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Technical Program

Thursday, 2 October


Palomino A-C

Innovation & New Technology

Session Chairpersons:

Raj Rajan, Alberta Innovates Technology Futures; Simon David James, Shell Canada Ltd.

This session presents a real world analysis of several applications of innovative technologies that have been applied to optimize and better understand the fracturing and production of unconventional reservoirs. Cretaceous and carbonate reservoir types from both sides of the border are highlighted along with propped and acid fracturing applications.

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 171670 icon:DC Zonal Isolation Technology Case History
R.M. Allen, Baker Hughes Inc; N.C. Tapper, EnCana Oil & Gas Co. Ltd.; C. Gradl, Hess Corp.; S. Agarwal, Hess Corporation; M. Carriere, Baker Hughes
1400-1430 171644 icon:RDD Using High-Grading and Portfolio Tools to Allocate Resources Among Shale Play Opportunities
L.G. Chorn, J.M. Serice, S.L. Del Rosario-Davis, Halliburton
1430-1500 171586 icon:RDD Horizontal Well Injection Profiling Using Distributed Temperature Sensing
D.B. Foo, FMC Technologies Inc.; J. Krislock, Enerplus Corporation; T.J. Meador, T. Cheng, FMC Technologies Inc.
1530-1600 171580 icon:RDD A New Methodology to Forecast Solution Gas Production in Tight Oil Reservoirs
S. Yu, ConocoPhillips Canada
1600-1630 171675 icon:RDD Successful Application of Horizontal Through Pipe Petrophysical Technology to Model the Montney Formation
H. Kramer, T. Yaxley, Roke Technologies Ltd.; S. Haysom, G.A. Nevokshonoff, Seven Generations Energy Ltd; J. Williams, Roke Technologies
1630-1700 171660 icon:DC Sequenced Fracture Treatment Diversion Enhances Horizontal Well Completions in the Eagle Ford Shale
A. Viswanathan, Schlumberger Technology Corp.; H.H. Watkins, A. Corman, J. Reese, BHP Billiton Petroleum Americas Inc.; B.V. Sinosic, Schlumberger
Alternate 171630 icon:DC A Correlational Study to Evaluate Minimum Detectable Leak Rate in Gas Wellbores Using Ultrasound Survey
O.S. Awolusi, D. Syvertson, Kinder Morgan Inc.; J.E. Johns, Archer Well Services
Thursday, 2 October


Palomino D

Multi-Disciplinarian Stimulated Reservoir Volume Determination

Session Chairpersons:

Keri D. Yule, Calfrac Well Services Ltd.; Robert Guy Lavoie, RPS Energy

The ability to successfully exploit unconventional oil and gas resources requires not only an understanding for the reservoir but stimulation effectiveness. This session will provide insight on relating multi-disciplinary collaboration to stimulated reservoir determination and well productivity.

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 171616 icon:DC Enhanced Fluid Flow: An Improved Method For Estimating Stimulated Reservoir Volume
M. Preiksaitis, S. Bowman, T.I. Urbancic, A. Baig, ESG Solutions
1400-1430 171590 icon:RDD Geomechanical Characterization of an Unconventional Reservoir with Microseismic Fracture Monitoring Data and Unconventional Fracture Modeling
Q. Li, Schlumberger Canada Limited; A. Zhmodik, Schlumberger; D. Boskovic, Schlumberger Canada Limited
1430-1500 171664 icon:RDD Integrated Characterization of Hydraulically Fractured Shale Gas Reservoirs Production History Matching
S. Nejadi, J.Y. Leung, J.J. Trivedi, University of Alberta; C.J. Virues, Nexen Energy ULC
1530-1600 171632 icon:RDD Dependence of Stress-induced Microseismicty on the Natural Fracture Properties and In-situ Stress
X. Garcia-Teijeiro, Schlumberger Oilfield Plc, UK; A. Rodriguez-Herrera, Schlumberger Oilfield, Plc UK
1600-1630 171628 icon:RDD Determining Interwell Connectivity and Reservoir Complexity Through Frac Pressure Hits and Production Interference Analysis
C.M. Sardinha, C. Petr, J. Lehmann, J.F. Pyecroft, Nexen Energy ULC; S. Merkle, Nexen Inc.
1630-1700 171658 icon:RDD Entering a Liquid-Rich Shale Play Near the Top of the Learning Curve: Early Quantification and Application of Development Best Practices
D. Braun, B. Powell, R. Guo, K. Morad, Shell Canada Ltd.; D. Flint, R.K. Dixon, Forward Energy Group
Thursday, 2 October


Palomino E

Geological Challenges

Session Chairpersons:

Claudio Juan Jose Virues, Nexen Energy ULC; Murray Melvin Reynolds, Ferus Corporation

Geologically complex reservoirs can directly impede exploration and development. This session will focus on the geological challenges that can impact various attributes and directly influence well performance.

