Carbon Capture and Sequestration

Carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) is a method of reducing emissions of CO2 from burning fossil fuels by capturing it from large point sources and storing it so that it doesn’t enter the atmosphere. Depleted oil and gas reservoirs are promising sequestration sites, and the oil industry has 30 years of experience in injecting CO2 to enhance oil recovery. The E&P industry will play a major role in any advancement of CCS because it has the knowledge and skills required for the evaluation, selection, and monitoring of underground storage sites.

As interest in CCS within the industry, both as a way to reduce emissions from its operations and for wider uses in sequestering CO2 from other point sources, like power plants, has increased over the past 2 to 3 years, SPE programs related to CCS have also increased. This site is designed to bring these activities together in one place for those interested in this developing subject.

Recent Papers

Through its meetings and journals, SPE publishes a large number of CCS-related papers. Every three months, SPE compiles a list of recent papers to make it easy for those interested to monitor developments and new technologies. Archived lists from past quarters

Upcoming Events

This page lists upcoming events focused on CCS, along with sessions focusing on CCS at other SPE events.

Helpful Links

A list of sites that provide credible technical information relevant to CCS.

About the CCS Committee

This page provides information about the current activities and membership of SPE's CCS Committee.