Recent Papers – April 2011

The following papers on CCS-related topics have been published in SPE journals or included in OnePetro from conferences during the past three months.


Peer-Approved Papers


CO2/Brine Surface Dissolution and Injection: CO2 Storage Enhancement

Paul Emeka Eke, SPE, Mark Naylor, Stuart Haszeldine, and Andrew Curtis, University of Edinburgh


Conference Papers


CO2 EOR From Representative North Sea Oil Reservoirs

I. Akervoll, P. Eirik Bergmo, Sintef


Overview of the Midwest Geologic Sequestration Consortium Pilot Projects

S.M. Frailey, R.J. Finley, Illinois State Geological Survey


Novel CO2 Capture Process Suitable for Near-Term CO2 EOR

R. Jain, InnoSepra


Efficient Investigation of Uncertainties in Flood Design Parameters for Coupled CO2 Sequestration and Enhanced Oil Recovery

Y. Ghomian, SPE, K. Sepehrnoori, SPE, G.A. Pope, SPE, The University of Texas at Austin


The Dynamic Aspect of Formation-Storage Use for CO2 Sequestration

M. Winkler, R. Abernethy, M. Nicolo, H. Huang, A. Wang, S. Zhang, A. Simone, C. Clark, S Crouch, H. De Groot, R. El Mahdy, M. Smith, S. Malik, S. Bourne, R. Pierpont, V. Hugonet, Shell


Risk Assessment as a Framework for Decisions on Research and Data-Collection for Nuclear-Waste Repositories With Application to Carbon Sequestration Monitoring

R. P. Rechard, S.A. McKenna, D.J. Borns, Sandia National Laboratories


Enhanced Gas Recovery and CO2 Storage in Coalbed-Methane Reservoirs: Optimized Injected-Gas Composition for Mature Basins of Various Coal Rank

Karine Schepers, SPE; Anne Oudinot, SPE; Advanced Resources International, Inc.; Nino Ripepi, SPE; Virginia Center for Coal and Energy Research


Above-Zone Pressure Monitoring as a Surveillance Tool for Carbon-Sequestration Projects

T.A. Meckel, S.D. Hovorka, The University of Texas at Austin


Influence of Thermo-Elastic Stress on CO2 Injection Induced Fractures During Storage

Zhiyuan Luo, SPE, and Steven L. Bryant, SPE, The University of Texas at Austin


Storing CO2 With Next-Generation CO2-EOR Technology

R.C. Ferguson, V.A. Kuuskraa, T.S. Van Leeuwen, Advanced Resources International; D. Remson, US Department of Energy, NETL


Perspectives on CCS Cost and Economics

H.S. Kheshgi, SPE, N.A. Bhore, R.B. Hirsch, M.E. Parker, G.F. Teletzke, SPE, H. Thomann, ExxonMobil


Experimental Evaluation of the Flue-Gas Injection of Barrancabermeja Refinery as EOR Method

J.E. Rivera De La Ossa, Ecopetrol; A. Bejarano Wallens, SPS Oil; A. Florez Anaya, Pacific Rubiales; N.S. Santos, Universidad Industrial de Santander


The Effect of CO2-Saturated Brine on the Conductivity of Wellbore-Cement Fractures

Tevfik Yalcinkaya, SPE, Mileva Radonjic, Richard G. Hughes, SPE, Clinton S.Willson, Kyungmin Ham, Louisiana State University


Impurities in CO2-Rich Mixtures Impact CO2 Pipeline Design: Implications for Calculating CO2 Transport Capacity

W. Jung, SPE, Texas A&M University and J.-P. Nicot, SPE, The University of Texas at Austin


Predicting the Migration of CO2 Plume Using Injection Data and a Distance-Metric Approach to Reservoir-Model Selection

S. Bhowmik, S. Srinivasan, S.L. Bryant, University of Texas at Austin


Thermal Aspects of Geomechanics and Induced Fracturing in CO2 Injection With Application to CO2 Sequestration in Ohio River Valley

