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Technical Program

Tuesday, 30 September


Palomino A-C

LNG Development and Water Management

Session Chairpersons:

Brad Rieb, Consultant; Frank Brunner, IHS Energy

This session will be split into two core focal points where the first half will address the advancements made in understanding chemical composition effects on fracturing fluids and produced water in unconventional development. The second half will address the opportunities and challenges that currently face the LNG market and provide insight into some key considerations for expansion.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 171650 icon:PO Interrelationship of Weak Organic Acids, Bases, pH and HPLC Analysis Method in Produced Waters
M.C. Weissenberger, S. Dhillon, Sanjel Corp
1430-1500 171651 icon:PO Analysis of Microbes in Hydraulic Fracturing of Montney Tight Gas Formations in Western Canada
A.S. Elliott, N.K. Suri, D. An, G. Voordouw, University of Calgary; K. Kaert, D.L. Langille, Shell Canada Ltd.
1530-1600 171655 icon:DC Horizontal Wells in Western Canada - a Status Update
R.K. Dixon, D. Flint, Forward Energy Group Inc
1600-1630 171631 icon:MI Building Meaningful Upstream Representations for the LNG Supply Chain
G. Kirk, 3ESI; C.P. Six, Sproule Associates Limited; K. Wieclawek, Sproule
Tuesday, 30 September


Palomino D

Rock Fluid Interaction

Session Chairpersons:

Vijay Kumar Shrivastava, Computer Modelling Group; David Brian Foo, Pure Energy Services Ltd.

The interplay between the reservoir rock and fluids, either native state or introduced by external means, can be a key control on ultimate reservoir performance. This session will share some key learnings in the area of fracture fluid penetration, including insights into liquid flow and EOR potential in unconventional reservoirs.

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 171668 icon:RDD A Rock and Fluid Study of Middle Bakken Formation: Key to Enhanced Oil Recovery
B. Kurtoglu, Marathon Oil Co; H. Kazemi, Colorado School of Mines; R. Rosen, W. Mickelson, T. Kosanke, Marathon Oil Company
1400-1430 171653 icon:RDD Advances in Understanding Liquid Flow in Gas Shales
H. Dehghanpour, E. Ghanbari, M. Xu, University of Alberta; D. Bearinger, Nexen Energy ULC
1430-1500 171620 icon:RDD Wettability of the Montney Tight Gas Formation
Q. Lan, H. Dehghanpour, University of Alberta; J. Wood, Encana; H. Sanei, Geological Survey of Canada
1530-1600 171656 icon:RDD Analysis of Chemical Tracer Flowback in Unconventional Reservoirs
A. Salman, B. Kurtoglu, Marathon Oil Co; H. Kazemi, Colorado School of Mines
1600-1630 171647 icon:PO Understanding the Origin of Flowback Salts: A Laboratory and Field Study
A. Zolfaghari Sharak, M. Noel, H. Dehghanpour, University of Alberta; D. Bearinger, Nexen Energy ULC.
1630-1700 171584 icon:PO Level Set Method for Tracking the Penetration Front of a Fracturing Fluid in Heterogeneous Reservoirs
C. Chen, Halliburton Houston; J. Hampton, Halliburton International Inc; V.N. Martysevich, Halliburton
Alternate 171637 icon:RDD Effects of Pore Confinement on Rate-Transient Analysis of Shale Gas Reservoirs
F. Qanbari, B. Haghshenas, C.R. Clarkson, University of Calgary
Alternate 171589 icon:RDD Development of Specialized Plots for Production Data Analysis of Tight Reservoirs with Secondary Fractures
D.O. Ezulike, H. Dehghanpour, University of Alberta
Tuesday, 30 September


Palomino E

Hydraulic Fracturing Design and Analysis

Session Chairpersons:

T. N. Patrick Osachuk, Encana Corporation; Roger B. Hough, Lowell Professional Services

Technical improvements in the design of hydraulic fractures, has been continuous since the technology was developed in 1947. This session covers several diverse topics related to technical improvements in the design and implementation of fracturing treatments.

