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Technical Program

Tuesday, 31 March


01 Open Session

Session Chairpersons:

Laurent Louis Seince, PCM Canada; Darin R. Austin, Baker Hughes Inc

Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1100 Invited Presenter - Progressing Cavity Pump Sizing: Black Magic or Science?
L.J. Dunn, A.N. Prakash, Weatherford Canada Partnership
1100-1130 173991 icon:PO Identifying Analogue Fields in PCP Applications using Classification Trees
P. Skoczylas, J. Sheldon, F.J. Alhanati, C-FER Technologies
Tuesday, 31 March


02 Reliability & Run Life Improvement

Session Chairpersons:

Allan Bakker, Husky Energy Inc; Shauna G. Noonan, ConocoPhilips Co

This session is part two of the discussion on how run life is measured, compared and how some companies have improved.

Time Paper # Presentation
1300-1330 173904 icon:PO Increase Progressing Cavity Pump Run-Life Through Phased Design
S. Barbour, Husky Energy Inc
1330-1400 173908 icon:PO Use of Run-Life Measures in Understanding AL System Reliability
P. Skoczylas, F.J. Alhanati, J. Sheldon, F. Trevisan, C-FER Technologies
1400-1430 173903 icon:PO Well Run life Improvement with PCP in Heavy Oil and High Gas Operation
D. Caballero, PCM SA; S. Videgain, SINOPEC; L. Zimmer, PCM USA Inc.; S. Sonsino, PCP O&T
Tuesday, 31 March


03 PCP Systems Design & Selection

Session Chairpersons:

Jack English, Chevron Gas & Midstream; Clint Robert Redpath, ConocoPhillips Canada

This session will explore recent advances in PCP systems design and selection. It will explore how pumps and other parts of the PCP system are appropriately selected and sized for the application.

Time Paper # Presentation
1500-1530 173912 icon:PO The Performance Comparison of Conventional and Even-Thickness Progressive Cavity Pumps via Finite Element Simulations
J. Chen, University of Science & Technology of China; H. Liu, PetroChina Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development; University of Science & Techno; F. Wang, G. Shi, G. Cao, G. Wang, C. Sun, Y. He, W. Ge, Petrochina Daqing Oil Field Limited Company; H. Wu, University of Science & Technology of China
1530-1600 Invited Presenter - Development of Hollow Sucker Rod Family for Progressive Cavity Pump Systems
R.A. Ruiz, L. Mantovano, H. Ernst, M. Pereyra, Tenaris
1600-1630 Invited Presenter - Drive String Fatigue in PCP Applications
P. Skoczylas, C-FER Technologies