Research & Development Articles and Papers

White paper

Prepared by the R&D committee, this white paper addresses the need for increased funding of energy research and development.

Technology Tomorrow series

The year-long Tehnology Tomorrow series was published in the Journal of Petroleum Technology beginning in 2006. The SPE R&D Advisory Committee created the series to spark discussion among the entire JPT readership and include ideas that may not be in the current mainstream of thought.

Spotlight on R&D series

In 2004, the SPE R&D Advisory Committee presented the Spotlight on R&D series in the pages of the Journal of Petroleum Technology. Every other month, recognized research leaders from academia, government laboratories, and the service and operator sectors highlighted current R&D activities, with a goal of ensuring that R&D's inherent value to the industry received greater attention. The series is free for SPE members, but you will still be required to go through the "checkout" process. The cost is $10 for non-members.