SPE Foundation

The SPE Foundation, established in 1977 by former SPE presidents, is dedicated to raising funds to support key SPE programs. It helps to ensure excellence in SPE Programs through a partnership among individuals, industry and the Society. It is made up of all living past SPE presidents and is directed by an executive committee.

SPE Foundation provides funding to:

  • The Distinguished Lecturer Program, thus allowing the volunteers to travel the globe sharing their expertise with other members
  • Support SPE.org, the leading knowledge portal for petroleum professionals
  • Student Programs


"The Distinguished Lecturer Program is an amazing achievement. Speakers who are leaders in the industry reach people in all corners of the world. This kind of exchange cannot be accomplished by any other means. "

S. M. FAROUQ ALI, consultant; Honorary Professor, University of Calgary; Distinguished Lecturer, 1992; 2003, member, Distinguished Lecturer Committee

"I've known I wanted to go into petroleum engineering since I was in high school. The Archie Scholarship made it possible. I'm considering a position in operations or production."

DARCY SOUTA, Gus Archie Memorial Scholarship recipient, 2004; completing her senior year at Colorado School of Mines

"I know how much I have benefited from SPE throughout my career. I think it’s important to give back to the organization so other people can take advantage of all that SPE offers."

A.M. SAM SAREM, President, Improved Petroleum Recovery Consultants, Distinguished Lecturer 1982-1983; Omega Association Charter Member

"The petroleum industry is entering a new Golden Age and SPE must expand its programs exponentially to stay ahead of the curve. The time is now to fund the programs of the future."

ROY KOERNER, 2006 - 2007 President, SPE Foundation; 1995 SPE President; Omega Association Charter Member