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Technical Program

Wednesday, 1 October


Palomino A-C

North American Multi-Discipline Case Studies - Good, Bad and Ugly

Session Chairpersons:

Lyle H. Burke, Devon Canada Corporation; Trent M V Kaiser, Noetic Engineering 2008 Inc

This session presents an interesting array of multi-discipline case studies from a variety of North American unconventional plays.

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 171587 icon:RDD Reservoir and Drilling Engineering Combined Effort to Develop a Naturally Fractured Over Pressured Shale Formation: Understanding and Operational Specific Procedures
M. Fernandez Badessich, R. Krasuk, YPF SA
1400-1430 171622 icon:DC Adding Value to the Kerrobert, Viking Oil Formation Via Emerging Completion Methodologies of Horizontal Multistage Wells: A Case Study
G. Toyad, Calfrac Well Services Corp
1430-1500 171665 icon:RDD Utilizing Fit-For-Purpose Decision Analysis Techniques to Maximize Value From Unconventionals: Case Studies From the Wolfcamp Play, Permian Basin
J.P. Rexilius, S.J. Prochnow, M.J. Fields, Chevron Corporation; M. Morgan, Chevron
1530-1600 171583 icon:DC Tight Cardium Multi-Stage Fractured Horizontal Oil Well Performance Study Focusing on the Effectiveness of Various Fracture Fluid Systems
M.M. Reynolds, Ferus Corporation; M. Gallup, RPS Energy Canada Ltd; K. Moscoso, J. Buendia, Ferus Inc.
1600-1630 171624 icon:RDD Correlation of High Hydrogen Sulfide Concentration to Deep Features, in Eagle Ford Shale Wells, McMullen County, Texas
P.F. DuBois, Murphy E&P Company; J. Rogers, Murphy Expl & Prod co; R.E. Lamond, Murphy Oil Corp.
1630-1700 171617 icon:RDD Effect of Formation Stimulation Order in the Marcellus Shale
K. Kocon, T. Urbancic, A. Baig, M. Preiksaitis, ESG Solutions
Alternate 171615 icon:PO Structural Interactions with Fracture Treatments in the Horn River Basin of NE BC
E.K. Hards, Halliburton Canada Inc.; F.C. Marechal, Quicksilver Resources Canada Inc; J. Welsh, Quicksilver Resources Canada Inc.; N. Verkhovtseva, Pinnacle—A Halliburton Service
Wednesday, 1 October


Palomino D

Modelling Unconventional Stimulated Reservoir Volume

Session Chairpersons:

Robert Keith Dixon, Forward Energy Group; Ramez Hanna Alla, Chevron Canada Resources

Understanding stimulated rock volume has a huge impact on unconventional reservoir development, this session will provide key insights into some integrated approaches, optimization techniques and simulation modelling used to help characterize the stimulated rock volume (SRV) region.

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 171608 icon:RDD The Application of Discrete Fracture Network Modelling to the Optimization of Wells in Resource Plays
S. Emsley, S. Chi, J. Rivas, J. Hallin, ION Geophysical
1400-1430 171602 icon:PO Optimization of Duvernay Fracturing Treatment Design Using Fully Compositional Dual Permeability Numeric Reservoir Simulation
R.S. Taylor, Halliburton; B. Stobo, G. Niebergall, Yoho Resources; R. Aguilera, University of Calgary; J. Walter, Computer Modelling Group Ltd.; E. Hards, Halliburton
1430-1500 171576 icon:RDD Resolving InSitu Stress Regime, Hydraulic Fracture Geometry and Complexity by Comparing Acoustic Well Logging Data Acquired in Horizontal and Vertical Wells in the Montney Formation
S. Khalid, K. Faurschou, Y. Qiao, Schlumberger; K. Knox, Devon Canada Corporation
1530-1600 171578 icon:RDD A Methodology to Quantify the Impact of Well Interference and Optimize Well Spacing in the Marcellus Shale
E. Yaich, O.C. Diaz De Souza, BG Group; R.A. Foster, EXCO Resources Inc.; I.S. Abou-sayed, i-Stimulation Solutions Inc.
1600-1630 171611 icon:RDD Integrated Geoscience and Reservoir Simulation Approach to Understanding Fluid Flow in Multi-Well Pad Shale Gas Reservoirs
P. Kam, M. Nadeem, Encana Services Company Ltd; A. Kumar, A. Novlesky, Computer Modelling Group Ltd.; E.N. Omatsone, Sasol Canada Holdings Ltd
1630-1700 171607 icon:RDD Integrated Reservoir Characterization and 3D Modeling of the Monteith Formation: Tight Gas Sandstones in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, Alberta, Canada
L.J. Zambrano, J.R. Vargas, P.K. Pedersen, R. Aguilera, University of Calgary
Alternate 171641 icon:RDD Improvement in Permeability Models for Unconventional Gas Reservoirs and Model Selection Using Statistical Analysis
B. Haghshenas, C.R. Clarkson, J. Bergerson, S. Chen, University of Calgary; Z. Pan, CSIRO
Wednesday, 1 October


