Panel Sessions

Day 2: Tuesday, 8 October, 0900–1030

Passionate People

Moderators: Hans Flikkema, Maersk Oil; John O’Neill, BP


  • Faisal Al Hosani, Drilling Operations Manager, ADCO
  • Mohammed Al Mamari, Drilling Engineer, BP
  • Wesley Vestal, Global HR Director for Intergrated Operations, Baker Hughes
  • Rami Saleh, Saudi Aramco
  • Ranaa Riyamy, Operations Manager, Drilling and Measurement Schlumberger

As a large contingent of our most experienced technical professionals’ approach retirement age, as the industry maintains a high level of activity with increasing global demand, we need to implement strategies that encourage young talent to want to join our Industry. Attention and retention of young diverse talent is fundamental to sustaining our industry. Our companies must manage this process proactively, intensively, consistently, and probably more professionally than ever before. Our talent today demands no less. We want people to recognise our industry as a vibrant, challenging environment in which they can excel and thrive, both personally and professionally. We want to motivate people and people to be motivated about being part of that. We want people who are passionate about the opportunity and challenge. How can we best achieve that, what strategies do you employ for that, and how can we all learn from each other to be successful in that process? Let us take time to listen to what our young professionals are telling us about what their expectations are so we create an industry they will be equally passionate about as we are.

Day 3: Wednesday, 9 October, 0900–1030

Technology—Why Not in My Well?

Moderators: Ali Al Reyami, ADMA-OPCO; Tim Day, Schlumberger


  • Adib Al Mumen, Drilling Manager, Saudi Aramco
  • David Reid, IADC Division VP Drilling and Well Services; Senior VP Global Accounts & Chief Sales Officer, National Oilwell Varco
  • El Walid El Moumni, Drilling Operations Manager, ADCO
  • Nick Nawfal, Regional Drilling Systems Director, Baker Hughes

The objective of this session is to be thought provoking and slightly controversial; the idea is to spark a discussion to explore the hesitation / reticence of the oil industry to the universal adoption of technology. We are all aware of several good examples of certain technology being embraced by certain operators, but the industry is well known to be slow adopters. We need to explore and understand the barriers to technology usage and how to develop a culture of acceptance of technology. If we look at the changes over the last 50 years in the automotive or airline industry the uptake of technology has been revolutionary—can we say the same about the oil industry? Are we being left behind? Do we actually celebrate technology successes? Why are we such a conservative industry? Certainly the risks and costs are high—but so is flying an Airbus A380 that has > 600 people on board. As an industry, are we prepared for the challenge of “delivering future energy through people, technology, and standards”? If not, what are we going to do about it?