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Professionals from the industry are encouraged to submit their paper proposals to the 2014 SPE Middle East Health, Safety, Environment, and Sustainable Development Conference and Exhibition (MEHSE).

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11 February
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Maximum of 300 words
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Paper proposal categories


  • Access to medical health care
  • Bio Chemical Radiological and Nuclear (BCRN)
  • Business continuity management
  • Business travel
  • Case management
  • Caring for your workforce
  • Challenges of ageing workforce
  • Disaster preparedness and response management
  • Emerging health issues/R&D
  • Fitness to work
  • Food safety
  • Health insurance
  • Health integration into the business
  • Health risk assessment
  • Infectious diseases threat
  • Living conditions
  • Mass evacuation management
  • Medical emergency response for offshore facilities
  • Psychosocial health of single workers (case studies)
  • Monitoring health performance
  • Occupational/industrial hygiene
  • Recognition systems
  • Stress and fatigue


  • Addressing siting risks in operational plants
  • Asset integrity management frameworks
  • Behaviour based safety
  • Business continuity management
  • Crisis intervention and operability assessment
  • Critical equipment and mechanical integrity
  • Effective emergency planning—assessing the risk
  • Effective training in a diverse culture
  • Emergency preparedness and resources
  • Fire drills—changing the culture
  • Green hands management and impacts of drilling operations
  • H₂S risk management
  • How to change culture to support operations effectiveness
  • HR support in safety and sustainability
  • Human error
  • Land transport safety innovation
  • Leading indicators versus lagging indicators
  • Learning from major incidents/accidents
  • Line safety ownership—culture change
  • Managing confined space entry
  • Mechanical lifting
  • New work and induction process
  • Process safety indicators and management
  • Root cause analysis in implementing corrective actions
  • Safety assurance programme
  • Safety culture/climbing the HSE cultural ladder to reaching sustainability
  • Shift work and shutdown operations
  • Shutdown safety planning and management
  • Synergy in contractor safety management
  • Well integrity assurance


  • Access control
  • Role of security in reducing land transport incidents
  • Security and human rights
  • Security risk management
  • Security supporting HSE initiatives

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Ethics, human rights, and diversity
  • Nationalisation—why and at what level?
  • Online/virtual training and education—community involvement?
  • Training centres and local workforce programmes
  • Integrating social responsibility into management systems to mitigate risks
  • Interaction of social responsibility issues with other aspects (natural resource utilisation)
  • Public consultation, engagement of stakeholders, conflict management, community outreach
  • Social impact assessment and management
  • Social performance indicators/reporting for greater transparency


  • Adopting solutions for the Middle East
  • Air dispersion modelling
  • Air emissions management
  • Carbon management
  • Chemical management
  • Climate change
  • Ecosystem approach
  • Emissions life cycle analysis in petrochemical industry
  • Energy and resource efficiency
  • Environmental auditing
  • Environmental benchmarking
  • Environmental best practices from the Middle East
  • Environmental carrying capacity studies
  • Environmental impact assessment and management
  • Environmental issues of unconventional resources
  • Environmental monitoring and reporting
  • Environmental noise monitoring and control
  • Environmental regulations and enforcement
  • Exploration and drilling in remote locations (improving environmental performance)
  • Hazardous waste management and solutions (drill cuttings, mercury, etc.)
  • Naturally occurring radioactive material handling, disposal, and impact
  • Oil spill early warning and detection
  • Process discharge management
  • Produced water management (reuse challenges and solutions)
  • Soil and ground water remediation techniques
  • Solid waste reduction and reuse
  • Water conservation
  • Working in sensitive environments (shallow waters, desert systems, deep waters, etc.)
  • Zero flaring and venting


The Programme Committee has a stated policy against the use of commercial trade names, company names and language that is commercial in tone, in titles, text or presentations. Use of such terms will result in careful scrutiny by the Programme Committee evaluating paper proposals and the presence of commercialism in the paper may result in it being withdrawn from the programme.


All authors of papers presented at the 2014 SPE Middle East Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainable Development Conference and Exhibition will be required to complete and submit a copyright release form to SPE or submit the copyright exemption form where applicable. See all conference paper policies »

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Deadline for paper proposals is 11 February.

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Call for Papers brochure

Call for Papers brochure