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SPE Launches PetroWiki, Online Resource for Knowledge Sharing

SPE has launched a pilot for a new knowledge sharing site called PetroWiki. The site will be an online resource to research and share knowledge about the exploration and production industry operations, ranging from basic engineering calculations to best practices appropriate to specific regions, formations, or resource types.

Launched on 1 October, the PetroWiki pilot is based on the drilling and completions volume of the Petroleum Engineering Handbook (PEH). Many new technologies are missing from the handbook, which was published in 2007. The wiki format will allow SPE members to keep PEH “evergreen” updating and extending it to new technologies. By October of next year, the site will contain the complete handbook, and it will grow with contributions from SPE’s global membership base. All content in PetroWiki is vetted by moderators with subject matter expertise.

“This is a game changer for SPE,” said SPE Executive Director Mark Rubin. “PetroWiki will be an important technical resource for our industry, with rich links to other content, including papers in OnePetro. The opportunity for members to share their knowledge with others and for younger members to learn from these experiences will be invaluable.”

International Students Compete With Papers in Three Categories

The international student paper contest was held during the 2012 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition. Presenters from around the world competed in three categories: undergraduate, master’s, and PhD. The winners were honored during a ­student awards luncheon at the conference.

Undergraduate Division Winners

  1. Oliver Wilson, University of Tulsa
  2. Zi-Chen Xu, China University of Petroleum
  3. Kyle Mathews, Louisiana State University

Master’s Division Winners

  1. Riteja Dutta, Pennsylvania State University
  2. Vivek Swami, University of Calgary
  3. Rayah Al-Hattali, Sultan of Qaboos University

PhD Division Winners

  1. Mahdy Shirdel, University of Texas at Austin
  2. Michael Krause, Stanford University
  3. Yahya Hashemian, University of Tulsa

Australia to Use PRMS Reserves Reporting

The Australian Securities Exchange proposed enhanced rules for reserves and resources disclosure in September, including a requirement to report in accordance with the SPE Petroleum Resources Management System (PRMS).

The enhanced rules are a result of consultation among the exchange-listed mining and oil and gas companies, the Joint Ore Reserves Committee, industry and investor groups, the professional bodies responsible for estimating reserves and resources, and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. The changes are intended to provide more accurate and efficient reserves and resource reporting rules to investors, and allow greater consistency and transparency in reporting, the group said.

The key proposals are:

  • For oil and gas companies, a requirement to report in accordance with the PRMS and new requirements for the disclosure of additional information when estimates of reserves, contingent resources, and prospective resources are disclosed for material projects.
  • For both mining, and oil and gas companies, a requirement to include an annual mineral resources and ore reserves statement or an annual petroleum reserves statement in the annual report.
  • For mining companies, a requirement to report in accordance with the Joint Ore Reserves Committee Code and new requirements for the disclosure of additional information when exploration results, estimates of mineral resources and ore reserves, and production targets are disclosed for material projects. The proposals streamline the requirement for prior written consent of the competent person for public reports. They also provide the ability for companies to report historical or foreign estimates of mineralization for material projects subject to certain conditions being satisfied.

Colorado School of Mines Wins PetroBowl

Hundreds of students participated in the annual PetroBowl engineering quiz game during the 2012 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in San Antonio, Texas, in October. Student chapter teams from around the world faced off in the tournament-style contest, and the Colorado School of Mines took first place. The members of the winning team were Jarrod Sparks, Adam Richmond, Matthew Trauber, Robert Broman, and Clifford J. Sanden.