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mugshot of Martin CraigheadMartin Craighead, SPE, was appointed chairman of Baker Hughes, in addition to his current role as president and chief executive officer (CEO). He began working with the company in 1986 and has served as president and CEO since January 2012. Craighead was appointed chief operating officer in 2009 and president in 2010. He earned a bachelor of science degree in petroleum and natural gas engineering from Pennsylvania State University and a master of business administration degree from Vanderbilt University. The recipient of the 2010 C. Drew Stahl Distinguished Achievement Award at Pennsylvania State University, Craighead serves his community in a variety of charitable organizations.

mugshot of David GrenierDavid Grenier, SPE, joined Spectraseis as sales director in Houston. He brings more than 30 years’ experience delivering oilfield services to exploration and production (E&P) customers in the US, including 23 years in logging, engineering, and account management with Halliburton.  Grenier’s most recent role at Halliburton was business development manager at Pinnacle, where he was responsible for marketing microseismic services in Houston. He earned a BS degree in electrical engineering from the University of North Dakota.

mugshot of Daniel HillDaniel A. Hill, SPE, was appointed head of the Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M University. He is a professor and holder of the Noble Endowed Chair in the department, and has served as the department’s assistant head, associate head, and, since January 2012, as interim head. Before joining Texas A&M in 2004, he was a professor of petroleum engineering at The University of Texas (UT) at Austin, and brings extensive industry and consulting experience to his new position. With research and educational interests in the areas of well stimulation, well completion, production logging, and performance of horizontal and multilateral wells, Hill has published more than 70 refereed journal articles and has made more than 140 presentations. In addition, he has presented more than 100 short courses and workshops throughout the world. Hill was named an SPE Distinguished Member in 1999 and in 2008 received the SPE Production and Operations Award. He has also served as an SPE Distinguished Lecturer. Hill earned a BS degree from Texas A&M and MS and PhD degrees from UT–Austin—all in chemical engineering.

mugshot of Richard MarcinewRichard Marcinew, SPE, joined Spectraseis as an engineering adviser based in the company’s Calgary office. He will consult with US and Canadian customers on the integration of microseismic and well-engineering data with the aim of understanding and improving well completions. Marcinew is an industry expert in technologies related to well construction, completions, and hydraulic fracturing, as well as reservoir conformance, simulation, and evaluation. Before joining Spectraseis, he was an adviser at Calmena Energy Services and engineering manager for Well Production Services at Schlumberger Canada. Marcinew earned a BS degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Alberta and is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta.

mugshot of Richard PattarozziRichard A. Pattarozzi, SPE, was appointed to the board of directors at Environmental Drilling Solutions. He currently also serves on the boards of FMC Technologies, Tidewater Inc., and Stone Energy ­Corporation. Pattarozzi is a former director of Superior Energy Services, Global Industries, Transocean Sedco Forex, WellLogix, and OSCA. After more than 33 years of service, he retired in 2000 as vice president of Shell Oil Co., where his responsibilities included Shell Deepwater Development Inc., Shell Deepwater Production Inc., and Shell’s shallow water Gulf of Mexico E&P business. Pattarozzi previously served as CEO and president for both Shell Deepwater Development and Shell Deepwater ­Production, and as vice president of Shell Offshore Inc. He earned a BS degree in civil engineering from the University
of Illinois.

