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Understanding the history of innovation and invention in petroleum engineering is essential to shaping the industry's future. Through SPE’s new petroleum engineering history initiative, your stories will be collected and published on the Engineering and Technology History Wiki. We are asking for two types of stories: Firsthand Histories and Topic Articles.

Firsthand Histories

Firsthand Histories are stories that record specific memories the author has of working in the petroleum engineering industry. They are personal memoirs, as opposed to a scholarly history of a topic or innovation, and tell the story of a specific event that the author experienced. Topics for Firsthand Histories can span invention, innovation, research and development, testing, education and training, a first job, or more. Firsthand Histories are informal reminiscences of past events; therefore, the style of the submission is informal, as well. They should be written in the first person, they do not require references, and they should be at least 300 words, though there is no limit to length. Download a sample Firsthand History.

Topic Articles

Topic Articles are encyclopedia-style articles that have a specific focus on a certain subject, such as a biography, the history of a certain technology, or an SPE section’s history. Other than fitting within the technical scope of SPE and its technical disciplines, the only other criterion for a Topic Article is that it must be historic in nature, either by presenting a history of the subject, or the subject in question being at least 25 years old. References are not required but can be included at the discretion of the author. Download a sample Topic Article.

To Submit an Article

  • Contributions should be submitted as a Word document.
  • Each Firsthand History or Topic Article should be submitted individually as its own Word document. 
  • Multiple Word documents may be submitted in a single email, as long as the documents are submitted to the correct email address.
  • Please include your name and the number of submissions you are contributing in your email message.
  • For Firsthand Histories, send submissions to and include “Firsthand History” in the subject line.
  • For Topic Articles, send submissions to and include “Topic Article” in the subject line.

Thank you for your submissions!