S. Goodarzi, A. Settari, U of Calgary, M. Zoback, Stanford U, D.W. Keith, U of Calgary


CO2 and C1 Gas Injection for Enhanced Oil Recovery in Fractured Reservoirs

H.Karimaie, SPE and O. Torsæter, SPE, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)


Numerical Simulation and Modeling of Enhanced Gas Recovery and CO2 Sequestration in Shale Gas Reservoirs: A Feasibility Study

A. Kalantari-Dahaghi, SPE, West Virginia University


Saline Reservoir Storage in an Active Oil Field: Extracting Maximum Value From Existing Data for Initial Site Characterization; Southeast Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership (SECARB) Phase III

R. Petrusak, SPE, S. Cyphers, SPE, S. Bumgardner, SPE, Advanced Resources International; D. Hills, J. Pashin, Geological Survey of Alabama; R. Esposito, Southern Company


Assessment of Leakage Pathways Along a Cemented Annulus

L. Deremble, M. Loizzo, B. Huet, B. Lecampion, D. Quesada, Schlumberger


Use of CO2 in Heavy-Oil Waterflooding

M. Nasehi, IPAC-CO2; K. Asghari, University of Regina


A Survey of CO2-EOR and CO2 Storage Project Costs

C. Jablonowski, SPE, A. Singh, The University of Texas at Austin


Use of a mechanistic model to forecast cement-sheath integrity for CO2 storage

A-P. Bois, CurisTec; A. Garnier, G. Galdiolo, J-B. Laudet, Total


Tertiary Oil Recovery and CO2 Sequestration by Carbonated Water Injection (CWI)

N.I. Kechut, SPE, M. Riazi, SPE, M. Sohrabi, SPE, M. Jamiolahmady, SPE, Heriot Watt University


Effects of CO2 Storage in Saline Aquifers on Groundwater Supplies

J.E. Kalunka, T.C. LaForce, M.J. Blunt, Imperial College


Capture and Sequestration of CO2 Produced by In-Situ Combustion Pilot Project, Orinoco Oil Belt, Venezuela: A Mineral Carbonation Laboratory Assessment

M. Perez, M. Barrios, P. Vasquez, R. Losada, M. Salcedo, H. Perozo, P. Ortega, M. Diaz, PDVSA


Optimization of Geologic CO2 Storage in Heterogeneous Aquifers through Improved Sweep Efficiency

H. Shamshiri, SPE, B. Jafarpour, SPE, Texas A&M University


Retardation of CO2 Migration due to Capillary Pressure Hysteresis: a New CO2 Trapping Mechanism

Y. B. Altundas, T. S. Ramakrishnan, Nikita Chugunov, and Romain de Loubens, Schlumberger-Doll Research


Quantifying the Risk of CO2 Leakage Through Wellbores

M. Loizzo, SPE, O.A.P. Akemu, SPE, L. Jammes, SPE, J. Desroches, SPE, Schlumberger; S. Lombardi, A. Annunziatellis, Sapienza Unviersity of Rome


Considerations for the Implementation of the New Underground Injection Control Program for Carbon Dioxide Geologic Sequestration

J. Koplos, SPE, The Cadmus Group; J. Nogi, Bruce Kobelski, US Environmental Protection Agency


Unique CO2-Injection Experience in the Bati Raman Field May Lead to a Proposal of EOR/Sequestration CO2 Network in the Middle East

S. Sahin, U. Kalfa, D. Celebioglu, Turkish Petroleum


Interpretation of CO2-Sequestration-Induced Surface Deformation at Krechba, Algeria

E.J. Davis, SPE, S.D. Marsic, Pinnacle


Jiangsu Oil Field Carbon Dioxide Cyclic Stimulation Operations: Lessons Learned and Experiences Gained

F. Yang, SPE, J. Deng, Y. Xue, SPE, Jiangsu Oilfield


Multiphase Analysis for CO2: Water/Mixed-Gas Adsorption on Coals

S.A. Mohammad, R.L. Robinson, Jr., K.A.M. Gasem, Oklahoma State University


The Significance of Caprock Sealing Integrity for CO2 Storage

A. Busch, Shell; A. Amann, P. Bertier, M. Waschbusch, B.M. Krooss, RWTH Aachen University


Effect of Aquifer Heterogeneity, Brine Withdrawal, and Well-Completion Strategy on CO2 Injectivity in Shallow Saline Aquifer

