Recent Papers – January 2011

The following papers on CCS-related topics have been published in SPE journals or included in OnePetro from conferences during the past three months.


Peer-Approved Papers


Using Surface Deformation To Estimate Reservoir Dilation: Strategies To Improve Accuracy

A.S. Nanayakkara, R.C.K. Wong, University of Calgary [November JCPT]


Experimental Study of Stability and Integrity of Cement in Wellbores Used for CO2 Storage

J.C. Tarco and K. Asghari, University of Regina


Conference Papers


CO2 Storage Capacity – Combining Geology, Engineering and Economics

W.G. Allinson, Y. Cinar, and P.R. Neal,  Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC) and The University of New South Wales; J. Kaldi, Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC) and The University of Adelaide; and  L. Paterson, Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC) and CSIRO Earth Science and Resource Engineering


Design Considerations to Test Sealing Capacity of Saline Aquifers

M. Zeidouni, M. Pooladi-Darvish, University of Calgary


Carbon Sequestration From Waste via Conversion to Charcoal: Equipment for a Small Scale Operation

S.C. Gupta, Cenovus Energy; A. Struyk, AST; D. Gilbert, GTEC


Wellbore Dynamics of Acid Gas Injection Well Operation

R.A. Mireault, SPE, R. Stocker, D.W. Dunn, SPE, M. Pooladi-Darvish, SPE, Fekete Associates


Geological Potential for Sequestration of CO2 as Gas Hydrate in the Alberta Portion of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

M.M. Cote, J.F. Wright, Geological Survey of Canada


Characterization of Leakage through Cap-Rock with Application to CO2 Storage in Aquifers – Single Injector and Single Monitoring Well

M. Zeidouni, M. Pooladi-Darvish, University of Calgary


A Novel Injection Well String Design to Accelerate CO2 Dissolution in Deep Saline Aquifers

M.J.Shafaei, J. Abedi, H. Hassanzedeh, J. Chen, University of Calgary


CCS: Opportunities and Obstacles for India

P. Raj, B. Mathur, S. Kumar, S. Jhalani, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University


Integrated Assessment of CO2-Enhanced Oil Recovery and Storage Capacity

Y. Zhang, SPE, L. Zhang, B. Niu, S. Ren, SPE, China University of Petroleum


Geomechanical Assessments for Underground Gas Storage and CO2 Sequestration in Depleted Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

Zhi Fang, SPE, and Abbas Khaksar, SPE, Baker RDS


Rapid Estimation of Carbon Dioxide Compressibility Factor Using Simple Predictive Tool

A. Bahadori and H.B. Vuthaluru, Curtin University of Technology


Depositional Environments Being Investigated by the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) for Potential Geologic Storage of CO2

Brian Dressel (USDOE, NETL), David Olsen (NISC-an IBM company), Bruce Brown (USDOE, NETL), Sean Plasynski (USDOE, NETL) and John Litynksi (USDOE, NETL)


The Effect of Pressure and Temperature on Brine-CO2 Relative Permeability and IFT at Reservoir Conditions

Ning Liu, Sachin Ghorpade, Lee Harris, Liangxiong Li, Reid Grigg, Robert Lee, Petroleum Recovery and Research Center, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology


CO2 Storage as Hydrate in Depleted Gas Reservoirs

O.Y. Zatsepina, University of Calgary; M. Pooladi-Darvish, SPE, Fekete Associates


Environmental Assessment of CO2 Storage Site: Specific Monitoring Program and Study Needed to Assess Environmental Impacts

N. Quisel, SPE, N. Rampnoux, S. Thomas, Veolia Environment


The Effect of Heterogeneity on the Character of Density-Driven Natural Convection of CO2 Overlying a Brine Layer

R. Farajzadeh, SPE and Shell International Exploration and Production, P. Ranganathan, SPE, P.L.J. Zitha, SPE, and J. Bruining, SPE, Delft University of Technology


Analytical Solutions for Mixed CO2-water Injection in Geothermal Reservoirs

Helmut Wahanik, Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada; Ali Akbar Eftekhari, Delft University of Technology; J. Bruining, SPE, Delft University of Technology; Dan Marchesin, Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada; Karl Heinz Wolf, Delft University of Technology


Well Integrity and Workover Candidates for Existing Wells in the Wabamun Area CO2 Sequestration Project (WASP)

Runar Nygaard / Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rob Lavoie / Calpetra


Evaluation of the Potential of Microbial Conversion Process of CO2 into CH4 by Investigating the Microorganisms in High-CO2 Content Oilfield

Y. Sugai, SPE, I.A. Purwasena, SPE, K. Sasaki, SPE, Kyushu University; K. Fujiwara, SPE, Chugai Technos; C. Ji, PetroChina; K. Okatsu, SPE, Japan Oil, Gas & Metals National


Numerical Simulation on CO2 Sequestration in Saline Formations With Natural or Hydraulic Fractures Using a Discrete Modeling Approach

X. Liu, B. Gong, D. Huo, Peking University


CO2 Storage in Saline Aquifers: Design of a Demonstration Project to Dispose CO2 Associated With Natural Gas Fields in South China Sea

L. Zhang, SPE, Y. Zhang, SPE, China University of Petroleum; H.G. Mi, China National Offshore Oil; S.R. Ren, SPE, China University of Petroleum; Y.X. Ma, China National Offshore Oil


Costs of CO2 Transport and Injection in Australia

P.R. Neal, W. Hou, W.G. Allinson and Y. Cinar, Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC) and The University of New South Wales


Numerical Simulation on CO2 Leakage through Fractures along Wells Using Discrete Fracture Modeling

Da Huo, Bin Gong, Peking University


Drilling and Completion Challenges and Remedies of CO2 Injected Wells with Emphasis to Mitigate Well Integrity Issues

M. M. Hossain, Curtin University, and M. M. Amro, TU Bergakademie


Effects of CO2 Density and Solubility on Storage Behavior in Saline Aquifers

T. Takasawa, SPE, T. Kawamura, SPE, and N. Arihara, SPE, Waseda University


Impact of Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in Gas/Condensate Reservoirs

R.Ramharack, K. Aminian, and S.Ameri, West Virginia University


Newly Added Papers from Other Societies in OnePetro

NACE 10334 Materials Optimization for CO2 Transportation in CO2 Capture and Storage

Bijan Kermani, KeyTech; Federico Daguerre, Tenaris Group