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SPE EOR Conference at Oil and Gas West Asia

21 - 23 March 2016

Muscat, Oman | Golden Tulip Hotel

Panel Sessions

Monday, 21 March | 1100–1230 | Al Hossen, Golden Tulip Hotel

Panel Session 1: EOR Collaboration Strategies


Hisham Zubari
Deputy Chief Executive Officer,
Tatweer Petroleum

Adnan Al Lawati
Vice President Operations Mukhaizna,

This panel session explores the challenges regional countries and companies are currently facing in optimising EOR oil production from maturing reservoirs in the face of declining production to volatile oil prices and increasing world demand for fuel.

Many reservoirs in the region have already started approaching the end of their primary or secondary stages, evidently increasing water and gas production problems. This is a natural process caused by maturation whereby an oil reservoir loses its natural energy which results in oil productivity decline associated with intrusion of aquifer water and gas cap gas, when present.

The challenge now is to transform the operation from primary production to secondary and tertiary phases. This not only requires large number of specialised skills, expertise and huge investments but also, more importantly, a paradigm shift in mindset, culture, and management approach. Equally important, is the increasing environmental awareness and concerns, attracting, developing and retaining scarce skilled talented local resources to the oil industry, to name a few.

Governments and companies need to develop a clear roadmap to ensure a successful transformation.

This panel session will explore strategies that different countries and companies have adopted over the years to manage such transformation.


Hisham Zubari
Deputy Chief Executive Officer,
Tatweer Petroleum

Yingcheng Li
Director Key Lab of Surfactants for EOR,

Stuart Clayton
VP Hydrocarbon Recovery Technologies,
Shell Innovation, Research & Development

Osama A. Al-Shaarawy
Senior Vice President for Technology,
Kuwait Energy

Steve Webb
Full Field Development Advisor, Occidental Petroleum

Tuesday, 22 March | 1045–1215 | Al Hossen, Golden Tulip Hotel

Panel Session 2: EOR Operational Excellence


Clare Billeau
Manager Shell Technology Oman,

Jassim Mohamed  Al-Khori
Technical Manager,
Maersk Oil Research & Technology Centre

Operational Excellence is essential for any conventional field development, as it ensures asset and well integrity is maintained, reliability of equipment with minimal unscheduled deferment, highly effective well reservoir and facilities management, motivated and highly competent staff.  It is equally or even more important that operational excellence is achieved during EOR development. Even if operational excellence is achieved during a conventional field development, it should not be assumed or taken for granted that carrying out the same practices will lead to operational excellence during EOR development. EOR developments bring additional challenges, and a good number of opportunities both in subsurface and surface arenas, which requires more focus and commitment from the leadership team and budget holders.
Implementation of EOR pilots or phased developments provides opportunities to better understand what is required during the full field development to achieve operational excellence and to share learnings between different fields. Are we still debating whether we should drill that hole and do a pilot or not? Are we over that stage and manage to derive lab scale studies in a very competitive and persuasive level to the field? How best can we maximise the learnings from the pilots to achieve outstanding results?

This panel session is intended to provide a platform for experts and audience to further discuss what is necessary to achieve operational excellence when successfully implementing chemical, gas or thermal EOR techniques.


Mohammad Al Asimi
Field Development – Ss Manager,
Occidental Oman, Seconded to Tatweer Petroleum

Salim Al Harrasi
Senior Country Operations Manager – Cementing, Production Enhancment & Production Solutions, Halliburton

AbdulKarim Al-Habsi
Operational Excellence Team Leader, PDO

Shehadeh Nasalmeh
Senior Advisor Reservoir Engineer and Program Manager for EOR R&D, ADNOC.

Raymond Choo
EOR Deployment Manager, BP America Inc

Wednesday, 23 March 2016 | 1130-1300 | Al Hossen, Golden Tulip Hotel

Panel Session 3: EOR Enablers



Mohamed Zaki
Managing Director – Oman,

Zeinoun Klink
Managing Director,


A way to think about EOR enablers is to see them as a risk mitigation system. In early phases of the project, various risks are identified and prioritised. As the process progresses, various enablers are put into action to reduce risks and minimise the impact of key uncertainties.

However, engineers can no longer focus only on technical issues and ignore the social, managerial, and even political factors that impact successful EOR implementation.

Designing and implementing complex EOR projects requires traditional engineering skills from the project operator and the contractors working together. This requires lobbying for critical resources within and outside the organisation which sometimes requires the help of an influential sponsor for the project.

First enabler is to allow the EOR team to operate in an environment in which the most restrictive organisational barriers have been removed or at least lowered to infuse creativity in planning and execution.

History shows that a successful implementation of an EOR project is a long bumpy road but lessons from successes and failures case histories offer managers a helpful guide.

This session on EOR enablers is designed to generate a comprehensive list from which each project team can extract the most critical uncertainties to attack at any point along the evolutionary path of the project.


Henri Jaspers
Head of Field Development Planning, Enhanced Oil Recovery Centre,
a Petronas / Shell

Adrian Pearce
Senior Vice President Geosciences,
Total Abu Dhabi

Raymond Choo
EOR Deployment Manager, BP America Inc

Mahmut Sengul
Global EOR Manager,
Reservoir Development Services, Baker Hughes

Daniel Palmer
Vice President of Sales, GlassPoint Solar Muscat, LLC

Bader Al Kharusi
Petroleum Engineering Manager, PDO