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Exhibitor Services Manual


    SPE is pleased to provide you with quick access to important information regarding exhibiting at the 2012 SPE Liquids-Rich Basins Conference. We encourage you to review the contents of this online manual carefully.

The Keynote Luncheon on Wednesday, 19 September from 1200 to 1330 hours will be held offsite at the Petroleum Club. The Exhibition will be closed during that time. Exhibitors are invited to purchase a ticket to attend the Keynote Luncheon. Exhibitors will not be allowed to stay with their exhibit during that time.



Exhibit Information and Regulations

Forklift Information

Forklifts are not allowed in the Center, and there are no pallet jacks available to use from the Center. If you plan on providing a pallet jack to use during installation/dismantle, contact Midland Center for approval.

Booth Information

Booths 10-14 and 24-26 are tabletop booths. These booths will be 10' wide and 5' deep, and include a table and two chairs. Pop up booths will not be allowed in these booths, only a tabletop display, or a pull up banner will be acceptable. If you have a pop up booth you want to use, please choose a regular 10'x10' booth.

General Information


Note: Children under the age of 18 are not permitted in the Exhibit Area during installation and dismantle. Children under the age of 15 are not permitted in the Exhibit Area during official show hours.



Marketing Programs

Complimentary Exhibitor Listing

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Exhibitor Services

Contractor Regulations

To ensure smooth installation, dismantling, and operation during the Exhibition, SPE has appointed official contractors.

Review the Official Contractor List.

Exhibitor Services

Decorator/Labor/Other Contractors

Midland Center is providing the set up of booths. A limited selection of additional furniture and equipment is available for rental. Submit the Equipment Rental Form.

Download the Quick Facts for details of booth equipment and services. Note that orders must be made no later than 11 September. No late orders will be accepted.

All forms can be located on the Deadline Checklist with due dates. Send forms to the appropriate contractor. Any forms sent to SPE will not get processed.

Additional Services

Order additional services directly with the designated vendors. Note that there is free WiFi at the Midland Center and it is not necessary to order internet services.

Registration and Housing

Registration Information

Download the Exhibitor Registration Information Form for a quick reference on everything you need to know about registering. After your booth is confirmed, you will receive an email with information to help you register online. Read through the first page completely as it contains the step-by-step information regarding the registration process.

Helpful Registration Hints

  • To register your staff in the system, have all your information close at hand as you will not be able to make changes once you submit it.
  • Be prepared to enter all information promptly. Take note that after a certain period of time; the system will automatically kick you out.
  • To make changes after you submit, review your email for the Registration Team’s contact information.

Housing Information

Exhibit Sales & Staff Contacts

Debbie Weaver
Exhibits Manager


Jennie Weizel
Exhibits Coordinator


Joan Payne
Exhibition Sales Mgr., Americas


Kirk Colligan
Sales Representative


Kristin Stavinoha
Sales Representative