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 171581 icon:PO Evaluation and Optimization of Proppant Distribution in Multistage Fractured Horizontal Wells: A Simulation Approach
A.B. Bokane, Halliburton Technology India Pvt. Ltd, Pune; S. Jain, Halliburton Technology Centre; F. Crespo, Halliburton Production Enhancement
1400-1430 171577 icon:PO Effect of Fracture Surface Roughness and Shear Displacement on Permeability and Proppant Transportation in a Single Fracture
A. Raimbay, T. Babadagli, E. Kuru, University of Alberta; K. Develi, Istanbul Technical University
1430-1500 171600 icon:DC Experimental and Numerical Study on Spontaneous Imbibition of Fracturing Fluids in Shale Gas Formation
Z. Zhou, B. Hoffman, Colorado School of Mines; D. Bearinger, Nexen Energy ULC; X. Li, Colorado School of Mines
1530-1600 171667 icon:PO Benefits of Controlled Hydraulic Fracture Placement: Theory and Field Experiment
J. Desroches, B. Lecampion, H. Ramakrishnan, R. Prioul, J.E. Brown, Schlumberger
1600-1630 171571 icon:DC Dual Application of Polyelectrolyte Complex Nanoparticles as Enzyme Breaker Carriers and Fluid Loss Additives for Fracturing Fluids
R. Barati Ghahfarokhi, The University of Kansas; C. Bose, The University of Knasas; B. Alshatti, L.M. Swartz, The University of Kansas; A. Gupta, Baker Hughes
1630-1700 171618 icon:DC Hydraulic Fracturing: A Marcellus Case Study of an Engineered Staging Completion Based on Rock Properties
P.V. Lim, P. Goddard, BG Group; J. Sink, EXCO Resources Inc.; I.S. Abou-sayed, i-Stimulation Solutions Inc.
Alternate 171604 icon:DC Experimental Investigation of Proppant Diagenesis
S. Ghosh, University of Oklahoma MPGE; C.S. Rai, University of Oklahoma; C.H. Sondergeld, University of Oklahoma MPGE; R.E. Larese, Consultant
Tuesday, 30 September


Palomino F-H

Tight Oil & Gas Performance and Forecasting I

Session Chairpersons:

Robert Vincent Hawkes, Trican Well Service Ltd.; Radu Buzea, Cenovus Energy Inc

This session looks at Novel analysis techniques for evaluating Tight Oil & Gas reservoir’s Performance and presents alternative Optimization and Forecasting methods

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 171671 icon:RDD Understanding Water Flood Response in Tight Oil Formations: A Case Study of the Lower Shaunavon
A. Thomas, A. Kumar, K. Rodrigues, Computer Modelling Group Ltd.; R.I. Sinclair, Crescent Point Energy Trust; C. Lackie, A. Galipeault, M. Blair, Crescent Point Energy Corp.
1400-1430 171591 icon:RDD Analysis of Multi-Well and Stage-by-Stage Flowback from Multi-Fractured Horizontal Wells
J. Williams-Kovacs, C.R. Clarkson, University of Calgary
1430-1500 171599 icon:RDD Production Forecasting in Shales: A Comparative Field Data Study Using Large Well Counts
A.P. Valentine, A. Brown, S. Gupta, P. Dwivedi, Schlumberger
1530-1600 171636 icon:RDD A Flowback-Guided Approach for Production Data Analysis in Tight Reservoirs
D.O. Ezulike, H. Dehghanpour, University of Alberta; C.J. Virues, Nexen Energy ULC; R.V. Hawkes, Trican Well Service Ltd.
1600-1630 171673 icon:RDD Estimating Effective Fracture Volume From Early-Time Production Data: A Material Balance Approach
O.A. Adefidipe, Y. Xu, H. Dehghanpour, University of Alberta; C.J. Virues, Nexen Energy ULC
1630-1700 171568 icon:RDD Hyperbolic Decline Parameters During and After Linear Flow: Field Example From the Barnett Shale Using Public Data
H. Pratikno, ConocoPhillips; D.E. Reese, Consultant; L.E. Summers, ConocoPhillips
Alternate 171640 icon:RDD Well Spacing Optimization in Eagle Ford
F. Lalehrokh, J. Bouma, Talisman Energy USA
Alternate 171588 icon:RDD Production Forecasting in Unconventional Resources using Data Mining and Time Series Analysis
S. Gupta, B.C. Jeyachandra, F. Fuehrer, Schlumberger SIS