Palomino E

Hydraulic Fracturing Materials and Operations

Session Chairpersons:

David James Quirk, Trican Well Service Ltd.; Frank J. Palmai, PrairieSky Royalty

This session involves a number of different diagnostic techniques and how they may be used to help understand and optimize hydraulic fracture placement.

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 171594 icon:PO Quantification of Proppant Distribution Effect on Well Productivity and Recovery Factor of Hydraulically Fractured Unconventional Reservoirs
L. Sierra, R. Sahai, Pinnacle a Halliburton Service; M.J. Mayerhofer, Pinnacle
1400-1430 171572 icon:PO Temporal Evolution of the Geometrical and Transport Properties of a Fracture-Proppant System under Increasing Mechanical Loading
C. Chen, Halliburton Houston; V.N. Martysevich, P. O'Connell, D. Hu, Halliburton; L. Matzar, Halliburton Energy Services Group
1430-1500 171605 icon:PO Integration of Microseismic Data, Tracer Information, and Fracture Modeling into the Development of Fractured Horizontal Wells in the Slave Point Formation
D. Roney, Lone Pine Resources; D.J. Quirk, Trican GeoTomo Microseismic; A. Ziarani, Trican Well Service Ltd.; L.H. Burke, Devon Canada Corporation
1530-1600 171648 icon:DC Understanding the Optimum Fracture Conductivity for Naturally Fractured Shale and Tight Reservoirs
M. Gu, Halliburton Energy Services; P.M. Kulkarni, M. Rafiee, E. Ivarrud, Statoil; K.K. Mohanty, University of Texas At Austin
1600-1630 171661 icon:PO Influence of Friction Reducer on Scale Inhibitor Performance and Scaling Tendency in Slickwater Fracturing
C.Q. Ozuruigbo, Halliburton; C. Fan, Multi-Chem—A Halliburton Service
1630-1700 171652 icon:RDD Integrating Active and Passive Seismic Data to Better Predict Hydraulic Fracturing
E. Bathellier, G. Castillo, K. Chesser, CGG; A. Bouziat, CGGVeritas Services SA; G. Oliver, C. Ly, CGG; L. Kuo, Exco Resources
Wednesday, 1 October


Palomino F-H

Tight Oil & Gas Performance and Forecasting ll

Session Chairpersons:

Jodi Anhorn, GLJ Petroleum Consultants Ltd; Richard David Leslie, Encana Corporation

This session looks at Novel analysis techniques for evaluating Tight Oil & Gas reservoir’s Performance and presents alternative Optimization and Forecasting methods. (Continuation of Session 4)

Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 171610 icon:RDD Rate-Decline Analysis for Fracture-Dominated Shale Reservoirs: Part 2
A.N. Duong, ConocoPhillips
1400-1430 171657 icon:RDD Multiphase Rate Transient Analysis in Unconventional Reservoirs: Theory and Applications
I. Eker, Colorado School of Mines; B. Kurtoglu, Marathon Oil Co; H. Kazemi, Colorado School of Mines
1430-1500 171593 icon:RDD History-Matching and Forecasting Tight/Shale Gas Condensate Wells Using Combined Analytical, Semi-Analytical, and Empirical Methods
C.R. Clarkson, J. Williams-Kovacs, F. Qanbari, H. Behmanesh, University of Calgary; H. Sureshjani, IOR Research Institute
1530-1600 171566 icon:RDD Systematic Study of Bakken Well Performance Over Three Well Completion Design Eras
C. Yan, Chengdu University of Technology; G. Luo, C.A. Ehlig-Economides, Texas A&M University
1600-1630 171669 icon:RDD Bilinear Flow in Shale Gas Wells: Fact or Fiction?
M. Kanfar, A.B. Alkouh, R.A. Wattenbarger, Texas A&M University
1630-1700 171598 icon:PO Downhole Choke Applications and Performance Impact: A Tupper Field Montney Evaluation
A.J. White, Murphy Oil Corp. Ltd.; T. Lavery, L. Rock, Murphy Oil Corp Ltd.