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Technical Program

Monday, 28 January


Qantab Room

Session 1: Ingredients for a Successful Venture Setup for Unconventional Gas

Session Chairs: Wael El-Mofty, Packers Plus; Saleh B. Ruwaili, Saudi Aramco


Calibration of Static Reservoir Models with Dynamic Data for Efficient Tight-Gas Field Development (Wyoming, US)
G. Merletti, R.A. Pour, D.R. Spain, BP


The First Successful StimMAP Job in the Middle East—Deep Tight Gas Exploration Well in Oman
L. Bennett, H. Al-Busaidi, M.A. El Gihani, Schlumberger Oman; S. Mahrooqi, Petroleum Development Oman; M. Chiali, Petroleum Development Oman (Shell)


First Shale Gas Experience in Saudi Arabia: Lessons Learnt
A.V. Alexeyenko, I.A. Adebiyi, O. Faraj, K.M. Bartko, Saudi Aramco; C. Campo, Halliburton



Tight Gas Reservoir Appraisal and Development Challenges for New LNG Supply from Australia
A. Al-Kindi, Petrogas E&P; M. Soh, Swift Technical Solutions

Qurrayat Room

Session 2: Case Histories 1

Session Chairs: Pedro Romero, Occidental of Oman; Zara Al Khatib, Smart Energy Engineering Consultancy


Case Studies for the Fracturing of Highly Diverse Gas Reservoirs
M.J. Economides, University of Houston; C.F. Iwu, O.O. Ajao, P. Dalamarinis; Economides ConsultantsIncorporated


North Oman Tight Gas Development
E. Lamers, H. Al-Siyabi, A.P. Briner, D.A. Elliott, M. Weissenback, F. Al-Kindy, Petroleum Development Oman


Multidisciplinary Insights from Analysis of Borehole Microseismic Data from the Cotton Valley Tight Gas Formation in East Texas, USA
A.K. Gangopadhyay, V. Rodrigues, S. Liu, A. Malayalam, P. Plemons, I. Faz, BP America



Selecting Optimal Fracture Fluids, Breaker System, and Proppant Type for Successful Hydraulic Fracturing and Enhanced Gas ProductionCase Studies
Z. Rahim, H. Al-Anazi, A. Al-Kanaan, Saudi Aramco


Extended Well Test Facility Unlocks Tight Gas Resources in The Sultanate of Oman
I. Adil, H. Al-Lawatti, A. Chowdhury, A. Husain, R. Al-Shidani, BP Oman


Qantab Room

Session 3: Drilling and Completion Challenges 1

Session Chairs: Robbie Kellas, Baker Hughes; Frank David, Shell


Cemented Versus Open Hole Completions: What is Best for Your Well?
M. Rivenbark, J. Appleton, Packers Plus Energy Services


Drilling and Completion Challenges for Deep, Tight Gas Exploration Wells Onshore Northern Oman
C. Zerbst, H. Al-Habsi, Petroleum Development Oman


Engineering Cementing Solution for Hutubi Underground Gas Storage Project
X. Zhang, S. Taoutaou, Y. Guo, Y. An, Schlumberger; S.M. Zhong, Xinjiang Oilfield Company, PetroChina; Y. Wang, Xinjiang Oilfield Company, PetroChina



A Rigorous Method to Calculate the Rising Speed of Gas Kick
K. Ling, J. He, University of North Dakota; Z. Shen, Texas A&M University


Maintaining Horizontal Well Stability During Shale Gas Development
Z. Shen, Texas A&M University; K. Ling, University of North Dakota

Qurrayat Room

Session 4: Fracturing and Stimulation–Design

Session Chairs: Wael El-Mofty, Packers Plus; Nihat Gurmen, Schlumberger


Adopting North American, Multi-stage Fracturing and Horizontal Completion Technologies Starts to Unlock the Amin Tight Gas Formation in the Sultanate of Oman
R.A. Clark, BP; K. Mullen, S.D. Kurniadi, Schlumberger


Six Steps to Successfully Design and Execute Hydraulic Fractures in the Khulud Exploration Area, North Oman
A. Moiseenkov, M. Urquhart, A. Briner, Petroleum Development Oman; R. Harianta, Schlumberger


Hydraulic Fracturing Critical Design Parameters in Unconventional Reservoirs
P.M. Saldungaray, T. Palisch, CARBO Ceramics; R. Shelley, StrataGen Engineering



Formation Breakdown Prediction for the Implementation of Hydraulic Fracturing on a HPHT Tight Gas Reservoir in Oman
J. Chavez, A.P. Briner, R. Mjeni, Petroleum Development Oman


