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Call for Papers

Call for papers is now closed. 

The Committee of the Unconventional Resources Conference—Canada invites you to submit a paper proposal and contribute to this renowned event. The deadline for paper proposal submissions is
14 April.

Get recognized and share your technical expertise. Submit a paper proposal today on any of the topics below.

  • Innovation and new technologies
  • Reservoir characterization and modeling
  • Tight oil and gas reservoir performance and forecasting
  • What's new, who's new? Unconventional oil and EOR opportunities
  • Optimizing hydraulic fracturing systems and equipment
  • LNG—current projects and future challenges
  • Water management
  • Regulatory and environment
  • Drilling and completions strategies
  • Reserves, resource, and economic disclosure
  • Case studies: good, bad, and ugly
  • Well design and integrity
  • Geological challenges of unconventional reservoirs
  • Emerging unconventional plays

For information about additional presentation and keynote opportunities, contact us by email at: info@csur.com.

Call for papers is now closed.