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 171627 icon:DC In-Situ and Induced Stresses in the Development of Unconventional Resources
H. Han, S.M. Higgins, D. Mata, V.M. Gonzales, Schlumberger
1400-1430 171569 icon:RDD Viscoelastic Creep of Eagle Ford Shale: Investigating Fluid-Shale Interaction
M.M. Almasoodi, Y.N. Abousleiman, S.K. Hoang, University of Oklahoma
1430-1500 171606 icon:RDD Linking Rock Mechanic Petrophysics to Proppant Selection in the Wolfcamp: Capitalizing on Log Based Value of Information
S.J. Prochnow, Chevron; J.P. Rexilius, Chevron Corporation; R. Brown, Chevron; M.J. Fields, Chevron Corporation
1530-1600 171625 icon:RDD A Geomechanical Model for High-Volume, Proppantless, Slickwater Hydraulic Fracturing Operations in the Tight-Gas Sands of the Williams Fork Formation, Piceance Basin, Colorado
K. Gorynski, K. Wallace, J. Beer, Encana Services Company Ltd
1600-1630 171633 icon:RDD Petrophysical and Geomechanical Characteristics of Canadian Tight Oil and Liquid-Rich Gas Reservoirs
A. Ghanizadeh, S. Aquino, University of Calgary; O. Haeri-Ardakani, H. Sanei, Geological Survey of Canada; C. Clarkson, University of Calgary
1630-1700 171638 icon:RDD Petrophysical Quantification of Multiple Porosities in Shale Petroleum Reservoirs
R. Aguilera, B. Lopez, University of Calgary
Alternate 171626 icon:RDD Factors Controlling Fluid Migration and Distribution in the Eagle Ford Shale
J.R. Vargas, R. Aguilera, University of Calgary
Alternate 171613 icon:RDD New Steady-State Technique for Measuring Shale Core Plug Permeability
M. Zamirian, K.K. Aminian, S. Ameri, E. Fathi, West Virginia University
Alternate 171645 icon:DC Maintaining Wellbore Stability and Reducing Cement Left in Pipe (CLIP) Events in the Bakken Shale: An Integrated Approach
B.M. Levy, R.H. Williams, Schlumberger; T. Izykowski, Schlumberger DCS Geomechanics; H. Han, Schlumberger Ltd I 894
Thursday, 2 October


Palomino F-H

Drilling & Completions: Challenges and Solutions

Session Chairpersons:

Lijs Francine Groenendaal, Shell International Ltd.; John Milton Pahl, Akita Drilling

This session presents solutions for three drilling related challenges as well as three complementary views of multi-stage completion alternatives.

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 171619 icon:DC Rotary Steerable System With Optimized Functionally Integrated System-Specific Drill Bits Reduces Drilling Days and Extends Laterals in Northeastern US Horizontal Shale Plays
C. El Hakam, E. Davis, A.M. Serdy, R. Spencer, Baker Hughes
1400-1430 171662 icon:PO Back to the Future: Shale 2.0 - Returning Back to Engineering and Modelling Hydraulic Fractures in Unconventionals With New Seismic to Stimulation Workflows
V. Ramanathan, D. Boskovic, A. Zhmodik, Schlumberger Canada Ltd; Q. Li, Schlumberger Canada Limited; M. Ansarizadeh, Schlumberger
1430-1500 171612 icon:DC Ultrasonic Log Response in Lightweight Cement Conditions
S.J. Thomas, Marathon Oil Co; C. Smith, Halliburton Services; B.W. Williams, Halliburton; L. Hamilton, Halliburton International Inc
1530-1600 171629 icon:DC Does Multi-Entry Multi-Stage Fracturing Sleeve System Improve Production in Bakken Shale Wells Over Other Completion Methods?
A. Eis, Halliburton; B.J. Wellhoefer, Halliburton Energy Services Grp; G.W. Gullickson, Halliburton; K. Fiscus, Halliburton Energy Services Grp
1600-1630 171585 icon:DC Reducing Cost and Risk with Cemented-Back Monobore Well Construction in the Cardium Formation
J. Lowe, M.M. Rey, J.J. Manuel, Lightstream Resources Ltd; M. Kenyon, Packers Plus Energy Services Inc
1630-1700 171601 icon:DC Shale Bedding Impact on Wellbore Stability and Drilling Optimization
H.J. Gao, T. Odunlami, N. Osayande, Weatherford