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Fundamentals Of Petroleum Geomechanics And Wellbore Stability In Well Design And Well Construction

4 - 5 Aug 2012

Instructor(s): Wale Dosunmu

This course discusses the fundamental theories that are critical in current well designs and well instability problems. It looks at the issues of rock properties, subsurface stresses and methods for the prediction of rock behaviour under varying operational conditions. More Details »


Oil And Gas Economics And Uncertainty Analysis Using Monte Carlo Simulation

4 - 5 Aug 2012

Instructor(s): Wumi Iledare

This is an interactive practicum on the use of spreadsheet modelling tools to incorporate risk and uncertainty in oil and gas fiscal system modelling for business decisions. The course reviews West Africa fiscal regimes including the Nigeria PIB and apply spreadsheet add-in simulation software such as @Risk and/or Crystal Ball to evaluate petroleum fiscal system performance. More Details »


Production Optimisation Using Nodal Analysis

4 - 5 Aug 2012

Instructor(s): Samson O. Ibukun

The basic objective of this course is to introduce the concept of NODAL analysis as a tool in production optimisation and hence enhancement. The participants are exposed to the analysis of various components of the producing system and their effect on the performance of the total production system. More Details »


Strategic Leadership In E&P Business

4 - 5 Aug 2012

Instructor(s): Mason Oghenejobo

This course provides a deep insight into strategic leadership, strategy development and implementation in the E & P business. Systems theory and its applications in strategic thinking and the E & P business are elaborated. The forces driving changes and competition in Nigeria’s oil/gas industry and strategies for sustained success are discussed. More Details »


Well Test Analysis And Design

4 - 5 Aug 2012

Instructor(s): M. O. Onyekonwu

This is a foundation course run in form of a workshop on Appropriate Procedures for BHP Surveys. Practical (real life) examples will be used. The objective of the course is to teach participants the appropriate procedures for BHP Surveys & Analysis and the role of each group involved in BHP tests. More Details »