Recent Papers – July 2010

The following papers on CCS-related topics have been published in SPE journals or included in OnePetro from conferences during the past three months.


Peer-Approved Papers


Lithological and Petrophysical Core-Log Interpretation in CO2SINK, the European CO2 Onshore Research Storage and Verification Project

B. Norden and A. Förster, GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences; D. Vu-Hoang, Schlumberger Riboud Product Center; F. Marcelis, Shell International; N. Springer, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland; and I. Le Nir, Services Techniques Schlumberger


Model Uncertainties and Resolution Studies With Application to Subsurface Movement of a CO2 Injection Project in the Krechba Field Using InSAR Data

J. Du, G.R. McColpin, E.J. Davis, and S. Marsic, Pinnacle – A Halliburton Service


Conference Papers


Study on Operating Parameters of CO2 Supercritical Pipelines

Changjun Li, Xia Wu, Wenlong Jia, Enbin Liu, and Kexi Liao, School of Petroleum Engineering, Southwest Petroleum University, China


Use of CO2 Containing Impurities for Miscible Enhanced Oil Recovery

John R. Wilkinson, Alana Leahy-Dios, Gary F. Teletzke, Jasper L. Dickson, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company


Experimental Study on CO2 Monitoring and Saturation with Combined P-wave Velocity and Resistivity

Jongwook Kim, Ziqiu Xue, and Toshifumi Matsuoka, Kyoto University


Effect of Gravity, Flow Rate, and Small Scale Heterogeneity on Multiphase Flow of CO2 and Brine

Chia-Wei Kuo, Jean-Christophe Perrin, and Sally M. Benson, SPE, Stanford University


Comparison of Chemical and Hysteresis CO2 Trapping in the Nugget Formation

S. H. Behzadi, SPE, University of Wyoming


A Critical Assessment of CO2 Injection Strategies in Saline Aquifers

M. Delshad, SPE, M.F. Wheeler, SPE, and X. Kong, SPE, The University of Texas at Austin


CCGS Opportunities in the Santos Basin Pre-Salt Development

Alberto Sampaio de Almeida, Saulo de Tarso Cerqueira Lima, Paulo Sergio Rocha, Ana Maria Teixeira de Andrade, Celso C. M. Branco and Antônio C. C. Pinto, Petrobras


CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery and Geologic Storage: An Overview with Technology Assessment Based on Patents and Articles

Cristina M. Quintella, SPE, LabLaser, Instituto de Química, Universidade Federal da Bahia; Campus de Ondina, Salvador, BA, Brazil, CEP: 40.170-290; Rodolfo Dino, SPE; Ana Paula Santana Musse, SPE, Petrobras/CENPES


Optimizing Oil Recovery and Carbon Dioxide Storage in Heavy Oil Reservoirs

L. Sobers T. C. LaForce , M. J. Blunt, Imperial College


Pressure Falloff Test Interpretation for Leakage Detection during CO2 Injection in a Deep Saline Aquifer

C. A. Ehlig-Economides/Texas A&M University, A. Anchliya/Chevron ETC, B. Song/Texas A&M University


Optimization of Remediation of Possible Leakage from Geologic CO2 Storage Reservoirs into Groundwater Aquifers

A. Esposito, Stanford University and S.M. Benson, Stanford University


Evaluation of the Petrophysical Properties of a Carbonate-rich Caprock for CO2 Geological Storage Purposes

Nicolas Tonnet, Daniel Broseta, SPE, University of Pau, and GĂ©rard Mouronval, Total


Water/CO2 System at High Pressure and Temperature Conditions: Measurement and Modeling of Density in Equilibrium Liquid and Vapor Phases

F. Tabasinejad, SPE, Y. Barzin, SPE, G. R. Moore, SPE, S. A. Mehta, SPE, K. C. Van Fraassen, SPE, University of Calgary, J. A. Rushing, SPE, Anadarko Petroleum Corp., K. E. Newsham, SPE, Apache Canada LTD


Static and Dynamic Estimates of CO2 Storage Capacity in Two Saline Formations in the UK

Min Jin, SPE, Gillian Pickup, SPE, Eric Mackay, SPE, Adrian Todd, SPE, Heriot-Watt University, Alison Monaghan, British Geological Survey, and Mark Naylor, University of Edinburgh


CO2 Sequestration in a Depleted Gas Field: A Material Balance Study

M. H. Stein, Premium Petroleum Consulting, A. L. Ghotekar, Avasthi & Associates, Inc., and S. M. Avasthi, Avasthi & Associates, Inc.


Comparison of Completion and Heterogeneity Effect on CO2 Sequestration in S hallow and Deep Saline Aquifers

Fang Yang,SPE, Missouri University of Science and Technology and China University of Geosciences-Beijing; Baojun Bai, SPE, Missouri University of Science and Technology; Dazhen Tang, China University of Geosciences-Beijing; Shari Dunn-Norman, SPE and David Wronkiewicz, Missouri University of Science and Technology


CO2 Sequestration Monitoring in a Low Formation Water Salinity Reservoir

Doug Murray, Yang Xing Wang, Schlumberger Oilfield Services, Tadashi Horie, INPEX Corporation, Tukasa Yoshimura, Engineering Advancement Association of Japan (ENAA) and Saeko Mito, Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth (RITE)


Simulation of Time-lapse Mineral Carbonation and Isotope Fractionation of Injected CO2 in Aquifer: Implications for Monitoring CO2 Sequestration

W. Jung, D. Yang, SPE, Texas A&M University


Hydrodynamic Trapping of CO2 Geosequestered in Saline Aquifers

Randall G. Larkin, SPE, R. G. Larkin, Consulting


Integrated Characterization and Simulation of the Fractured Tensleep Reservoir at Teapot Dome for CO2 Injection Design

A. Ouenes, Prism Seismic; T. Anderson, RMOTC; D. Klepacki, A. Bachir, D. Boukhelf, and U. Araktingi, Prism Seismic; M. Holmes, Digital Formation; and B. Black and V. Stamp, RMOTC


Newly Added Papers from Other Societies in OnePetro

NACE 10334 Materials Optimization for CO2 Transportation in CO2 Capture and Storage
Bijan Kermani, KeyTech; Federico Daguerre, Tenaris Group