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Press Information

Press Registration

  1. Download and complete the Press Registration Form
  2. Send form by mail, email, or fax before 21 March 2014 to the contacts below:

Mail form to:
Society of Petroleum Engineers
PO Box 215959
Dubai, UAE

Email form to:Mridula

Fax form to: +971.4.457.3164

Registration Guidelines

Complimentary press registration is available only to members of the working press including:

  • Reporters
  • Freelance writers
  • Editors
  • Publishers

Titles that are not eligible for registration include marketing representative, advertising sales, president, etc.

Badge Information

You can pick-up your conference badge onsite. Bring an ID to present when you pick-up your badge.

Guidelines for Photography and Audio/Video Recording

No audio recording, video recording, or photography is allowed without SPE’s permission. To request permission:

  1. Register as press and check-in at the press desk.
  2. Sign a form onsite agreeing to follow the policies on photography and audio/video recording.