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SPE EOR Conference at Oil and Gas West Asia

21 - 23 March 2016

Muscat, Oman | Golden Tulip Hotel

Executive Plenary Session

Monday, 21 March | 0830–1000 | Al Hossen, Golden Tulip Hotel

Executive Plenary Session: The EOR Paradigm Shift

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) methods and technologies have been in consideration, evaluation, and limited applications for decades. However, in recent years EOR technologies have advanced and been increasingly applied, assuming a more prominent position in the oil extraction methods in many parts of the world. The industry is steadily moving toward EOR applications that are highly variable, capital intensive, challenging to operate, and in most cases field specific. These factors have made the move to EOR slow, challenging, and difficult. There are still noticeably persistent efforts and a strong drive towards making the shift to EOR that is reflected in the continued significant research and development activities, experimental and study works, field trails and pilots, and the increasing numbers of full field implementations, leading to a strong indication of an EOR paradigm shift currently taking place. Sharing EOR developmental efforts, industrial experience and advances on various fronts helps us in defining the state of EOR in the industry, while addressing the emerging and implementation challenges faced more effectively. In this executive plenary session industry leaders share experiences, perspectives on the EOR paradigm shift, various strategies and approaches employed to bring EOR development to the current stage, measures required to take the big step forward, projected challenges, potential opportunities ahead, the required resources and capabilities in this highly dynamic technology-driven oil industry. 


Sultan S. Al-Shodhani
Petroleum Engineering Manager,

Salim Al Salmy
Reservoir Characterization Manager
Mukhaizna & Chief Petrophysicist,
Occidental Mukhaizna


Andrew Kershaw
Tatweer Petroleum

Amran Marhubi, Technical Director, PDO

Robert Deutman
VP Development Joint Ventures and RDS Chief Reservoir Engineer,

James R. Briscoe
Senior VP Development, Occidental Petroleum