Fracture Optimization in a Giant Gas Field, Wamsutter, Wyoming, USA
A.C. Brake, BP America


Optimal Design of Nonuniform Multiple Transverse Fractures for Horizontal Wells in Tight Gas Reservoirs
S. Gao, J. Yao, Z. Sun, R. Lu, L. Li, Y. Wang, China University of Petroleum

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Tuesday, 29 January


Qantab Room

Session 5: Geomechanical Applications

Session Chairs: Steve Rainey, BP; Nihat Gurmen, Schlumberger


How Geomechanical Data Integration Helped Constrain the Placement of the First Horizontal Well in a New Tight Gas Field
K.J. Bate, Petroleum Development Oman; S. Kindy, SEPI; L. Qobi, SCEPCO


Interaction of Multiple Hydraulic Fractures in Horizontal Wells
S. Wong, M. Geilikman, Shell Exploration and Production; G. Xu, FrackOptima Incorporated


Unconventional Shale Play Selective Fracturing Utilising Multilateral Technology
D. Durst, M.C. Vento, Halliburton



Creating Value Through Permanent Down Hole Gauges in Oman Block 61 Tight Gas Appraisal
B. Al-Busafi, R.A. Clark, I. Adil, BP

Qurrayat Room

Session 6: Case Histories 2

Session Chairs: Anwar Al Kharusi, Oman Oil Company Exploration & Production; Elaine Leith, Shell


Fracture Optimization in a Giant Gas Field, Wamsutter, Wyoming, USA
A.C. Brake, BP America


Innovative Acquisition and Processing of Low Signal-to-Noise 3D Land Seismic Data, Leads to a Leap in Subsurface Understanding: A Case History from Eastern Jordan
C. Pearse, N. Adams, C. Duque, P. Bateman, M. Gravestock, J. Stone, J.G. Bouska, BP


Applying Petrophysics and Systematic Completion Science to Increase Potential: A Terryville Field Tight Gas Case History
N. Modeland, R.L. Middaugh, D. Buller, Halliburton; J. Wyszynski, J.C. Graham, S.W. Eckerman, H. Sumrow, Wildhorse Resources



Sensitivity Analysis on Parameters Affecting the Thickness of the Gas Hydrate Zone in the Gulf of Oman
E. Afazeli, IAU Science and Research Branch; S. Gerami, NIOC-IOR Research Institute; A. Badakhshan, University of Calgary


Qantab Room

Session 7: Drilling and Completion Challenges 2

Session Chairs: Suleiman Al Zakwani, Oman Oil Company Exploration & Production; Kamal El Bachiri, VAM Drilling


Open Hole Multi-Stage Completion System in Unconventional Plays: Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Economic
A. Casero, H.A. Adefashe, K.M. Phelan, BP America


Eagle Ford Shale Well Control:  Drilling and Tripping in Unconventional Oil and Gas Plays
R.J. Billa, K. Ridley, M. Jurgens, J.F. Mota, Shell


Rotary Steerable System Delivers Significant Performance and Cost Benefits for the Operator by Enabling the Use of PDC Bit in Drilling 12 ¼” Section
I.K. Butt, J.K. Nurzai, Baker Hughes



Increasing Drilling Performance Using Hydro-Mechanical Hole Cleaning Devices
L. Van Puymbroeck, VAM Drilling


Increasing Drilling Performance Using Hydro-Mechanical Hole Cleaning Devices
L. Van Puymbroeck, VAM Drilling

Qurrayat Room

Session 8: Fracturing and Stimulation–New Technologies

Session Chairs: Suleiman Al Zakwani, Oman Oil Company Exploration & Production; Zara Al Khatib, Smart Energy Engineering Consultancy


Optimising Remote Unconventional Gas Exploration
M. Rylance, BP Exploration


Evolving Khuff Formation Gas Well Completions in Saudi Arabia: Technology as a Function of Reservoir Characteristics Improves Production
Z. Rahim, H. Al-Anazi, A. Al-Kanaan, Saudi Aramco; A. Makmun, C. Fredd, N. Gurmen, Schlumberger


A Cost Effective Way to Boost Production from Tight Oil and Gas Fields Using Surface Jet Pump Systems
S.M. Sarshar, N. Beg, Caltec Limited



Post Stimulation Fluid Recovery, Every Drop Counts: Case Histories from Saudi Arabia
J.A. Leal Jauregui, J. Duarte, F. Al-Ghurairi, Saudi Aramco; G.A. Izquierdo, E. Soriano, Halliburton


Qantab Room

Session 9: Unconventional Gas Research–Applying New Technologies

Session Chairs: Salah Al Dahhab,  Oman Oil Company Exploration & Production; Paul Goodfellow, Shell


