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About this Conference

This conference will provide ground for the Latin American and Caribbean petroleum industry to share with colleagues from other parts of the world, knowledge, practical experiences, and lessons learned from the application of innovative technologies to improving oil recovery and production, achieving world class levels of economic viability, reliability, energy efficiency, safety, and minimum environmental impact in heavy and extra heavy oil fields.

The sessions will cover reservoirs and their associated physical assets, including wells, surface and supporting infrastructure, and the effects of the integrated value chain on midstream and downstream assets. Included in the discussions will be fields in different phases of the life cycle from exploration and appraisal to development, including mature fields where technologies are being tested to the limit. How equipment and people cope with extreme operating and technical challenges will be presented along with information drawn from associated field examples.

Key technical and managerial professionals from the region will participate in this conference and add value by generating technical networks that help build bridges for the exchange of information and knowledge. Enhanced oil recovery projects, their management, and the associated evaluation best practices are included in presentations and posters.

This conference also addresses the issue of an increasingly older workforce retiring or about to retire raising the question of how the industry will attract and accelerate the preparation of the new generation of technical and operational personnel required for dealing with the high number of projects and operations in new and existing heavy and extra heavy oil fields.

The organizers of this event expect to promote the development of IOR-EOR best practices and, through papers and presentations, provide key performance indicators to benchmark the status of technologies in dealing with these difficult-to-produce fields.