Recent Papers – November 2011

The following papers on CCS-related topics have been published in SPE journals or included in OnePetro from conferences during the past three months.


Peer-Approved Papers


Quantifying the Risk of CO2 Leakage Through Wellbores

M. Loizzo, SPE, O.A.P. Akemu, SPE, L. Jammes, SPE, and J. Desroches, SPE, Schlumberger Carbon Services; and S. Lombardi and A. Annunziatellis, University di Roma


The Effect of CO2-Saturated Brine on the Conductivity of Wellbore-Cement Fractures

T. Yalcinkaya, M. Rodinjic, and R.G. Hughes, SPE, and C.S. Wilson and K. Ham, Louisiana State University


Conference Papers


Numerical Simulation Model of Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide in Onshore Gippsland Basin, Victoria

A. T. Bu Alia, M. Alalia, M. Alzaida, M. Buncha,b, and S. Menacherrya, University of Adelaide, The CRC for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC)


Carbon Capture For Enhanced Oil Recovery In Niger Delta: A Case Study of Okota/Okpoputa Field In Offshore Niger Delta

Odesa, David, Nigerian Petroleum Development Company Ltd. and Adewale, Dosumnu, U. of Port Harcourt


CO2 Leakage Prevention Technologies

Paul Emeka Eke, SPE, Peprime Limited & Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage Centre, Mark Naylor, Stuart Haszeldine and Andrew Curtis, Scottish Carbon


Design of Simultaneous Enhanced Oil Recovery and Carbon Dioxide Storage Applied to a Heavy Oil Field Offshore Trinidad

Lorraine E. Sobers, Martin J. Blunt, Tara C. LaForce, SPE, Imperial College


Coreflood Measurements of CO2 Trapping

Rehab M. El-Maghraby, SPE, Christopher H Pentland, SPE, Martin J. Blunt, SPE, Imperial College


Interpretation of CO2 Sequestration-Induced Surface Deformation over KB-502 at Krechba, Algeria

Eric Davis, SPE, Pinnacle


Selecting Location for CO2 Storage in Indonesia: Risk Assessment on a Basinal Scale

Donatus Hendra Amijaya, Gadjah Mada University


Strategies for Minimising Carbon Emissions from Facilities whilst Improving Opex

Mike Guinee, Performance Improvements (PI) Ltd.


Investigation of Geomechanical Responses of Reservoirs Induced by Carbon Dioxide Storage

Kenneth I. Eshiet, Yong Sheng, Civil Engineering, University of Leeds, United Kingdom


An Improved Estimation of the Storage Capacity of Potential Geologic Carbon-Sequestration Sites

Kazeem A. Lawal, Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company


CO2 EOR and Sequestration in a Depleted Gas-Condensate Reservoir: UKNS Case Study

Obuekwe Mogbo, SPE, Imperial College