Unconventional Gas Stimulation by Creating Synthetic Sweetspot
A.R. Al-Nakhli, H.H. Abass, H. Al-Ajwad, A. Al-Harith, A. Al-Otaibi, H. Kwak, Saudi Aramco


Low Cost, Low Risk Options for Determining Reservoir Pressures in Newly Drilled Horizontal Wells
J. Adams, BP America; B.D. Dotson, Clover Global Staffing


Practical Insights and Benefit of Integrated Techology into Exploration, Appraisal and Development of Unconventional Gas and Liquid Rich Shale Reservoirs
B. Oz, V. Okouma, S. Vitthal, D. Braun, M. Molenaar, C. Peringod, S. Kazakoff, Y. Li, M. Asgar-Deen, D. Langille, Shell Canada Limited



The Correlation of Neutron and Density Logs and Its Application in Tight Gas Reservoirs Identification
X. Liu, X. Hu, X. Zhang, CNPC; W. Tang, S. Wang, China University of Petroleum


Development of New Well Index Equation for Fracture Wells
M. Ibrahim, BP America

Qurrayat Room

Session 10: Reservoir Modelling and Development Scenarios

Session Chairs: Salah Al Dahhab, Oman Oil Company Exploration & Production; Saleh B. Ruwaili, Saudi Aramco


Case History of Using Integrated Reservoir Modelling Workflow for Tight Gas Reservoirs
Y. Abacioglu, H.M. Sebastian, K.E. Bonney, BP America


Gas Condensate Flow Behaviour within Tight Reservoirs
M.A. Al-Harrasi, M. Lane, Petroleum Development Oman; C. Grattoni, Q.J. Fisher, University of Leeds


Multiscale Grid Design and Upscaling for a Full Field Tight Gas Reservoir Model on a Next Generation Simulator
M.J. King, S. Du, Y. Zhou, Texas A&M University; Y. Abacioglu, P. Ballin, H. Sebastian, BP America



On Simulation of Flow in Tight and Shale Gas Reservoirs
A. Darishchev, IFP Energies Nouvelles; E.N.S.G. de Nancy , P. Lemouzy, P. Rouvroy, Beicip-Franlab


Development of Water-Dissolved Gas in Nishikambara Gas Field and Calculation of Land Subsidence Induced by Water Pumping
T. Higuma, H. Fujii, Kyushu University; K. Horikawa, Toho Earthtech

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Wednesday, 30 January


Qantab Room

Session 11: Drilling and Completion Challenges 3

Session Chairs: Abduallah AlFadhli, Halliburton; Wael El-Mofty, Packers Plus


Different Techniques for Characterising the Filter Cake
B.S. Bageri, M.A. Mahmoud, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals; S.H. Al-Mutairi, Saudi Aramco


New Generation PDC Bits Set New Benchmarks in Carbonate Drilling, Resulting in Significant Performance Improvements and Cost Savings for the Operator
I.K. Butt, A. Al-Hinaai, M. Geraud, M. Cruz, N. Evans, Baker Hughes


Re-Engineering and Upgrade of Semi-Automated 3000 HP Drilling Rig for KOC HP/HT Exploration Programme in Frontier Areas¾Case History of UPDC Rig 776
D.C. McKinnell, Total; A. Al-Saleh, M.D. Al-Khaldy, A.A. Shehab, F.A. Al-Naqa, S. Baijal, Kuwait Oil Company; M.F. Karam, S.Schmidt, United Precision Drilling Company, A Division of Weatherford Drilling International



Support Vector Machine Model: A New Methodology for Stuck Pipe Prediction
M. P. Shahri, University of Tulsa; A. Chamkalani, S. Poordad, Petroleum University of Technology

Qurrayat Room

Session 12: Fracturing and Stimulation–Monitoring and Optimization

Session Chairs: Pedro Saldungaray, Carbo Ceramics; Suleiman Al Zakwani, Oman Oil Company Exploration & Production


Microseismic Leads to Improved Understanding of Hydraulic Fracturing in a Sultanate of Oman Tight Gas Well
A. MacKenzie, R.A. Clark, A. Al-Anboori, BP


Field Cases of Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation Diagnostics Using Fiber Optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) Measurements and Analyses
M.M. Molenaar, B.E. Cox, Shell Canada Limited


Integration of Fracture, Reservoir, and Geomechanics Modeling for Shale Gas Reservoir Development
J. Gupta, R.A. Albert, M. Zielonka, Y. Yao, E. Templeton-Barrett, S.K. Jackson, W. El-Rabaa, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company; H.A. Burnham, N.H. Choi, XTO Energy