O.M. Tiamiyu, R. Nygaard, SPE, B. Bai, SPE, Missouri University of Science and Technology


Experimental Study on Optimum Half-Cycle Slug Size of Water Alternating Gas Under Tertiary Miscible Carbon Dioxide Flooding

L. Nuryaningsih, H. Jiang, SPE, H. Adidharma, SPE, University of Wyoming


Permeability Estimation for Large-Scale Potential CO2 Leakage Paths in Wells Using a Sustained-Casing-Pressure Model

Qing Tao, SPE, Dean Checkai, SPE, Steven L. Bryant, SPE, The University of Texas at Austin


Design, Operations, and Interpretation of CO2 and Water Injection Test in Low-Permeability Saline Aquifer

Viren Kumar* (Shell Technology India Private Limited), Andrew Garnett (Zerogen Private Limited), Giridhar Kumar (Shell Technology India Private Limited), Simon James (Shell Technology India Private Limited), Bhaskar Trivedi (Shell Technology India Private Limited), Sarita Salunke (Shell Technology India Private Limited), Narsimha Rao (Shell Technology India Private Limited)


CCS and CO2-Storage Possibilities in Hungary

P. Kubus, SPE, MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas


Improving the Recovery of CO2 Injection in Sarkan Oil Field Reservoir in Iran by Selecting the Reasonable Dispersivity Coefficient for Injection Process

M. Kamalipour, Iranian Central Oil Field; S.M. Farouq Ali, Heavy Oil Recover Technology; A. Shahrabadi, Research Institute of Petroleum Industry; M. Jamialahmadi, J. Nabimeybodiy, University of Louisiana; A. Jannat Rostami, Iranian Central Oil Field


Experimental and Numerical Simulation of CO2 Injection Into Upper-Triassic Sandstones in Svalbard, Norway

R. Farokhpoor, O.Torsæter, T.Baghbanbashi, NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology); A. Mork, E.G.B. Lindeberg, Sintef


Corrosion and Selection of Alloys for CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) Systems: Current Challenges

B. Chambers, Honeywell Corrosion Solutions; R. Kane, iCorrosion; M. Yunovich, Honeywell Corrosion Solutions


Use of Time-Lapse Seismic Data for Heterogeneity Characterization During CO2 Sequestration in Saline Aquifers

A. Rey, S.V. Taware, A. Datta-Gupta, Texas A&M University


Life Beyond 80: A Look at Conventional WAG Recovery Beyond 80% HCPV Injected in CO2 Tertiary Floods

D.H. Merchant, SPE, Merchant Consulting


Improved Stress-Anisotropy Characterization Through Casing in a 42-Year-Old Well Using Sonic and Cement/Borehole Imaging Data

U. Miersemann, Schlumberger; P. Marchina, Total; C. Prinet, Total Exploration Production; M. Loizzo, Schlumberger


CO2-Storage Engineering: Real Solutions to Real Problems

V.A. Kuuskraa, G.J. Koperna, K.C. Schepers, Advanced Resources International


Evaluating Old Wells for Conversion to CO2 Injectors: Experience From the Rousse Field

U. Miersemann, M. Loizzo, Schlumberger; P. Lamy, Total Exploration Production


CO2 Sequestration in Deepwater Subseabed Formations

N. Pilisi, SPE, I. Ceyhan, S. Vasantharajan, SPE, Blade Energy Partners


Multicomponent Seismic Monitoring of CO2-Enhanced Oil Recovery

R.D. Benson, SPE, Colorado School of Mines


An Integrated Geomechanics Workflow for Caprock-Integrity Analysis of a Potential Carbon Storage