mugshot of Michael StoverMichael J. Stover, SPE, was appointed to the newly established position of vice president, operations services for Marathon Oil where he has oversight responsibility for the company’s upstream development, technology, technical excellence, global procurement, land and commercial services, and drilling and completions activities. Since 2011, he was manager of the company’s mid-continent production operations. Stover joined Marathon in 1986, initially as a roustabout, followed by operations and reservoir engineering assignments for the Yates Field located in west Texas. In 1991, he transferred to the company’s international group in Houston and was responsible for reservoir and economic studies for fields in Ireland, Tunisia, and Norway. From 1995 through 2000, Stover was located in Anchorage, Alaska, where he worked development and exploration projects associated with Marathon’s operations on the Kenai Peninsula. In 2000, he joined Marathon’s Corporate Strategic Planning group in Houston. His responsibilities included business planning and corporate portfolio modeling to support the reorganization of USX Corporation that led to the establishment of Marathon Oil Corporation as a standalone company. After that, Stover relocated to Aberdeen, Scotland, where he held the position of European business unit subsurface and business planning manager. In 2005, he returned to the US as east Texas/north Louisiana asset manager, a role that expanded in 2006 to include Oklahoma. In 2009, he became director of central evaluation and financial planning. Stover earned a bachelor of science degree in petroleum and natural gas engineering from Pennsylvania State University in 1986.

mugshot of Timothy SullivanTimothy J. Sullivan, SPE, has been promoted to region vice president and president of Apache Canada Limited. He joined Apache in 1986 and has served as reservoir engineering manager of the Central Region since 1997. Before joining Apache, Sullivan served in various engineering roles for Cotton Petroleum and Texaco. He earned a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering from Iowa State University.

mugshot of Faron ThibodeauxFaron J. Thibodeaux, SPE, was promoted at Apache to vice president and managing director in Australia. He joined the company in 2008 and served most recently as director of operations in Australia. In 2011, Thibodeaux was transferred to Australia from Egypt, where he was the drilling manager. Prior to joining Apache, he worked for Chevron and Unocal in various engineering and management positions, including assignments in the Gulf of Mexico, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Thailand. Thibodeaux earned a bachelor of science degree in petroleum engineering from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

mugshot of Timothy WallTimothy O. Wall, SPE, was appointed as president of Apache’s Kitimat Upstream Operations in Canada. He has served as region vice president and president of Apache Canada Limited since 2009. Prior to these Canadian leadership roles, Wall held several international positions for Apache Corporation. He joined the company in 1990 as an engineer in Houston, and moved to Midland as Permian Basin district manager in 1993. He became Gulf Coast production manager in 1996, country manager for China in 1997, Central Region operations manager in 2000, and North Sea operations manager in 2004. In 2006, he assumed the positions of Australia Region vice president and managing director of Apache Energy Ltd. Wall graduated from Texas A&M University with a bachelor of science degree in petroleum engineering.

In Memoriam

mugshot of Li YugengLi Yugeng, SPE, died 7 November 2012 in Beijing, China. He was 83. He was the founder of SPE’s Beijing Section, established in October 1991, and was the section chairman from 1991 to 1995. Under his leadership, other sections were gradually established in China. Li was president of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) subsidiary, Daqing Oilfield, the largest oil field in China, and engaged in operational administration of oilfield production as well as research management. He participated in oilfield development programs and engineering technical decision-making following the Daqing field’s discovery. During his time in office, Daqing’s annual petroleum production reached 50 million tons (366 million bbl), a rate which it sustained for 10 years. In 1985, the Central Government of China inaugurated its highest award, given to two recipients per year—called The National Science and Technology Progress Award (Special Award), which honors organizations or individuals who make major contributions to the development of the national economy—by presenting it for “The Development of an Oil Field by Water Injection to Maintain Stable and High Long-Term Production in the Daqing Oilfield,” as presided over by its leader, Li Yugeng, and others. Li was subsequently promoted to chief engineer at CNPC, where he managed the company’s and its subsidiaries’ petroleum engineering operations. Before his retirement, he was senior consultant at CNPC and had served in the oil and gas industry for more than 50 years.

In recognition of his contribution in promulgating the ideals of SPE through the establishment of the SPE Beijing Section and his leadership as executive chairman of the 1992 International Meeting on Petroleum Engineering in Beijing, he was awarded the SPE Regional Service Award in 1997. Li was an SPE Century Club member and authored a number of papers. He dedicated his life to the petroleum industry and was at the forefront of industry innovation. As a faithful subscriber, he was still reading JPT even in the last week of his life, as he pondered technological innovations and the energy sector’s sustainable development. His dedication will always be fondly remembered.

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