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Panel Sessions

Wednesday, 26 November

Executive Plenary Session 1: Intelligent Production ... What is Next?

Moderator: Jamal A. Alkhonaifer, Saudi Aramco

The Middle East has had the luxury of producing oil almost effortlessly from world class reservoirs for over 80 years, and has enjoyed the status of being the supplier of choice for the global oil market for almost as long. There can be no doubt that oil reserves are the envy of the rest of the world, and indeed, the world is thirsty for more.

But instead of becoming complacent and take the easy oil for granted, we must be ahead of the game as we are seeing evidence of the end of easy oil. As production of oil and the void space is not fully replaced, the ability to efficiently continue flowing to the surface has become increasingly challenging. For an energy-dependent world, applying new techniques to extract black gold from a major slice of the global energy supply is a must.

Artificial lift is the first line of defense in mitigating loss of production capacity. It was there even before secondary or enhanced oil recovery, and can serve in the areas where secondary or enhanced oil recovery options are not even feasible.

The purpose behind this conference is to explore what is next in artificial lift applications such as Gas Lift, Electric Submersible Pumps, Beam Pumps, Progressing Cavity Pumps, Plunger Lift and Hydraulic Lifting system technologies. What is new in the areas of deployment, efficient operation, and surveillance of all types of artificial lift technologies will be discussed. The aim is to benefit from these carefully selected presentations of case studies and best practices and apply the learning to boosting productivity in fields.

The next best method that will help in the application of artificial lift technologies to facilitate intelligent production will be anticipated during this panel session.

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Anjus Melborne, President of Artificial Lift, Schlumberger 
  • Bill Vaught, Director, Global Business Development, Baker Hughes
  • Hisham Zubari, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Tatweer Petroleum 
  • Khalid Al-Buraik, Vice President of Petroleum Engineering & Development, Saudi Aramco 

Thursday, 27 November

Executive Plenary Session 2: Artificial Lift—Beyond the Limits?

Moderator: Abdulrahman S. Al-Jarri, Saudi Aramco

Oil has been an essential part of the world’s economies and the requirement for it has been steadily increasing. As such, the need to continuously explore ways to boost oil production through new extraction technologies, such as the use of artificial lift technology is vital since the oil sector is centering on tapping difficult reserves alongside improving and modernising the existing systems for increased efficiency.

The benefits and the advancement of the artificial lift go beyond limits. It is leveraging on the advancement of artificial lift automation and information technology to enable new intelligent artificial lift products to significantly reduce operational cost and improve productivity, efficiency, reliability, and control.

The mounting demand of the artificial lift technologies in the world has definitely increased the importance and value of specialised events such as this. In this conference, the major role that artificial lift technologies play in the oil industry will be highlighted. However, ways to exploit innovative ideas and reach beyond the limits of the artificial lift technologies will be discussed. Methods to improve the industry networking and knowledge sharing to reach the maximum success and meet future expectations for both customers and service companies will also be touched upon. The key to this panel session is how to go beyond the current known artificial lift methods and come up with new types of artificial lift methods. The challenge is to change the conventional ways and work towards smart, quick, and simple methods to increase oil production so that artificial lift benefits and technologies can be reached beyond the limits.

Confirmed Speaker:

  • David Malone, President and CEO, AccessESP
  • Iain Maclean, Chief Executive Officer, Zilift 
  • Rami Qasem, President & Chief Executive Officer MENAT, GE Oil & Gas 
  • Saad Al-Turaiki, Executive Board Member and President—Upstream, Midad Holding