of Calgary
Wednesday, 18 November


Montufar - Lequerica

06 Reservoir Management and Testing - I

Session Chairperson:

Fernando Augusto Eguiguren, Repsol

In this technical session, we will discuss from state-of-art models to detection of geological features in real life assets to legacy projects. Information from several fields across the region will work as example to improve reservoir management techniques and to acknowledge the importance of several other disciplines like Geomechanics and Fourier filtering.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 177034 icon:RDD Transition Radial Flow in Slanted Well Test Analysis
B.R. Sousa, Repsol Sinopec Brasil SA; R.Z. Moreno, Universidade Estadual De Campinas
1430-1500 177046 icon:RDD Channelling Detection Using Data-Driven Models
G.A. Moreno, A.E. Garriz, YPF-Tecnologia
1500-1530 177079 icon:RDD What We Have Learned from 29 Years of Well Testing in the Limoncocha Field: An Approach to Data Management, QA/QC, Interpretation, and Applications
A.J. Izurieta, E.R. Davila, F.J. Paz, Petroamazonas EP
1600-1630 177230 icon:RDD A Finite Horizontal-Well-Conductivity Model for Pressure Transient Analysis in Multiple Fractured Horizontal Wells
Z. Chen, X. Liao, X. Zhao, X. Dou, C. Huang, Y. Chen, L. Li, X. Guo, China University of Petroleum (Beijing)
1630-1700 177055 icon:PO Well Testing Improvement Using Nitrogen Lifting in Shushufindi Field: Accelerating Well Response and Transient Data Quality
Y. Lopez Ruiz, A.R. Betancourt, G.J. Villanueva, A. Vargas, M. Tayo, J. Burgos, Schlumberger; I. Vela, A. Egas, R. Loyola, Petroamazonas EP
1700-1730 177179 icon:RDD Condensate Banking Characterization Using Pressure Transient Analysis and Numerical Simulation
C.K. Quispe Cerna, R.Z. Moreno, University of Campinas
Wednesday, 18 November


Flores - Jimenez

07 Gas Technologies

Session Chairpersons:

George J. Moridis, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory; Roberto Aguilera, University of Calgary

This session examines low and ultra-low permeability formations that require hydraulic fracturing to attain commercial production. The presentations answer questions of practical importance such as the effect of thermal processes, how to estimate long-term shale gas production, how to maximize liquid recoveries from shales, and when to re-fracture. Additional topics include deep water gas field development and performance of centrifugal pumps.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 177102 icon:MI A Deepwater Gas Field Development Strategy for T&T
A.W. Nickie, Ministry of Energy & Energy Affairs, T&T/University of Oklahoma
1430-1500 177268 icon:RDD Analysis of the Influence of LPG Density on the Performance of a Centrifugal Pump-Impeller Through CFD Simulations
G. Lara, O. Begovich, J.L. Naredo, Center for Research and Advanced Studies-IPN Unidad Guadalajara
1500-1530 177260 icon:RDD A Material Balance Equation for Stress-Sensitive Shale Gas Condensate Reservoirs
D. Orozco Ibarra, R. Aguilera, University of Calgary
1600-1630 177278 icon:RDD Improving Recovery of Liquids From Shales Through Gas Recycling and Dry Gas Injection
A. Fragoso, Y. Wang, G. Jing, R. Aguilera, University of Calgary
1630-1700 177071 icon:MI A Real Case Study: Field Development Plan Evaluations for Oso Field
F. Sierra, A. Monge, S. Leon, F. Vasquez, Petroamazonas EP; J. Garcia, M.G. Llerena, J. Borjas, Schlumberger; B. Bohorquez, Petrolera RN LTD
1700-1730 177204 icon:MI Defining the Optimum Exploitation Strategy Combining Water Injection, Field Development and Artificial Lift Analysis to a Mature Field Through Surface and Sub-surface Coupled Models
O. Espinola Gonzalez, R. Mehranfar, D. Salama, E. Santafe, F. Nunez Mendez, Schlumberger; J. Martinez Mendoza, H. Ortega, A. Espinosa Gonzalez, H. Alarcon, Pemex E&P