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About the Conference

The seventh HSE event organised by the Society of Petroleum Engineers in the Middle East will take place in Doha, Qatar with the support of the conference chairman, Saif Al Naimi, Director of HSE Regulations at Qatar Petroleum.

The SPE Middle East Health, Safety, Environment, and Sustainable Development Conference and Exhibition will be the first of its kind to include sustainable development as one of the core discussion topics.  

This conference will provide an unprecedented opportunity for industry professionals to carry out constructive dialogue on various HSE issues such as social responsibility, sustainable development, risk management, environmental Issues, health hazard management, behaviour based safety, land transportation safety, workforce welfare, and security issues. The conference will explore new technologies and offer training to yield prevention against health and safety hazards.

Who Will Attend?

Delegates and visitors are international oil and gas professionals, primarily from the Middle East, Asia, and Europe, including:

  • Senior decision makers who seek information about optimising their operations
  • Operators, drilling, reservoir, and HSE management professionals and personnel involved in oil and gas development projects
  • HSE engineering staff and management involved in safety procedures and environmental regulation compliance
  • Consultants that advise clients on current industry standards in oil and gas developments
  • Suppliers who provide equipment and business development managers who would look at pursuing oil and gas business opportunities

2012 Conference Facts and Figures

  • Over 900 attendees
  • Executive plenary session: Sustaining World Energy through an Integrated HSSE and Business Approach
  • Six panel sessions discussing: Occupational Health Risk Assessment (Preventative Approach), Managing Productivity Increase: Sickness Absenteeism and Presenteeism, Best Practices in Asset Integrity/Process Safety Management, Drilling Safety Issues, Best Practices to Achieve Sustainability: Where Are We Today?, and Environmental Impact: Perception Versus Reality
  • A special session on security challenges and best practices
  • Over 60 technical presentations during 21 technical sessions
  • The first SPE Middle East Fun Run took place alongside this event

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“MEHSE 2014 brings together leading environmental specialists that will share international experiences, discuss local solutions, and establish a sustainable framework for the future Middle East oil and gas industry”

Dennis Kronborg Alexandersen, Regional Sales & Business Development Manager, Bauer


“It is not easy to obtain HSE Culture as the majority of it is built up on sharing knowledge and experience. Committees like MEHSE represent a fantastic ground to obtain the knowledge and experience of others. It is a real wealth of HSE provided to everyone, and there is no limit to our learning abilities on all aspects and levels of life and business”

Hamed Abdullah Al-Esry, Senior Corporate Road Safety Advisor (MSE/13), PDO