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Young Professional Session

19 November 2015 | 0800-1230

Emerging Leaders–Empowering Your Team in A Dynamic Industry

Fast dynamics in the oil and gas industry often lead to difficult challenges when companies and individuals fail to adapt. From technological advances to cyclic economic environments, the ability to successfully respond to changing conditions lies on identifying and developing strong leadership to guide the path for the future. Young professionals from every level of the organization are required to step into the mindset of a leader and develop skills to deliver business value and inspire progress.

The LACPEC 2015 Young Professional (YP) session will address critical aspects to understand and develop key competencies to succeed in a dynamic oil and gas industry environment. Experts will lead the discussion on major technology, cultural, and financial changes our industry experiences in the global energy context, where passionate leaders stimulate teams to thrive. Furthermore, the speakers will address signature traits of effective leaders and how they drive progress through teamwork, collaboration, and innovation.




Opening Remarks

Presentation: Adapting to change in the oil and gas industry


Speaker: Anelise Lara, Petrobras

Presentation: Changing Market


Speaker: Fernando Bocchicchio, Schlumberger

Presentation: Intrinsic Motivation


Speaker: Danny Del Valle, Petroamazonas

Presentation: Transformation from I to We


Coffee Break


Discussion Panel: Inspiring yourself to take action!

Marisela Sanchez-Nagel, OilField Geomechanics
Cesar Patino, Ecopetrol
Carlos Fernando Emanuele Ortiz, Orion Energy


Keynote Speaker: SPE President Nathan Meehan


Closing Remarks


Karin Gonzales, Texas A&M University, Co-chairperson
Rafael Hincapie, Clausthal University of Technology, Co-chairperson
Ernesto Hurtado, TECNA
Ernesto Valbuena, Chevron
Fabian Vera, Baker Hughes
Joao Pereira, Schlumberger
Rafael Rodriguez, Andes Petroleum