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Recent Papers – April 2012

The following papers on CCS-related topics have been published in SPE journals or included in OnePetro from conferences during the past three months.


Peer-Approved Papers


Analysis of a Model for Anomalous-Diffusion Behavior of CO2 in the Macromolecular-Network Structure of Coal

Mazumder, Saikat; Mazumder, Saikat; Vermolen, Fred;Vermolen, Fred; Bruining, Johannes; Bruining, Johannes


Injection of Supercritical CO2 Into Deep Saline Carbonate Formations: Predictions From Geochemical Modeling

G. Zhang, C. Taberner and L. Cartwright, Shell International Exploration and Production; and T. Xu, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Gas-Compositional Effects on Mineralogical Reactions in Carbon Dioxide Sequestration

Prashanth Mandalaparty, Milind Deo, and Joseph Moore, University of Utah


Computational Studies of Two-Pase Cement/CO2/Brine Interaction in Wellbore Environments

J. William Carey and Peter C. Lichtner, Los Alamos National Laboratory


CO2 Injection Performance in the Frutiland Coal Fairway, San Juan Basin: Results of a Field Pilot

Anne Y. Oudinot, SPE, and George J. Koperna Jr., SPE, Advanced Resources International, Inc.; Zeno G. Philip, SPE, Halliburton; Ning Liu, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology; Jason E. Heath, SPE, Sandia National Laboratories; Arthur Wells, US Department of Energy NETL; Genevieve B. Young, SPE, BG Group; and Tom Wilson, West Virginia University


Carbon Dioxide Storage Capacity of Organic-Rich Shales

S.M. Kang, E. Fathi, R.J. Ambrose, I.Y. Akkutlu, and R.F. Sigal, The University of Oklahoma


Storage of CO2 as Hydrate in Depleted Gas Reservoirs

Olga Ye. Zatsepina, University of Calgary, and Mehran Pooladi-Darvish, University of Calgary and Fekete Associates


Unique CO2-Injection Experience in the Bati Raman Field May Lead to a Proposal of EOR/Sequestration CO2 Network in the Middle East

S. Sahin, U. Kalfa, and D. Celebioglu, Turkish Petroleum Corporation


Perspectives on CCS Cost and Economics

H.S. Kheshgi, SPE, and H. Thomann, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company; N.A. Bhore, Exxon Mobil Corporation; R.B. Hirsch, ExxonMobil Gas and Power Marketing Company; M.E. Parker, ExxonMobil Production Company; and G.F. Teletzke, SPE, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company


Decision Criteria for Climate Projects

P. Osmundsen, University of Stavanger, and M. Emhjellen, Petoro A/S


Geologic Heterogeneity and Economic Uncertainty of Subsurface Carbon Dioxide Storage

J.E. Heath, SPE, P.H. Kobos, J.D. Roach, T.A. Dewers, SPE, and S.A. McKenna, Sandia National Laboratories


Conference Papers


An Innovative and Cost Effective CO2 Capture Technology and MPC Technology

R.T. Tang, CEFCO Global Clean Energy; A. Sanyal, International Environmental & Energy Consultants


Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in Sandstone Aquifers: How Does It Affect the Permeability?

I.M. Mohamed, SPE, J. He, SPE, H.A. Nasr-El-Din, SPE, Texas A&M University


Modeling CO2 Injection Including Diffusion in a Fractured-Chalk Experiment with Initial Water Saturation

S.A. Alavian, PERA, C.H. Whitson, NTNU/PERA


Laboratory Measurements of CO2-H2O Interfacial Tension at HP/HT Conditions: Implications for CO2 Sequestration in Deep Aquifers

A. Shariat, SPE, R.G. Moore, SPE, S.A. Mehta, SPE, K.C. Van Fraassen, SPE, University of Calgary; K.E. Newsham, SPE, J.A. Rushing, SPE, Apache


Safety Aspects of Processing Carbon Dioxide for CCS and CO2-EOR Projects

Hisham Saadawi ADCO, Abu Dhabi, UAE


Assessment of CO2 EOR and Its Geo-Storage Potential in Mature Oil Reservoirs, Changqing Oil Field, China

Xinwei Liao, SPE, China University of Petroleum-Beijing, Chunning Gao, Pingcang Wu, Changqing Oil Field, Petrochina, Kun Su, China University of Petroleum-Beijing, Yangnan Shangguan, Changqing Oil Field, Petrochina


Study of the CO2 Injection, Storage, and Sequestration in Depleted M4 Carbonate Gas Condensate Reservoir, Malaysia

Mohd Azran Abd Jalil, Rahim Masoudi, Nasir H. Darman, Mohamad Othman, SPE, PETRONAS


Numerical and Analytical Optimization of Injection Rate During CO2-EOR and -Sequestration Processes

E. Ghoodjani, SPE, S.H. Bolouri, SPE, EOR Research Institute of NIOC


An Assessment of a CO2 Flood for EOR and Sequestration Benefits in the Ordos Basin, Northwest China

X. Ran, Y. Zhao, Petrochina; X. Liao, SPE, China University of Petroleum


An Efficient IMPES-Based, Shifting Matrix Algorithm To Simulate Two-Phase, Immiscible Flow in Porous Media With Application to CO2 Sequestration in the Subsurface

A. Salama, S. Sun, M.F. El Amin, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology


Lessons Learned from Practical Application of Geochemical Monitoring Methodology to CO2 Storage Site: Specific Case of Claye-Souilly project, Paris Basin, France

P. De Donato, J. Pironon, O. Barres, J. Sausse, Universite de Lorraine; N. Quisel, S. Thomas, Veolia Environnement Recherche & Innovation; Z. Pokryszka, Ineris; A. Laurent, Solexperts


NEMS-CTS: A Model and Framework for Comprehensive Assessment of CCS and Infrastructure

C.A. Zelek, R.A. Geisbrecht, T.C. Grant, National Energy Technology Laboratory; L.A. Goudarzi, K.M. Callahan, OnLocation; W. M. Babuich, MRIGlobalAndrew


Infrastructure Analysis for Geologic CO2 Storage Applications in the Arches Province of the Midwest United States

Joel Sminchak, Shawn Majors, Srikanta Mishra, and Yagna Oruganti, Battelle, Columbus, Ohio, USA


Integrally Geared Centrifugal Compressors for High-Pressure CO2

C. Wacker, K.Kisor, MAN Diesel & Turbo


Determining the Applicability of Carbon Capture and Storage Under Best Available Control Technologies (BACT) for Any New or Modified Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) Permits for Electric Generation

S.M. Carpenter, Advanced Resources International


The Case for CCS as a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

S.M. Carpenter, Advanced Resources International


Feasibility of Transportation and Geologic Sequestration of Carbon in the Florida Panhandle

B.K. Poiencot, C.J. Brown, University of North Florida; R. Esposito, Southern Company


NETL CO2 Injection and Storage Cost Model

T.C. Grant, D. Morgan, US DOE/National Energy Technology Laboratory; M. Godec, R. Lawrence, Advanced Resources International; J. Valenstein, R. Murray, Booz Allen Hamilton


Flow Simulation of CO2 Storage in Saline Aquifers Using a Black Oil Simulator

Seyed Mohammad Shariatipour, SPE, G.E. Pickup, SPE, E.J. Mackay, SPE, Heriot-Watt University and N. Heinemann, University of Edinburgh


Dynamic Response of Monoethanolamine (MEA) CO2 Capture Units

R. Brasington, H. Herzog, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Canadian Oil Sands Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting Programs: Source, Scope, and Enforcement

P. Sametz, J. Beaudry, Connacher Oil and Gas; C. Crawford, Stantec Consulting


Radiative Forcing Due to Reduction in Albedo by New Zealand Pasture/Forest and Equivalent CO2 Absorption

Kailash Prasad Thakur and Donna Giltrap, Landcare Research, Palmerston North, New Zealand; Ashish Raj, Cornell University, USA


CO2 Capture Technology by Using Semi-clathrate Hydrates

H. Ida, M. Ono, N. Takasu, JFE Engineering; T. Ebinuma, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science/Technology


Assessment of Top Gas Recycling Blast Furnace: A Technology To Reduce CO2 Emissions in the Steelmaking Industry

K. Afanga, O. Mirgaux, F. Patisson, Nancy University


Formation Damage Due to CO2 Sequestration in Deep Saline Carbonate Aquifers

I.M. Mohamed, and H.A. Nasr-El-Din, Texas A&M University, all SPE members


Development of a Risk Register for an Integrated Carbon Capture and Storage Project

J.E. Aarnes, DNV; G. Hill, Southern States Energy Board


Simulation Study of CO2-Assisted Waterflooding for Enhanced Heavy Oil Recovery and Geological Storage

M. Derakhshanfar, M. Nasehi, SPE, IPAC-CO2 Research Inc., K. Asghari, SPE, Husky Energy Inc


Global Energy Management System

Brian D. Eidt, ExxonMobil


A Sensible Route to Energy Efficiency Improvement and GHG Management in the Steel Industry

J. Cao, M. Lanyi, J. Terrible, Air Products and Chemicals; R. Vaynshteyn, Danieli Corus; S. Van Dyke, M. Schott, UOP


The SECARB Anthropogenic Test: The First US Integrated Capture, Transportation, and Storage Test

G.J. Koperna, V.A. Kuuskraa, D.e. Riestenberg, Advanced Resources International; R. Rhudy, R. Trautz, Electric Power Research Institute; G. Hill, Southern States Energy Board; R.A. Esposito, Southern Company


Comparison of Brine Production Scenarios for Geologic Carbon Sequestration Operations

K.W. Bandilla, B. Court, T.R. Elliot, M.A. Celia, Princeton University


Evaluation of Large-Scale Geologic Carbon Sequestration Potential in the Virginia Piedmont and Coastal Plain

B. Roth, Virginia Center for Coal and Energy Research; K. Hernon, W. Lassetter, Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy; N. Ripepi, Virginia Center for Coal and Energy Research


Assessing the Cost of Carbon Capture and Storage--Users Beware

E.S. Rubin, Carnegie Mellon University


Dynamics of CO2 Transport and Injection Strategies in a Depleted Gas Field

J. Veltin, S.P.C. Belfroid, TNO


The Smart Green": A New Model for the Optimal Carbon Management"

L. Pinto, Member, IEEE and P. Leite, Member, IEEE


Implementing Simulation and Artificial Intelligence Tools To Optimize the Performance of the CO2 Sequestration in Coalbed Methane Reservoirs

M. Mohammadpoor, SPE, A. Qazvini Firouz, SPE, and F. Torabi, SPE, University of Regina


Northwest Java and East Natuna Field: Perspective To Apply Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in Indonesia

B.T.H. Marbun, S.Z. Sinaga, H.S. Lie, A. Promediaz, Institut Teknologi Bandung


Carbon Accounting Protocol in Construction

X. Liu, S. Hsu, Q. Cui, University of Maryland


Energy Efficiency and GHG Emissions for Alternative Iron- and Steelmaking Process Technologies

Y. Gordon, M. Freislich, S. Kumar, Hatch


The Effects of Anisotropy and Heterogeneity on CO2 Dissolution in Deep Saline Aquifers

Amir Taheri, SPE, NTNU, Dag Wessel-Berg, SPE, Sintef Petroleum Research, Ole Torsæter, Mansour Soroush, SPE, NTNU


A Risk-Based Monitoring Plan for the Fort Nelson Feasibility Project

C.D. Gorecki, J.A. Sorensen, R.J. Klapperich, L.S. Botnen, E.N. Steadman, J.A. Harju, Energy & Environmental Research Center


Coupled CO2 Sequestration and Energy Production From Geopressured-Geothermal Aquifers

Reza Ganjdanesh, SPE, Steven L. Bryant, SPE, Raymond L. Orbach, Gary A. Pope, SPE, Kamy Sepehrnoori, SPE, The University of Texas at Austin


Optimal Control of Injection/Extraction Wells for the Surface Dissolution CO2 Storage Strategy

Qing Tao and Steven L. Bryant, The University of Texas at Austin


CO2 Capture Using Advanced Carbon Sorbents

G. Krishnan, M. Hornbostel, J. Bao, A. Sanjurjo, SRI International; J. Sweeney, D. Carruthers, M. Petruska, ATMI


Viability of CO2 Injection and Storage in Deepwater Subseabed Formations: Case Studies

N. Pilisi, D. Ghorbani, Blade Energy Partners


CO2 Sequestration in Deepwater Sediments: Optimization and Parametric Studies

D. Ghorbani, N. Pilisi, S. Vasantharajan, Blade Energy Partners


Greenhouse Gas Reporting for Geologic Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide

M. de Figueiredo, L. Bacanskas, M. Kolian, US Environmental Protection Agency


Large Volume of CO2 Injection at the Cranfield, Early Field Test of the SECARB Phase III: Near-Surface Monitoring

C. Yang, K. Romanak, The University of Texas at Austin; R.M. Holt, The University of Mississippi; J. Lindner, L. Smith, Mississippi State University; R. Trevino, The University of Texas at Austin; F. Roecker, Y. Xia, J. Rickerts, Mississippi State University; S. Horvorka, The University of Texas at Austin


Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS): Context and Contrasts of Voluntary and Mandatory Reporting in the US

K. Ritter, S. Crookshank, American Petroleum Institute; M. Lev-on, The LEVON Group; T. Shires, URS


Impact of CO<sub>2</sub> Emissions Policy and System Configuration on Optimal Operation of an Integrated Fossil-Renewable Energy Park

C.A. Kang, SPE, A.R. Brandt, SPE, L.J. Durlofsky, SPE, Department of Energy Resources Engineering, Stanford University


CO2 Injection in a Saline Formation: How Do Additional Data Change Uncertainties in Our Reservoir Simulation Predictions?

Ozgur Senel, SPE, Schlumberger Carbon Services and Nikita Chugunov, SPE, Schlumberger - Doll Researc


What Is Next in Geologic CO2 Storage Research?

J. Litynski, T. Rodosta, US DOE National Energy Technology Laboratory; L. Myer, R. Kane, G. Washington, Leonardo Technologies


Integrating CO2 EOR and CO2 Storage in the Bell Creek Oil Field

Charles D. Gorecki, John A. Hamling, Ryan J. Klapperich, Edward N. Steadman, John A. Harju, Energy & Environmental Research Center


Design and Analysis of CO2 Capture, Transport, and Storage Networks

Ahmed Alhajaj, and Nilay Shah, Imperial College London


Simulation of Leakage Scenarios for CO2 Storage at Gordon Creek, Utah

D.S. Achanta, SPE, R.S. Balch, SPE, R.B. Grigg, SPE, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology


Effects of Aquifer Parameters on Long-Term Storage of Carbon Dioxide in Saline Aquifers

A. Torn, SPE, F. Torabi, SPE, K. Asghari, SPE, M. Mohammadpoor, SPE, University of Regina


Subsurface Monitoring of Large-Scale CO2 Injection at SECARBC's Phase III Cranfield Site

V. Nuñez-Lopez, S.D. Hovorka, The University of Texas at Austin


Utilization of Carbon Dioxide as Regenerative Agent for Deactivated Co-Ni Steam Reforming Catalysts

F. Alenazey, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology; S.S.E.H. Elnashaie, University of British Columbia; A.A. Adesina, University of New South Wales


Wellbore Leakage Model for Above-Zone Monitoring at Cranfield, MS

Qing Tao, Steven L. Bryant, Tip A. Meckel and Zhiyuan Luo, The University of Texas at Austin


The Plains CO2 Reduction (PCOR) Partnership: Progressing Geologic Storage Through Applied Research

E.N. Steadman, J.A. Harju, C.D. Gorecki, K.K. Anagnost, Energy & Environmental Research Center


Carbon Capture and Storage in Indian Coal Seams

V. Vishal, T.N. Singh, Indian Institute of Technology; P.G. Ranjith, Monash University


US DOE National Energy Technology Laboratory's Post Combustion Carbon Capture R&D Program

J.P. Ciferno, National Energy Technology Laboratory; R.K. Munson, J.T. Murphy, Leonardo Technologies


A Graphical Solution To Model the Flow of Compressible CO2 in Aquifers

Rouzbeh Ghanbarnezhad M., Texas A&M University-Kingsville


The Longannet to Goldeneye Project: Challenges in Developing an End-to- End CCS Scheme

P. Garnham, O. Tucker; Shell Projects and Technology


Enhancement of CO2 Absorption in Aqueous Diethanolamine Amine Using Microchannel Contactors

Amir Shooshtari, University of Maryland, College Park, U.S.A.; Radoslaw Kuzmicki, Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, Frankenthal, Germany; Serguei Dessiatoun, University of Maryland, College Park, U.S.A.; Mohamed Alshehhi, Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.; Ebrahim Al-Hajri, Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. and Michael Ohadi, University of Maryland, College Park, U.S.A.


Active CO2 Reservoir Management for CO2 Capture, Utilization, and Storage: An Approach to Improve CO2 Storage Capacity and to Reduce Risk

T.A. Buscheck, SPE, Y. Sun, M. Chen, Yue Hao, T.J. Wolery, S.J. Friedmann, SPE, R.D. Aines, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


Improved Force Balance for Predicting Vertical Migration of CO2 From Geologic Sequestration Sites

Shibo Wang and Andres Clarens, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Virginia


CO2 Sequestration in Deepwater Sediments Offshore Japan

N. Pilisi, D. Ghorbani, S. Vasantharajan, Blade Energy Partners


The Rock Springs Uplift: A Premier CO2 Storage Site in Wyoming

R.C. Surdam, S. Dahl, R. Hurless, Z. Jiao, Y. Ganshin, R. Bentley, M. Garcia-Gonzalez, Carbon Management Institute


Implementation Barriers of Carbon Management Technologies of Industries in Northern Mindanao

D.D.A. Manulat, Iligan Medical Center College


A Carbon Management Experience

M. Whaley, Allergan


The Cement Industry Roadmap to Reduce Carbon Emissions

L. Barcelo, J. Kline, Lafarge


Database of CO2 Emission Sources and Analysis of Geological Structures for a Carbon Sequestration Project in Iran

Mohsen Saeed, SPE, Emad Roayaie, SPE, Mahmoud Reza Jazayeri, SPE, Mohammad Sabor Malaki, SPE, Majid Minaie, SPE, Mohammad Ali Emadi, IOR Research Institute, National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)


A Riveting Review of Worldwide Industrial Geological Carbon Capture and Storage Projects with the Junction of CO2 Emissions in Algeria

Abdelhakim Deghmoum, Sonatrach/AMT/The Division of Laboratories, Boumerdes, 35000, Algeria, and Kamel Baddari, the University of M'hamed Bougara Boumerdes (UMBB)/FS/Physics Depart/LIMOSE Laboratory, Algeria


Analytical Estimation of CO2 Storage Capacity in Depleted Oil and Gas Reservoirs Based on Thermodynamic State Functions

Ernesto Valbuena, Maria Barrufet, and Gioia Falcone, Texas A&M University


Uncertainty Analysis of a CO2 Sequestration Project Using Surrogate Reservoir Modeling Technique

Shohreh Amini, SPE, West Virginia University, Shahab Mohaghegh, SPE, West Virginia University and Intelligent Solutions Inc., Razi Gaskari, SPE, Intelligent Solution Inc, Grant Bromhal, SPE, USA Department of Energy


Evaluation of CO2-EOR and Sequestration in Alaska West Sak Reservoir Using Four-Phase Simulation Model

Vahid Nourpour Aghbash, SPE, Mohabbat Ahmadi, SPE, University of Alaska Fairbanks


Applying Method of Characteristics to Model the Flow of Compressible CO2 in Aquifers

Rouzbeh Ghanbarnezhad Moghanloo, SPE, Texas A&M University-Kingsville


Carbon Dioxide Sequestration: Modeling the Diffusive and Convective Transport under a CO2 Cap

Rebecca Allen, Shuyu Sun, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology