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Recent Papers – July 2011

The following papers on CCS-related topics have been published in SPE journals or included in OnePetro from conferences during the past three months.


Peer-Approved Papers


Net CO2 Stored in North American EOR Projects

J. Faltinson, Alberta Innovates--Technology Futures, and B. Gunter, G. Bach Enterprises Incorporated


Well-Integrity Assessment and Assurance: The Operational Approach for Three CO2 Storage Fields in Italy

P. D'Alesio, SPE, ProEnergy; and R. Poloni, P. Valente, and P.A. Magarini, Eni Exploration and Production


Conference Papers


Comparing the Effects of Pipe Diameter on Flow Capacity of a CO2 Pipeline

L. Ikeh and J.M. Race, University of Newcastle Upon-Tyne, United Kingdom; and A.G. Aminu, PTDF Abuja


An Improved Estimation of the Storage Capacity of Potential Geologic Carbon-Sequestration Sites

Kazeem A. Lawal, Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company


Pre-Combustion Capture of CO2 from Synthesis Gas Mixture CO2/H2 Using Hydrate Formation

J. Gholinezhad, SPE; A. Chapoy; H. Haghighi1; B. Tohidi, SPE, Centre for Gas Hydrate Research, Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh EH14 4AS, UK


Permeability Change During CO2 Injection in Carbonate Rock: A Coreflood Study

I.M. Mohamed, J. He, and H.A. Nasr-El-Din, SPE, Texas A&M University


Sulfate Precipitation During CO2 Sequestration in Carbonate Rock

I.M. Mohamed, J. He, and H.A. Nasr-El-Din, SPE, Texas A&M University


Newly Added Papers from Other Societies in OnePetro

OTC 21995 Carbon Capture and Sequestration: Ascertaining CO2 Storage Potential, Offshore New Jersey, USA

Alan Lee Brown, Eric H. Berlin, Robert J. Butsch, Ozgur Senel, Joseph Mills, and Arutchelvi Harichandran; Schlumberger Carbon Services; James Wang, Schlumberger Data Consulting Services

OTC 21990 The Costs and Benefits of Carbon Capture and Storage

Khosrow Biglarbigi, INTEK Inc., Hitesh Mohan, INTEK Inc., Marshall Carolus, INTEK Inc.

OTC 21987 Carbon Capture and Sequestration: The U.S. Department of Energy's R&D Efforts to Characterize Opportunities for Deep Geologic Storage of Carbon Dioxide in Offshore Resources

J.T. Litynski and B.M. Brown National Energy Technology Laboratory, and D.M. Vikara and R.D. Srivastava, KeyLogic Systems