Real-Time Prediction of Complex Hydraulic Fracture Behaviour in Unconventional Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
R. Keshavarzi, R. Jahanbakhshi, IAU Science and Research Branch

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Monday, 28 January–Wednesday, 30 January


Poster Session


Understanding Ceramic Proppants: Are They All Created Equal?
P.M. Saldungaray, T. Palisch, CARBO Ceramics


Transverse Fracturing of Horizontal Well–A Unified Fracture Design to Stimulate Tight Gas Sands
H. Yu, M.M. Rahman, H.K. Sarma, The Petroleum Institute


Thermoelectric Nanomaterial: A Demiurgic Approach towards Improvement of Shale Stability
P. Pandey, P. Kapadnis, B. Ghansar, S. Mandan; Maharashtra Institute of Technology-Pune


Novel Methods of Identifying Hydrocarbon Bearing Formation with Low Resistivity Contrast from Conventional Logs in Tight Sandstone Reservoirs of North Ordos Basin
J. Deng, Southwest University of Petroleum; X. Liu, K. He, X. Hu, CNPC


Case Study of a Multi-Zone Tight-Gas Well Stimulation and Post-Frac Production Evaluation
J.R. Shaoul, J.J. Park, W.J. Spitzer, Fenix Consulting Delft; M. Eaton, Northern Petroleum


Challenges to Geosteering and Completion Evaluation of Horizontal Wells in Cotton Valley Formation, East Texas
S. Liu, J.L. Lucas, P.A. Plemons, X. Zhou, A. Zett, D.R. Spain, M. Rabinovich, R.A. Pour, BP America; Q. Zhou, Maxwell Dynamics


Can Shale-Like Stimulations Unlock the Potential of Extremely Low Permeability Tight Gas Reservoirs?
O.O. Owolabi, R.F. Volz, P.S. Smith, BP America


Analysis and Integration of Near-Surface Array Microseismic Data From the Haynesville Shale
A.K. Gangopadhyay, J. Lucas, A. Malayalam, S. Liu, T. Gillham, I. Faz, F. Wirnkar, BP America


Practical Directional Drilling Techniques and MWD Technology in Bakken and Upper Three Forks Formations in Williston Basin North Dakota to Improve Efficiency of Drilling and Well Productivity
G. Han, W. Davila, E. Magnuson, A. Azizov, Baker Hughes


QI Workflow to Identify Sweet Spots in the Unconventional Tight Gas Amin Play in North Oman
M. Scholten-Vissinga, T.H. Al-Busaidi, Petroleum Development Oman


The Importance of Saturation History for Tight Gas Deliverability
D.R. Spain, G. Merletti, BP America; M. Webster, BP Exploration; L. Kaye, E&P Consultants


Interpretation of Reservoir Flow Regimes and Analysis of Welltest Data in Hydraulically Fractured Unconventional Oil and Gas Reservoirs
H. Bahrami, Curtin University; J. Siavoshi, Husky Energy


An Integrated Approach to Rock Typing and its Impact on Well and Reservoir Performance in a Middle East Tight Gas Field
R.A. Southworth, J. Miller, K. El-Hadidi, BP Exploration


Estimation of Porosity and Permeability from Conventional Logs in Tight Sandstone Reservoirs of North Ordos Basin
J. Deng, Southwest Petroleum University; X. Liu, X. Hu, CNPC; X. Wu, China ZhenHua Oil Company Limited


New Method For Inferring Fracture Aperture And Matrix Permeability Simultaneously Using Spontaneous Imbibition Data
J. Lu, K. Li, China University of Geosciences (Beijing); C. Cheng, Yangtze University


Pressure and Rate Analysis of Fractured Low Permeability Gas Reservoirs: Numerical and Analytical Dual-Porosity Models
T. Teklu, J. Akinboyewa, N. Alharthy, M.A. Torcuk, H. Kazemi, R.M. Graves, Colorado School of Mines; A.M. Al-Sumaiti, The Petroleum Institute


An Approach to Practical Pressure Transient Testing of Multiple Fracture Completed Horizontal Wells in Low Permeability Reservoirs
R.F. Volz, E. Pinto, O.A. Soto, BP America; J.R. Jones, NSI Fracturing


Rod-Shaped Proppant Provides Superior Proppant Flowback Control in the Egyptian Eastern Desert
J. Edelman, Transglobe Energy; K. Maghrabia, Dara Petroleum Company; A.K. Mathur, M. Semary, J.B. Rojas, A.S. Zaki, Schlumberger


HSE Successes and Challenges in Geophysical Operations
K.A. Hunt, S. Mahrooqi, A. Yahyai, S. Yarubi, M. Jassasi, F. Clow, Petroleum Development Oman

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