S. Khan, SPE, H. Han, S. Ansari, SPE, N. Khosravi, Schlumberger


Increasing CO2-Storage Efficiency Through a CO2 Brine-Displacement Approach

Oyewande Akinnikawe, Anish Chaudhary, Oscar Vasquez, Chijioke Enih, and Christine A. Ehlig-Economides, Texas A&M University


Techno-Economic Modeling & Conceptual Design Optimization of CCS Facilities using Value Engineering and Multi-Objective Stochastic Algorithm

Mounir Mossolly MSc. AVS - Requisition Engineer (Machinery & Packages) / Technip


Measurement of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Capillary Trapping in Core Analysis

C.H. Pentland, SPE, S. Iglauer, SPE, R. El-Maghraby, SPE, Imperial College; Y. Tsuchiya, H. Okabe, SPE, Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National; M.J. Blunt, SPE, Imperial College


Advancements in Technology and Process Approach Reduce Cost and Increase Performance of CO2-Flow Monitoring and Remediation

R.E. Sweatman, Halliburton; S.D. Marsic, G.R. McColpin, Pinnacle


Investigation of CO2 Diffusivity in Heavy Oil Using X-Ray Computer-Assisted Tomography Under Reservoir Conditions

L. Song, SPE, A.Kantzas, SPE, University of Calgary; J.L. Bryan, SPE, TIPM Laboratory


Supercritical CO2/Methane Relative Permeability Investigation

H.H. Sidiq, R. Amin, SPE, Curtin University


Design of CO2 Dehydration and Compression Facilities

Satish Kumar, Othman Zarzour and Graeme King, Masdar Carbon, Abu Dhabi, UAE


Capacity and Constraints for Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in Aquifers and Depleted Oil/Gas Reservoirs in Carbonate Environment

Anuj Gupta, Texas A&M University, Qatar


Discrete Modeling and Simulation on Potential Leakage through Fractures in CO2 Sequestration

Da Huo, Bin Gong, Peking U.


Wellbore Dynamics of Carbon-Sequestration Injection Well Operation

R. Mireault, SPE, R. Stocker, D. Dunn, SPE, M. Pooladi-Darvish, SPE, Fekete Associates


The Italian Contribution to the European Initiative for the Capture, Transport, and Storage of CO2

G. Cau, U. of Cagliari; G. Girardi, ENEA, Italy; P. Macini, SPE, and E. Mesini, SPE, U. of Bologna; and S. Persoglia, OGS, Italy


Assessing the Underground CO2 Storage Potential in a Highly Populated and Industrialized Area: The Case of Lombardia Region (Italy)

P. Macini, SPE, and E. Mesini, SPE, U. of Bologna, Italy; F. Moia and R. Guandalini, Erse, Italy; and D. Savoca, SPE, Environmental Quality Dept, Regione Lombardia, Italy


Simple-to-use Predictive Tool for an Accurate Estimation of the Water Content of CO2

A. Bahadori, M. Maddahi and H. B. Vuthaluru, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, WA, Australia


Energy and Environment: The Ultimate Test of E&P Intelligence

Pieter Kapteijn, SPE, Maersk Oil, Copenhagen, Denmark

Cement-Sheath Wellbore Integrity for CO2 Injection and Storage Wells

Koji Takase, Japan CCS Co., Ltd; Yogesh Barhate and Hiroyuki Hashimoto, SPE, Halliburton; and Siddhartha F. Lunkad, Formerly Halliburton


CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery And Geologic Storage: An Overview with Technology Assessment Based on Patents and Articles

Cristina M. Quintella, SPE, LabLaser, Instituto de Química, Universidade Federal da Bahia; Campus de Ondina, Salvador, BA, Brazil, CEP: 40.170-290; Rodolfo Dino, SPE; Ana Paula Santana Musse, SPE, Petrobras/CENPES


Newly Added Papers from Other Societies in OnePetro

ARMA 10-307

A Study of Injection-Induced Mechanical Deformation At the In Salah CO2 Storage Project

J.P.Morris, Now at Schlumberger Doll Research Center, One Hampshire St, Cambridge; Y.Hao, W.Foxall, W.McNab, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore