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Recent Papers – November 2012

The following papers on CCS-related topics have been published in SPE journals or included in OnePetro from conferences during the past three months.

Peer-Approved Papers


Geomechanical Risk Assessments for CO2 Sequestration in Depleted Hydrocarbon Sandstone Reservoirs

Z. Fang, SPE; A. Khaksar, SPE; and K. Gibbons, SPE, Baker Hughes


Technology Options and Integration Concepts for Implementing CO2 Capture in Oil-Sands Operations

G. Ordorica-Garcia and M. Nikoo, Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures; M. Carbo, Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands; and I. Bolea, Universidad de Zaragoza


Enhanced-Velocity-Multiblock Method for Coupled Flow and Reactive-Species Transport Through Porous Media: Applications to Bioremediation and Carbon Sequestration

S.G. Thomas, SPE, Chevron; and M.F. Wheeler, SPE, University of Texas at Austin


Decision Criteria for Climate Projects

P. Osmundsen, University of Stavanger, and M. Emhjellen, Petoro A/S


Conference Papers


Flow Assurance in the Design and Operability of a CO2 Transportation System

David Peters, Rusty Lacy, and Leonid Dykhno, Shell Global Solutions (US) Inc.


Guidelines to Optimize CO2 EOR in Heterogeneous Reservoirs

Ahmed M. Shehata, Ahmed H. El-Banbi, and M. Helmy Sayyouh, Cairo University


A Selection Criterion for CO2-Enhanced Oil Recovery and Dispersion Modeling of High-Pressure CO2 Release

Ahmad Aladasani 1,2, SPE; Baojun Bai 2, SPE; Nygaard Runar 2, SPE; 1. Kuwait Oil Company, 2. Missouri University of Science and Technology.


Optimizing CO2 Injection in an Offshore Field Considering Operational Constraints

M. Rosa, C. Branco, SPE, Petrobras


Importance of a Second Liquid Phase Formation in CO2 Injection into Bitumen Reservoirs and Its Effect on Production

Seyed Ali Feizabadi, SPE, University of Calgary, Jalal Abedi, SPE, University of Calgary, Zhangxin Chen, SPE, University of Calgary


Uncertainty Analysis of a CO2 Sequestration Project Using Surrogate Reservoir Modeling Technique

Shohreh Amini, SPE, West Virginia University, Shahab Mohaghegh, SPE, West Virginia University and Intelligent Solutions Inc., Razi Gaskari, SPE, Intelligent Solution Inc, Grant Bromhal, SPE, USA Department of Energy


Review Of Gas Injection Projects In BP

James Brodie, Bharat Jhaveri, Tim Moulds, Sigrun Mellemstrand Hetland, BP


Design and Development of Aqueous Colloidal Gas Aphrons for Enhanced Oil Recovery Applications

Shivana R. Samuel, SPE, Ergun Kuru, SPE, Japan J Trivedi, SPE, University of Alberta


New Insights Into CO2 Injection and Storage in Saline Aquifers

Mehran Sohrabi1; Masoud Riazi, Christian Bernstone2, Mahmoud Jamiolahmady1 and Niels Peter Christensen2 1 Centre for Enhanced Oil recovery and CO2 Solutions, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh 2 Vattenfall Research and Development


Evaluation of the CO2 Storage Capacity of the Captain Sandstone Formation

Min Jin and Eric Mackay, Heriot-Watt University; Martyn Quinn, Ken Hitchen and Maxine Akhurst, British Geological Survey


Experimental and Simulation Studies of Density-Driven-Convection Mixing in a Hele-Shaw Geometry with Application for CO2 Sequestration in Brine Aquifers

Amir Taheri, SPE, Ole Torsa¦ter, SPE, NTNU, Dag Wessel-Berg, Sintef Petroleum Research, and Mansour Soroush, SPE, NTNU


The Lacq CCS Pilot, a First

Jacques Monne, Total


Sustainable Production of Biochemicals and Biofuels Based on Biofixation of Carbon Dioxide by Microalgae

W.A.P. van den Bos, J. Jahn, L.J.P. van den Broeke, TNO, Delft, Netherlands


Evaluation of the Carbon Dioxide Response on Pulsed Neutron Logs

Tim Quinlan, SPE, Alan Sibbit, SPE, David Rose, SPE, Jacob Brahmakulam, SPE, Tong Zhou, SPE Schlumberger, John Fitzgerald, SPE, Steve Kimminau, SPE


Modeling and Simulation of Nanoparticle Transport in Multiphase Flows in Porous Media: CO2 Sequestration

M.F. El-Amin, Shuyu Sun, and Amgad Salama, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology


Newly Added Papers from Other Societies


A Finite-Element Method For Modeling Fluid-Pressure Induced Discrete-Fracture Propagation Using Random Meshes

Bishop, J.E., Martinez, M.J., Newell, P., Sandia National Laboratories


Experimental Study of Portland Cement/Rock Interface In Relation to Wellbore Stability For Carbon Capture And Storage (CCS)

Agbasimalo, N., Radonjic, M., Craft; Hawkins Department of Petroleum Engineering, Louisiana State University


Comparison of Mechanical Behaviors of Geopolymer And Class G Cement As Well Cement At Different Curing Temperatures For Geological Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide

Nasvi, M.C.M., Monash University; Ranjith, P.G., Monash Uniersity; Sanjayan, J., Swinburne University of technology


CO2 Sequestration In Unmineable Coal Seams: An Experimental Approach

Bongani Dlamini, Department of Mining Engineering West Virginia University; Brijes Mishra, Department of Mining Engineering West Virginia University


Role of Geometrical Influences of CO2 Sequestration In Anticlines

Amirlatifi, A., Missouri University of Science and Technology; Eckert, A., Nygaard, R., Bai, B., Liu, X., Paradeis, M., Missouri University of Science and Technology


Geomechanical Issues And Solutions For CO2 Sequestration In Depleted Hydrocarbon Sandstone Reservoirs

Fang, Z., Khaksar, A., Baker Hughes


Influences of Anticline Reservoir Geometry On Critical Pore Pressures Associated With CO2 Sequestration

Paradeis, M.A., Missouri University of Science and Technology; Eckert, A., Liu, X., Missouri University of Science and Technology


Compactant Features Observed Under True Triaxial States of Stress

Ingraham, M.D., Clarkson University; Issen, K.A., Clarkson University; Holcomb, D.J., Sandia National Laboratories


Image-based Evaluation of the Effect of CO2-Rich Brine On the Preexisting Fracture System Within Wellbore Cement Under Dynamic Flowthrough Conditions

Mustafa Hakan Ozyurtkan, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department, Faculty of Mines, Istanbul Technical University; Russell Detwiler, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, The Henry Samueli School of Engineering, University of California; Mileva Radonjic, Craft and Hawkins Petroleum Engineering Department, Louisiana State University


Coupled Stress And Flow Along Interfaces In the Wellbore Environment In Relation to CO2 Sequestration

Lewis, K., Zyvoloski, G.A., Kelkar, S., Carey, J.W., Los Alamos National Laboratory


Evaluation of Leakage Potential Considering Fractures In the Caprock For Sequestration of CO2 In Geological Media

Jaewon Lee, Ki-Bok Min, Department of Energy Systems Engineering, Seoul National University; Jonny Rutqvist, Earth Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


The Effects of Sequestration/ Water Floods On Exterior Stress Fields

Dunayevsky, V.A., Shell International E&P; Myers, M.T., Shell International E&P; Bennett, M.B., Shell International E&P


Geochemical Controls On Fracture Evolution In Carbon Sequestration

Fitts, J.P., Ellis, B.R., Deng, H., Peters, C.A., Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Princeton University


Passive Seismic Imaging For Carbon Sequestration Monitoring, Verification, And Accounting

Fahrman, B.P., Slaker, B.A., Westman, E.C., Department of Mining and Minerals Engineering, Virginia Tech


CO2 Full Scale Facilities Challenges For EOR/CCTS Testing On Transportation Issues

Carlo Maria Spinelli, TECPIA eni g&p; Giuseppe Demofonti, Massimo Di Biagio, Antonio Lucci, Centro Sviluppo Materiali


Materials Issues In CO2 Capture, Transport, and Storage Infrastructure

Sankara Papavinasam, CANMET Materials Technology Laboratory; Kourosh Zanganesh, CanmetENERGY; Jian Li, CANMET Materials Technology Laboratory; Daryoush Emadi, CanmetENERGY; Alex Doiron, CANMET Materials Technology Laboratory; Carlos Salvador, CanmetENERGY; Jennifer Krausher, CANMET Materials Technology Laboratory; Ahmed Shafeen, CanmetENERGY; Chao Shi, CANMET Materials Technology Laboratory; Allen Pratt, CANMET Mining and Mineral Sciences Laboratory; Jean-Philippe Gravel CANMET Materials Technology Laboratory


Establishing And Maintaining the Integrity of Wells Used For Sequestration of CO2

Dr Liane Smith, Intetech Ltd; Mr Dragan Milanovic, Intetech Ltd; Dr Chee Hong Lee, Intetech Ltd; Dr Mike Billingham, Intetech Ltd


Internal Corrosion In Dense Phase CO2 Transport Pipelines - State of the Art And the Need For Further R&D

Arne Dugstad, Institute for Energy Technology; Malgorzata Halseid, Institute for Energy Technology


Effect of Oxy-Firing On Corrosion Rates At 600°C

B.A.Pint, Materials Science and Technology Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Challenges Associated With Flow Assurance Modeling of CO2-Rich Pipelines

Sung-Oh Yang, Denis Akhiyarov, Dale Erickson, MSi Kenny; George Winning, Wood Group Integrity Management


The Role of Site Surveys In Carbon Capture And Storage

D Long, M Akhurst, British Geological Survey